Sunday, August 07, 2011

Hauling Sunday LII

Hey everyone!

How's your week-end going? :) Mine is excellent so far :) My mom is celebrating her 60th birthday and we're all having fun :) She had friends over yesterday and today, we're taking her out :) Also, her little brother and his wife are here with us :)  But best of all, we were able to surprise her with her birthday gift!! Woohoo!! The truth is, my sister and I are really not subtle when buying gifts. We'd rather buy something that the person really likes or really wants and ruin the surprise, than surprising them with something so-so. But this time, we succeeded on both fronts!! Woohoo :)

I've been a very good girl this whole week - not going to the bookstore at all... Despite starting a reading slump ^_^; I know, I know. I have so many books, but nothing is calling to me!! Seriously though, I think one of the reasons is that I read too many historicals in July ^_^; Anyway, so I didn't go to the bookstore... but this morning, while my parents were at the temple and my sister at work, I had to entertain my uncle and aunt... and we went shopping and so I stopped at Indigo. Now, it's been a constant debate the whole week, because some of the bookstores have received the books that I wanted... but not James'. I asked James to order copies for me and put it aside... but almost every bookstores have received their stock... and I wonder if James will, since they're closing in September... In the end, I bought the two books I wanted...

Here they are:

Basilisk by Rob Thurman - I have become a huge fan of Rob Thurman. Love, love her books and the bromance in them. I'm so happy we get a sequel to Chimera... Can't wait to see how Michael has grown up!! I decided to go ahead and buy Basilisk because the last Thurman release, Blackout, didn't make it to James' bookstore, despite him ordering it... so I'm thinking there's a chance the same thing will happen. Now, the most difficult is to not read the excerpt of the next Cal Leandros book Doubletake at the end of the book!

Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison - Sigh, still haven't reviewed Dragon Bound. Ah well. LOL. I enjoyed Dragon Bound - not as much as everyone else it seems, but I liked it. I'm hoping I'll enjoy Storm's Heart even more. Also, really liked Tricks... and this might get me out of my funk! I was going to be a good girl though and wait till James' bookstore get it... but then, when I checked the stores' inventory... turns out that Indigo was the only bookstore easily accessible for me who still had a copy ^_^; So I decided not to take a chance...

Voila, my two new books :) What about you? What did you get? Anything really good?


  1. I'm in a bit of a slump too, I find myself very impatient with books lately, if they don't grab me quickly I put them aside, and most aren't grabbing me.

    Still, I'm glad you got the two books you wanted :D

  2. Oh, you got both books! Good. I read the Thea Harrison book and again, it was a fun read. I hope you enjoy it and it helps with your reading slump. :(

    I'm STILL reading historical romances *gasp* even with the disappointments I had in July. I just finished Jennifer Ashley's latest release The Many Sins of Lord Carmeron, and Meredith Duran's A Lady's Lesson in Scandal. I'm now reading One Good Reason by Sarah Mayberry, another one of my recent purchases, and Basilisk is next. *g*

    As far as buys? I've been buying new releases too (even with all those books we got at RWA, lol).

  3. I have found some older books in ebook format that are on sale and which I have really enjoyed. As for new books, I just obtained Allyson Walker's newest: "Storm Walker." I have read all the books in this series and really like them. Such a good writer!

  4. Alex - I have the same problem. But the worst is that I start skimming through them... and once I'm done skimming, I don't have any envy of reading it from the beginning. sigh.

    Hilcia - Hmmm, I'm going to give it a try. Hopefully, I enjoy it LOL.

    Well that's good... Although The Many Sins of Lord Cameron, that's a different kind of historicals no? a bit more highlander than regency.

    LOL, well we don't have those new releases, so I don't see why we wouldn't buy them!

    Dr J - That's great Dr J. I tried Ms Walker and I'm not sure she's for me...

  5. Happy belated birthday to your mom. :) It sounds like your family had a wonderful weekend.

    I went on a little category romance shopping spree getting the two Soraya Lane books that Wendy recommended along with Karina Bliss' Stand-in Wife & Cheryl St. John's Her Wyoming Man. :)

  6. Leslie - Thanks Les! We had a great time, it was fun :)

    LOL, good shopping spree. I think I'm soon going to be buying the same books as you! LOL.

  7. I'm really late but happy belated 60th birthday to your mom! She's young compared to my parents!

    Ah, I read the Harrison. It was a good read but it didn't wow me. I enjoyed the first book more. Come to think of it, you enjoyed the first book but it didn't wow you. So, I'm curious what you think of this one. I hope you enjoy it when you do read it! :)

  8. Tabitha - Thanks!! and LOL, my parents are actually "old" given my age... My mom was 32 when she had me and I'm the oldest. Your parents are different, cos you were from a second marriage right?

    Already share my thought on the harrison with you... sigh.