Saturday, March 09, 2013

Hauling Sunday CV

Sigh, it's been a while since I had a last Hauling Sunday post ^_^; It's not that I haven't been buying books, simply not a lot per week. As a result, I decided to wait and group my new precious into one post, especially  since I knew that end of February/beginning of March, I'd have books to buy :) Finally!!!

So here are my new books since February...

All of the books bought were new releases in the last few months from my auto-buy authors :) With the exception of this one:

The Best Intentions by Candice Hern - This book was recommended to me by Ames. Seeing her enthusiasm, I couldn't resist :) Plus, I guess Ms Hern got back the rights to this book and therefore, self-published it at a very reasonable price. Our plan is to buddy review The Best Intentions, so look forward to it at Breezing Through in the near future :)

Obviously, there are more books that I want :P But I'm trying to be a good girl - so hard! - and wait for some promotions/discounts. Hopefully, there'll be one soon!!

What about you? Have you been buying a lot of books lately?


  1. Good haul Nath!!

    I can't wait for your thoughts on the Best Man. I've been seeing varying reviews for it.

  2. I've been buying a few ebooks now and then, but no new paper books. Although I'll probably buy Wild Invitation the next time I'm at the bookstore just because I love Nalini's books so much. The Higgins book, too, but for some reason I'm not in a big hurry for that one. Maybe it was Brie's review..

  3. Quality, not quantity ;-)


  4. Very nice catch :) I loved Calculated in Death, good addition to the series.

  5. Ames - LOL, thanks! I've seen varying reviews as well for The Best Man which is why I guess I haven't picked it up yet ^_^; Eventually though :)

    Christine - Most probably it was Brie's review, Christine LOL and not in a bad way.

    See, the thing about ebooks vs print books is that I can't conceive that there is only about 1$ different in price. For 1$, even if I no longer have space, I'd rather have the print than the e-version.

    Li - LOL, but when there are no books, there is no quality either, Li! There's just nothing T_T

    Kris - Thanks Kris! How are you doing by the way? I've missed you!!

    Review for Calculated in Death is to come very shortly... I think it was solid read, but good addition to the series? I'm not sure...