Saturday, February 15, 2014

Curling and Olympics!

Hi everyone!! :)

How are you doing? So sorry for the lack of reviews ^_^; I've been quite busy lately and well, if you want to know why, please refer to the title of the post :) I'm reading which is the good news, just not reviewing... I have Monday off so hopefully, I'll be able to put together some reviews!

As you know, I missed most of the curling season before Christmas. I started again in January and I guess I just jumped right back in. I have games usually on Sunday, Thursday and Friday nights, but have been participating to a lot of events and tournaments. There was the McCallum Filly which is a tournament for women with 7 years and less of experience. Then a mixed funspiel at our club, so all the teams were made up of 2 women and 2 men... and this week-end and the next one, it's the Lakeshore bonspiel. Basically, it's 6 curling clubs that get together to host and teams travel from one club to another to play - where and when depending on your results. The tournament is usually over 2 week-ends with three games on the first and at least one game on the second... Lucky us, we're playing four games this week-ends LOL. Although we absolutely need to win our 4th game if we want to play next week-end. At this point though, I'd say either way is good with me LOL.

That's me at the mixed funspiel. I lost my balance on my slide LOL; however, I made my shot... Ish :P 

The week before the Olympics was also quite busy... not playing curling, but watching it :) It was the Scotties Tournament of Hearts which is what we call our women national championship. Guess where it was held? Yes, in Montreal!! Even better, the Quebec representatives were from my curling club! So obviously, we went to cheer for them. I wished we'd have gone more often, sigh. Two of my favorite teams were also there - Stephanie Lawton from Saskatchewan and Chelsea Carey from Manitoba - so I played hooky from work to go see them and get their autographs. I don't have it yet, but me and my sister were able to get a picture with the Manitoban team and we were featured in the tournament newspaper. So cool LOL. But seriously, seeing the games live was an awesome experience. I've watched a lot of curling on TV, but being there, it was just awesome and so exciting! Although it was hard to keep up with everything as there were four games going on at the same time.

Us cheering on our squad :)

Pretty awesome to see it live!

My sister and I with the Saskatchewan team!!

So that was a lot of fun :) And now, there's the Olympics!! You all know how much I enjoy watching the Olympics. This year is a bit of a challenge because of the time difference - I'm either sleeping or at work ^_^; But I've managed to catch as much as possible. Luckily, there are webcasts and replays!! The first few days were really good for Canada, so exciting! Now, it's winding down a little, but I know the last few days will get exciting again. Can't wait :) My sister and I are waiting for the surprise stories. Those are really the best :P

So yeah, that's pretty much what has been going on with me. What about you? :)


  1. OH!! I've obsessively been watching Curling!! honestly.
    and I love the Canadian team, I'm rooting for them.
    It's, like mesmerizing!!

  2. I caught some curling on TV the other day and wondered if you'd been watching - stupid question, I guess ;-)

    So cool that you got to watch the national championships live. But I can't imagine watching four games at the same time - that must have been interesting!


  3. I have been doing really bad with the Olympics this year. I just haven't felt compelled to watch and that is bizarre for me!

  4. Alex - Yay!! A fellow curling watcher!! Which Canadian team, the men or the women? I love the women team, Jennifer Jones. I've been a fan of hers for years. I was a bit bummed that she won the Olympics trial because it meant she wasn't coming to the Nationals :( But Olympics has been her dreams for years, so happy she and her team made it :)

    The men, well they've been on a roll for the past two years and have been the team to beat in Canada. Slow start, but they seem to have regroup :)

    By the way, I just played 4 games in 2 days and my respect goes to this athletes!! Don't know how they do a week-long event!! Brutal!

    Li - LOL. Well I haven't watched as much as I wanted due to work and sleep. I've been catching bits and pieces.

    For the national, I only went to 2.5 sessions (on 22), but I'm glad I did. You pretty much end up focusing on the two games closest to you. And when you hear the Awwww and Ohhhh, you try to figure out where it comes from! It was too bad because there were no big screen in the arena where it was held :( that would have helped a lot.

    Kailana - Time difference maybe?

  5. Curling has never been a sport that I was interested in watching but now that I know someone who plays, maybe that will change.

    Like Kailana, I haven't been watching much of the Olympics coverage either. I keep meaning to but I'm always watching something else. Oh, well.

  6. Wena - I just got hooked during the 2006 Olympics. You should have seen the shots made by Canada during that tournament! It was just awesome! Lucky for me, there's also a lot of curling on TV in Canada :)

    Is it the time difference? Or perhaps the coverage?