Monday, April 28, 2014

April = curling!

Hi everyone!

Wassup? Sorry I've been absent ^_^; I didn't mean it, but April just turned out so busy with curling. There was the end of our regular play as well as two in-club tournaments. Anyway, I was running on very little sleep and when you added in work, the burglary  and so on, I just wasn't in shape to string more than a few sentences together. Definitively a month to forget blogging-wise ^_^;

However, now that the curling season is over, I'm going to focus on the blog :) Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up on some of the reviews I wanted to write!

Otherwise, how is everyone doing? Has spring arrived where you live? What good books have you read?!


  1. Yay for curling!!!
    I just love the sport, and love that you play it

  2. I'm looking forward to having you back! But, I'm glad your curling went well this year and that you enjoyed it so much.

    Spring arrived here, but it's cold again! We can't seem to shake winter this year. Ugh!

  3. It will be nice to hear more from you, but I love that you enjoy curling so much. We are definitely getting the spring rains!

  4. Alex - LOL, thanks!

    Hilcia - I'm looking forward to be back. I need to think up of something for next year, because I'll also be playing 3 times a week and there must be something I can do to still maintain this blog!

    It's raining over here. Sigh.

    Jan - Thanks Jan! I'm definitively going to try to make a bigger effort to be online and comment ^_^;

    I want sunshine!

  5. Lol, I love that you curl. You're one of the few people I know that does it. I wanted to learn when I was younger, but there was literally no one around that knew what curling was. -_-'

    Can't wait to read your reviews! And any drama/series updates? ;) ;)