Friday, May 23, 2014


Hi everyone!

Wassup? LOL. My vague plans for today was to write a discussion post... but in the end, I thought it'd be nicer to touch base with everyone ;) As I said in my last post, I haven't been blogging a lot and for that I'm sorry. I wanted to, but my blogging muse has deserted me ^_^; Hopefully, she comes back very soon :)

So how have everyone been? I hope good. Me, I've been a bit restless. With curling over, I have a lot more time on my hands... I seriously need to find a summer activity, sigh. For now, I've been searching for new manga and new anime to pass time. With all the free time, I thought I'd be reading a lot more... and I've been reading, but I don't know. My reading seems to be stilted lately. I just don't know what to read ^_^; I'm always waiting for new releases and once they're out, I don't really feel like reading them. So in the meantime, I've been re-reading manga. I wonder if I'm at the end of my romance/fiction phase. I sure hope not...

Oh, I updated my grading system for books :) I've been going with the Goodreads grading system, but translated into letters... but I thought it didn't totally reflect my feelings for the books. So I adjust it :)

Does someone have recommendations for funny books, funny stories?

I guess that's it for me, for now :)


  1. Hey Nath - the French Open starts next week :-) When does curling start again?

    Umm... no recs for funny books here. Just had a glance through the most recent books I've read - really liked Rachel Bach's SF trilogy, but I don't think you're massively into SF? It's not hard SF, if that helps. I'm recovering from a bit of a cold, so I plan on spending the bank holiday weekend reading my Susanna Kearsley backlist!


  2. Hey there! Things are fine over here. I read newest Hope book by Jaci Burton. I really like it. And the newest Julie James. Still gotta try and review them.

    Other than that, just busy at work. bleh

  3. Hey Nath! Li mentions the French Open above, do you play tennis? If you do, that would be a great summer activity. If not, swimming is always great!

    I was going to say that the most fun I've had lately was reading the SF/R Paradox series by Rachel Bach. Lots of reviewers are calling it UF in space because of the central character, Devi. But, as Li says above I know you're not into SF and don't know if you would enjoy it, even though the first book is light. But, maybe it is time you gave romance/fiction a break? Maybe you should give a few other genres a try for a while and THEN go back to romance. That works for me when "romance fatigue" strikes. :)

    I'm enjoying my three day, Memorial Day weekend. I've chosen to read a few M/M Romances by a new-to-me author I ended up liking: Eli Easton. She's good. One of them is YA and really cute! The title is Superhero.

    Question: So how do your stars in Goodreads = your grades here?
    Because I've been having a bit of a problem with those too! I've been giving 3=C, but it should really be 2=C -- they are skewed toward positive grading in Goodreads, and so it's tough to balance that grading system. I'm just curious.

  4. Hey Nath!! :D
    I hope your new grading system works well, I've been thinking of doing away with mine, but I kind of love my bouncing stars.

  5. Li - I don't know. I haven't been as passionate for tennis these past few years. Especially Roland-Garros you know. Cos on the men's side, it's pretty obvious... I've been into the Fed Cup, but only because there's a Canadian player that my sister and I really like and are supporting. Not Milos Raonic though ^_^; Anyway.

    Curling season... the elite season is starting in September and the playing season for me, is in mid-October.

    I'm not much of a sci-fi reader, but I think I'll give it a try. I need something different!! And sigh, I should read Susanna Kearsley! This summer. Maybe that'll be my challenge. Of course, I end up saying that every year.

    Isabel - I'm glad you enjoyed the Jaci Burton and Julie James! I read the Julie James... Hopefully, I'll review it soon too!

    Well you have more than work. You have big baby! Saw the picture on FB, seems like you had a nice week-end :)

    Hils - No, I don't. I have a friend who is playing. I might have to pick that up!! The problem with swimming is I have eczema. Although it's been better, chlorine is still really bad for my skin :( As such, most public pools are out for me :(

    LOL, you and Li! Guess I really need to pick up that series!!

    How was your Memorial week-end? :)

    My grade on Goodreads have always reflected my grades here. They're more true to what I posted for my blog's grading system then what Goodreads recommend. For me, A = 5 stars, B = 4 stars, C = 3 stars, etc. And for half grade, I always consider... If I feel the book is a B-, I'll give it a 4 stars because it's in the B range. If it's C+, it's 3 stars because C range. Even though, both technically, would be 3.5/5

    That's how I've been rolling always :P

    Alex - Hi Alex :) Well it's not really a new grading system. It's always been really how I graded my book, but just not well represented with the Goodreads system. So I decided to bend the Goodreads to my grading system LOL.

  6. Nath! My drama buddy! A bit random but did you hear about the recent crazy in drama land??!!

    Ah, my blogging muse abandoned me years ago, but occasionally pops back and gives me a shove. ;) As long as you're keeping up reading and enjoying life in general, it's all good. Plus, I do enjoy reading about your traveling adventures and curling fun. :)

    Any grading system works as long as it conveys what you feel about the books. :)

    Totally random, but had to

  7. little alys - Hey Alys!

    Sorry for the late reply. No, I had not heard of it.. but seriously, my opinion of Yu Zheng is not very high ^_^; His productions are stunningly beautiful, but the storylines are soooo bad!!

    Right now, i'm more concerned about the SAFRT (or something like that)... Seems like it's screwing up with the summer schedule... so many tv series that we could be missing!!

    I have found a new actor to crush on: Yuan Hong :)