Friday, May 15, 2015

This and that...

Hi there :)

So it's been a few weeks since I last posted. The good news is that I've been reading! Actually, this week, I've been on a roll :) A book a day! Woohoo! It's been a long time since that happened. Unfortunately, none of these books really compelled me to write a review. So I thought I'd just let you know what's been going on with me :)

Back in February, my work place moved. Montreal has been building 2 super hospitals - one for the French system and the other, English system, Basically, they're merging a few hospitals into a huuuuge one... and the research institute where I worked moved in there as well. It was quite the experience - especially since, of course, research was the first to move. The move itself went quite smoothly, but the rest... Let just say that people who take decisions never listen to the right people ^_^; The whole organization was a mess and there are some issues with the new buildings. Sigh. We were scheduled to move beginning of February and ended up being delayed by 2 weeks... which is fine, as long as we're told. And not just the week before while we're packing!! Also, you'd think the super hospital would be huge. I mean, it is big, but you're merging 3.5 hospitals into 1 and just looking at it, we already know it's too small.... Oh and the road work. Seriously, couldn't they have done it at the same time while the hospital was being built?! Instead of waiting till the hospital opened to start it. There's an overpass right next to the hospital that is going to be closed for the next two years. They still haven't figured out the light configuration to access the hospital. Anyway, I'll spare you all the details.


I've started going to the dentist again ^_^; Apparently, it's very common for the dentist to fall into the cracks when people become a young adult. You know, when you start having your own insurance and taking charge of your own life - making your own appointments. Well for me, the dentist fell into that crack for about 10 years ^_^; Oups. The good news is I didn't have any cavities. I did need some gum treatments, but overall, nothing major - especially considering I haven't been to the dentist in so long. The only thing though is that I had to remove my wisdom teeth. All four of them. Grrrr. I had braces when I was younger and was told that I wouldn't need to because my wisdom teeth came out straight and all. In the end though, it seems my jaw wasn't large enough and so, they had to go. Seriously, is it only me or dentist offices are quite pushy? Can't I think about it? Do I have to take that decision right away? I was able to brush it off for a year due to insurance... but yeah, had to do it and it happened last Friday. Once again, I was quite lucky. They were all  half-out already, so I guess it wasn't as bad and so, I didn't bruise, didn't swell that much. Pain was quite low and stuff... And now, a week later, I'm almost all recovered :) Except I'm craving all sort of food LOL.


I've been on a spending spree ^_^; For my birthday, my friends decided to go shopping LOL. In the past year, we had a Premium Outlet opening near Montreal and so, that's where we went. Didn't go crazy, but did buy a few tops at Banana Republic. Then, last week-end, Bench was having a sale - 30% off on everything in-store... and I went a bit crazy. And now, of course, for this long week-end, they're having 40% off. Sigh. I'm so tempted to go back!!


Let's talk books now!! This is a discussion topic I've been keeping up my sleeve for a long time and just never got around to talk about ^_^; So why not now? :P

Last year, during the Chapters closing sale, I was looking for two particular YA books - On the Fence by Kasie West and Breathe, Annie, Breathe by Miranda Kenneally... and this came to my attention. Ever notice how author's names on the spine of YA books are not prominent?! Actually, a lot of books only have the author's last name on, not even their full names! And not very big. Most of the time, it's the title that takes up most of the space... Why is that?! If the cover is out, then sure, it's easy to find the book you're looking for... but when there's only the spine?! It's not as if I know what the spine looks like to be on the look out for it.

While in romance books, there's much more balance on the spine, between the author's names and titles. In fact, in some instances, the author's names are even bigger. I think it makes it easier to look for books. Also, I find it's a weird marketing strategy...

What do you think?


Okay, gotta run... I'm late for work. But last question, it's a long week-end here in Canada and I think in the States as well!! What are your plans? I have a surprise birthday party on Saturday and get-together with my cousin from Quebec City on Sunday. Otherwise, going to relax, read and perhaps shop LOL.


  1. Nath, you have a Premium Outlet close to home? Now you can really do some marathon shopping on a regular basis. LOL

    RE: Book question.

    That drives me crazy! Particularly if I am browsing at the bookstore and just looking for a certain author (not a title). It takes forever to find their books. It also depends on the font type and size used on the spine. If its not a clean type, it's even harder to see those names! I'm looking at one book in your picture Pivot Point and can't even find the author's name on it. It's crazy.

    PS: I already wished you a Happy Birthday, but I hope it was a great day for you. And, OMG! it looks like that move was so stressful. :(

  2. Our long weekend here in the UK is next week, so it's back to work Monday for me unfortunately!

    Moving offices is always a stressful time as you've to figure out new routes, layouts etc - sounds even worse when it's a new building!

    Are those pictures of your books from your Chapters sale?? That's an AMAZING book haul. I bought Naomi Novik's UPROOTED today - just had a quick look and the title's slightly more prominent than the author's name. My guess is that the author's name is more of a brand in the romance genre than in other genres...


  3. The giant rolls of bubble wrap would have had me running the opposite direction! lol Moving is exciting but also very stressful. Hopefully no more moving for you!

    Shopping is a great way to celebrate your birthday. You got some cute stuff - pink is a great color on you!

    The fancy, squiggly fonts drive me nuts! Why do publishers make it so hard to read the covers? I get that sometimes it goes with the cover art, like fantasy or romance might look good with something other than block lettering. But the spine should at least be simply and easy to read.

    One thing I have noticed is most sci-fi series have the book number on the spine. Wish all genres would do that.

  4. My guess with YA is because series are so prominent. For example: as a teen I would go looking for Vampire Diaries first and probably author's name last. There are a few exceptions of course. I imagine John Green's name will be plastered all over the spine when his next book comes out :)

    Ugh, and the squiggly fonts that Leslie mentioned? Those drive me nuts too. Anyone else notice that squiggly fonts are appearing more in self-published these days? Maybe that's just me.

    Moving offices in the bits. I've had to do it a couple of times, but never on a scale as large as yours! And good luck with all that dental work. I'm going through gum-cleaning right now - oh, fun times *sigh*

  5. Hilcia - We do now have a Premium Outlet close to home, about an hour away. Still, shopping in the States is better LOL. Right now, it's not the price, with the CDN$ being so low... but the choice and variety. Still find that in the States, the choices are better :)

    obviously, it's a bit easier if the books are in alphabetical order... but still so easy to miss because the author's name is so small. Also, what's up with just writing the family name?! By the way, Pivot Point was written by Kasie West - strongly recommend that book :)

    Li - Huh. I would have thought our holiday would be the same, Li. Considering that we were celebrating Victoria's Day LOL.

    It was time to go home on Tuesday and I exited the hospital... and my street had disappeared!! It is now blocked and I had to figure out a new way... but seriously, for a moment, it was like: where is my street?! Sigh.

    Nope, those are not the books I got at the Chapters sale. Although I think that I did post those pics previously. Those are my stash of YA books :P

    I would think that in any genres, the author's names would be important...

    Leslie - LOL. The giant rolls of bubble wrap were actually fun :) and such a waste to throw it all after the move!!

    On of the sale lady did mention that pink was a good color for Asians... although let's just say it's not a color I gravitate to usually LOL

    Yeah, squiggly font is never really good in my opinion. As for number, that'd be good. Except sometimes, even authors don't know it's a start to a series LOL.

    Wendy - I agree that series are more prominent in YA... however, a lot of time, series names are not mentioned on the spine either.

    Squiggly font in books or still on the cover? For me, it's less important in self-published books because it's mostly ebooks and I don't really look for it. Inside a book, it's more problematic. Simon & Schuster is one company that sometimes makes dubious choice of font.

    Ugh. I had that last year. Sucks :( however, it's not too painful. As for me, I'm all recovered from wisdom teeth removal. finally going to have sushi tonight!! Woohoo! LOL.

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