Monday, June 29, 2015

Where is it?!

So, I had a little moment of panic this week-end and thought I'd share it all with you... because I know you guys will get it :)

I've been running out of space in my room for books - LOL, I know most of you get THIS - and so decided to make some space. My dream is still to re-organize my closet, but since we're having guests arriving on Wednesday for two weeks, I didn't have time to re-haul the closet... But I could make some space! I have a dresser in my room and on top, I've been storing DVDs and CDs and lately, stacking up hardcover books. Well I don't watch DVDs as much and simply don't listen to CDs anymore... So my plan was clearing up the closet top shelf so I could store the DVDs and CDs in there and have the whole dresser for books! Oh and the jewelry box I've gotten for my birthday last year and which has been gracing the floor every since ^_^;

Everything was going according to plan and Sunday morning was the fun part - re-arranging the books! :P I needed space mostly for the new hardcovers I have acquired in the past couple of years. (There's just too many paperbacks ^_^; I'd really need to purge to fit them all in the bookcases) So the authors I chose to go there: Ilona Andrews, Kelley Armstrong - everything I got starting from Waking the Witch, Anne Bishop's The Others series, Jim Butcher's latest, Kay Hooper's latest trilogy, Nalini Singh's Psy-Changelings hardcovers and finally, Maria V. Snyder's Magic Study. I added a few orphaned hardcovers, my favorite Nora Roberts re-reads and Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series. The latter's paperbacks are different format, ugh. 

See, what happens is that most of my hardcovers are in the second row on my shelves ^_^; That means every time I want to read them, I have to remove the paperbacks in front in order to reach them. Having this space on my dresser just improves accessibility so much! Anyway, everything was going well... till I realized I was missing Written in Red by Anne Bishop. Just couldn't find the book. Looked where I usually keep the Anne Bishop books, looked under the various piles of books I have in my room, looked among the hardcovers that I had removed from the dresser. Just couldn't find it. Was so annoyed that I even posted it on FB - which I rarely do. Sent a message to all my friends to see if I had lent it out. I remember re-reading Written in Red earlier this year and my fear was to have forgotten it somewhere... but then, when I read hardcovers, I remove the dust jacket. There was no dust jacket anywhere, so I either lent it to someone or it was somewhere in my room. 

I'm usually very good at keeping track of my books. Yes, there is a lot of books in my room, but I know where most of it is :) I rarely buy the same book twice by accident - usually, it's on purpose LOL - because I remember what I own and where it is. So to say that missing Written in Red was frustrating was an understatement. I pretty much looked for it the whole day. At the end, I looked at the only spot where I keep hardcovers that I haven't looked for... and of course, lo and behold, there was Written in Red. The reason why I didn't look there earlier is because it's the mystery shelf and the only hardcovers that I have there are the In Death books ^_^; I even remember thinking "It won't be there." LOL. Guess it was the only space that fit a hardcover book left before I started stacking them on the floor and then, on the dresser LOL. 

Anyway, that was my mini-adventure. Ever happened to you? Looking for a book and not finding it? And what do you think of the new set-up? Wish I had taken a picture of before :P


  1. Sure, it has happened to me. And the missing things are always where we tell ourselves they cannot be. They must gain life at night when we sleep just like I believed my childhood toys did. lol

    I have space issues too. I really wish I could win the lottery so I could build a new house and include my dream library.... *sigh*

  2. When clearing out my bookshelves earlier this year, I realised I had TWO copies of Juliet Marillier's second and third Sevenwaters books. I was wondering why the books looked in pristine condition...

    Love your hardcovers - I've most of those in ebooks, but it's always nice to see paper copies :-)


  3. Happens to me all the time, and still happens with my ebooks. I want to organize them in some way, but haven't found the right method yet. I will probably make that my project for this year:) Glad you found it!

  4. S. - LOL. So true!! They are always where they shouldn't be. Or the worst is that you find them when you stop looking.

    Isn't that every reader's dream? Personal library :)

    Li - Oups LOL. Well it's easy to know which ones to keep :)

    it's my way to support authors :)

    Mariana - LOL. You have a Kindle right? I find it easier to keep track with epub because it doesn't go directly to my e-reader.

    Good luck! it's going to be a massive project :P