Thursday, March 25, 2010

Joining my book collection...

So wassup with everyone?

Work has been extremely busy this week - so busy that I haven't had time to read!! I had to work until 10.30pm on Monday, 8.00pm on Tuesday. Got to go home a bit earlier yesterday, but then I was so tired I just fell asleep. Bad news is that we're extremely busy at the lab and I'm now working with cells, so time is no longer in my control. Not only will tomorrow be incredibly busy as well, but I have to come in on Saturday :( Then, yesterday, I realized that next week is only 4 days long, since it's the Easter week-end. Now, I've already decided what to do during that week-end: reshelve my books, so there's no way I want to work during that time. I need to repeat a MTT assay which takes 5 days to do, so that has to be started this week-end if I want to be done by next Thursday... I don't mind too much since I'm already coming this Saturday, so at least, I can get it start... also, it's not that much work, because it's long incubation periods... However, coming back from the Easter week-end, I have to give a presentation - so I need to prepare it. That means I need at least another set of data, so more PCR experiment to do... which I did today, but the data gathered was insignificant... so I probably need to produce another one. And seriously, it's the worst timing you can imagine, because starting from tomorrow, there is someone coming from outside of town to use the PCR machine - the one I need. Ugh, just shoot me dead now!

To carry me through this week, I've been feeding on Starbuck's green tea frapuccino. The stuff is seriously addicting. I think I'd have three this week already and planning to get one tomorrow morning - hey, I'm going to have to start at 7am... I think I deserve it :P

Anyway, all this is very depressing... but there's nothing as effective as books to cheer me up LOL and I really got lucky today :D

First, I went to the bookstore to pick up Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs. It's been waiting for me for a few days already, but yeah, work got in the way. I've been saving my 25% off coupon to buy Silver Borne, since it's a hardcover... and in addition, I get my 10% as an Irewards member, so it's as if I bought it online ;) There's also been a buy 3, get the 4th free promotion going on. That one was a bit more tricky to take advantage of. I had In Serena's Web by Kay Hooper (reprint) and Lois Lane Tells All by Karen Hawkins already waiting for me... but I was missing 2 books. My main problem this month and next month is being patient and not buying books I might get at RT. So that took away the new Victoria Alexander - Desires of a Perfect Lady. I was hoping the bookstore would get Embers by Laura Bickle, but they didn't order it (it's a small bookstore). Then, perhaps In the Darkest Night by Patti O'Shea, but I discovered recently that Tor is part of St.Martin's Press and their books always come late, if they do come. Good news is since I put a reservation on it at the bookstore, they will have ordered at least a copy :D Bad news, it didn't make it in yet and I doubt it'll be in in time for me to take advantage of the promotion ending March 28. No sign of Changeless by Gail Carriger either. So I ended up buying Out of Mind by Stella Cameron and Reese's Bride by Kat Martin - those two being books I'd be most likely to read.

LOL, guess how much mulah I saved on this purchase? More than 20$ muahaha! James was quite impressed :D

Then, I came home and there were some packages for me! Woohoo! I put an order at Book Depository last week and got the book within the week, which is pretty good :D Actually, I was supposed to get them yesterday, but the mailman gave us the wrong key - in my neighborhood, mailmen don't go house to house anymore. Instead, there are these big boxes subdivided into smaller compartments and each belong to a house and there are bigger compartments for packages and if you get one, then the mailman will leave the key to that compartment in your own. I like this system very much, it's a lot more private in my opinion. People really can't go through your mail (I don't know why they would, but there's some wacky people out there) and it's safer when you get packages :D However, the mailman left the wrong key yesterday, booo. So I knew I'd get something in the mail...

Finally, I'm the proud owner of A Matter of Class by Mary Balogh. This book has been getting great reviews from everyone :D Unfortunately, it's a very, very thin hardcover and while I spend a lot of money on books, I was unwilling to shell out 20$ for it ^_^; I finally checked over at Book Depository and they had it for about 10$... let's say I didn't hesitate very long :D Since I was getting one book, why not two? And so I bought Don't Kill the Messenger by Eileen Rendahl for about 10$ as well - it's a tradesize :P So I made some very good deals and I'm really happy about it :D

However, guess what? Yep, not over!! The cherry on top of the sundae was Hilcia's package containing...

I read Almost Like Being in Love by Steve Kluger earlier this year and absolutely fell in love. It was such a great book; however, it was a library copy... so I needed to get my own. At that time, Almost Like Being in Love was not available through, Book Depository or Chapters/Indigo online... but it was available on Hils offered to get it for me, as well as Changing Pitches... and it just had to arrive today :D

Seriously, this is what I needed to save my week :D Great deals, but most importantly, great books :D It was also fun, because I've been relatively good this month and haven't bought that many books :P Now, I just don't know what I should read!! What do you think?


  1. Don't read Silver Borne. Read Changing Pitches first. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    Good haul nath. I'm very proud of you.

  2. Lucky :) I cannot wait to read Silver Borne.

  3. I really hope things slow down for you at work. (((hugs)))

    You're teasing me with Silver Borne. I want that book so bad but it's hc so I'm trying to be good and get it at library. Althought, I do have a coupon for 40% off at Borders. Tempting...

  4. What a haul, Nath! Now if only you will have the time to read, lol!

    I hope works get easier. I know how tiring it can get when you put in those many hours.

    I want Silver Borne but not so anxious (yet) because I'm still behind by 3 books. Also not sure if I should buy SB in hardcover because I have the other 4 in paperback. Aaah, decisions!

  5. Ames - Thanks Ames :D I'm glad you're proud of me! :D

    Hmmm, I'm actually thinking I should read other books from series, so I can see if I like them and go buy them, taking advantages of the promotion...

    Kris - LOL, I know. Guess I should read it soon :D hope you get your hand on it soon. Are you on the waiting list at the library?

    Leslie - I hope so too, Leslie. Hope so too. Sigh.

    40%off is a pretty good deal :D

    Tabitha - LOL, I know! It really made my day yesterday! :D I hope I'll be able to get some reading done this week-end ;D

    LOL, indeed, 3 books behind... no need to be anxious about it :D I actually wasn't very anxious... I'm more of an Alpha and Omega fan.

  6. "I'm more of an Alpha and Omega fan." <-- me, me, me, meeeeeeeeeeee! :D

  7. Tabitha - Indeed right? :D However, it seems we're in the minority, Tabz.

  8. It's okay. I like to be unique, haha!

  9. Nath, if EMBERS is hard to find up there, drop me an e-mail at laura (at) I'll see if I can hook you up with a review copy. I'm excited that you were looking for it! :-)

  10. Wow, you got a ton of stuff!! Enjoy it!

    And as one who has worked my share of weekends, you have my sympathies.

  11. Oh, excellent book haul, Nath! I can't wait for Silver Borne.

    And I can't remember if I mentioned this, but I read "Almost Like Being in Love" because of your rec, and really liked it! You'll have to say if "Changing Pitches" is just as good.


  12. Nath as always you did a great job with your shopping. I'm with Ames, can't wait to read your thoughts on Changing Pitches by Kluger. That's one I haven't read yet. :) I'd also love to hear your thought on Lois Lane Tells All by Hawkins and of course on the Balogh. *g*

    Sorry you had to work today. :(

  13. Tabitha - LOL, true :D

    Laura Bickle - Thank you for your offer Laura :D I'll wait for a few more days and check back at the bookstore :D If not, I'll contact you :D

    Lori - LOL, I know! Except now, I'm a bit of in a reading slump. Sigh.

    Hilcia - Like I was telling Lori, it seems I've lost my reading mojo... so I'll wait a little before reading Changing Pitches. Just see if it gets better in the next few days... sigh.

  14. Li - Sorry, I missed your comment for some reason...

    I'm soooo glad you enjoyed Almost Like Being in Love :D It was great, don't you think? Funny and different :D

    Glad to see you :D

  15. Nice haul, nath! And great deals. :D

    I probably would read DON'T KILL THE MESSENGER. Reason: I like the cover. Makes perfect sense to me - although probably not to others - as I'm in a strange reading mood at the moment. LOL

    I hope your workload gets lighter soon + good luck on your presentation. :)

  16. Taja - I really like the cover as well and I like the idea that she's a messenger and factions are not supposed to kill the go-in-between. Will be interesting to see how that works out :D