Monday, March 22, 2010

Review: Ravishing in Red by Madeline Hunter

See, I told you it was too early for such nice weather! Guess what we had yesterday? Yup, snowflakes. It's not really cold and what we got was wet snow, but we got enough that it didn't melt off overnight and we can still see it this morning. Also, what are they announcing for tonight? Freezing rain. Yay. NOT. At least, now, it's really March weather :P Less scary.

I had a very, very lazy week-end. Basically, I didn't do anything except read and watch TV, so in a few words, it was a great week-end :D I thought of blogging, but every time I sat down at the computer, I ended up playing Bejeweled Blitz ^_^; Ah well. The Curling Women World Championship has started and Canada is 3-0 :P I really like Jennifer Jones' team so I'm really happy. Got a scare in the first game against Sweden since they were trailing 5-1... but they had a nice come back and won the game 9-6 :P And now, they seem to be on a roll :P

Speaking of sports, I've been keeping an eye on tennis this week-end as well... my favorite tennis player Justine Henin as come out of retirement earlier this year. However, you don't get a ranking till you play your third tournament. Well now, she's officially back at no. 33 :) The clay season is coming up, so for sure, her ranking will get better as the year advances :D

In case you're wondering, this week-end, I finished Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men and Nice Girls Don't Live Forever by Molly Harper. These were book #2 and #3 in the Jane Jameson trilogy... They were fun to read, but not sure I'm going to review them. Also read A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner!! :D Yep, got my hand on it on last Thursday, after 2 days of online indicator stalking :P If I could only get one book this month, that would have been it :D LOL, it was funny, because I was meeting friends at 7pm. Got at the bookstore at 6.10pm and had the book in hand and paid at 6.15pm. Since I was early to meet my friends, I just sat outside of the bookstore and started skimming through it and peeling of the price tag (I hate when the stick price tag!!). James was probably wondering what I was doing ^_^;

So that was my week-end. Didn't work on my review of Pleasures of a Dark Prince by Kresley Cole for Cindy, but I'll definitively do that today :P Unless drama at work kills me, which is a definite possibility. Sigh, my co-worker is crumbling under pressure, tiredness and my boss's hammering. And if my boss was a woman, I'd say he was having a serious, major case of PMS. Okay, that's for another. In the meantime, in case you weren't aware of it, I put up a review at Breezing Through last Friday :) Jill and I discussed Ravishing in Red by Madeline Hunter :) You can find the review here.

Ravishing in Red by Madeline Hunter
published by Jove Books in January 2010
Armed with her cousin’s pistol, Audrianna travels to a coaching inn, to meet with a man who may have information that will clear her dead father’s name. She does not realize that the handsome man of commanding sensuality who shows up is not the person she expected, but instead Lord Sebastian Summerhays, one of her father’s persecutors, lured to the inn by the same advertisement that brought her there.

When the pistol accidentally fires, the situation becomes mortifyingly public, and thoroughly misunderstood. Audrianna is prepared to live with the scandal. Lord Sebastian has other ideas...


  1. What did you think of the Jane books?

  2. Isabel - They were really entertaining!! :D Thanks for making me read this series, Isabel :D

    I was actually thinking this series would be a fun one to adapt into a tv series or something :D