Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hauling Sunday I

Welcome to my new feature: Hauling Sunday :) Basically, each week, I'm going to be sharing my new precious with you :)

This week I'll be cheating and cover the books I've got a few weeks ago as well :D

Chimera by Rob Thurman - I love Rob Thurman :) She's a great author and she writes great brother/brother relationship and Chimera is all about it :D

The Demon in Me by Michelle Rowen - I met Ms Rowen while I was at RT, actually while I was waiting for the plane to go to Columbus! :) As a result, I wanted to try this book of hers :)

Hallowed Circle by Linda Robertson - Ms Robertson has been on my radar for a few months. I've finally read Vicious Circle which is the first book of the series and enjoyed it enough to get the second :)

The Night She Got Lucky by Susan Donovan - Ms Donovan's books have been hit and miss, but I still buy her books, because when they're hits, they're really great :D Although these are older heroines and I'm not sure about it. Sigh.

Hunted by the Others by Jess Haines - I was browsing the bookstore and saw Hunted by Others. I remembered seeing good reviews for it, so I picked it up :D

His At Night by Sherry Thomas - Kristie simply devoured this book while we were at RT. I've never read a Sherry Thomas, mostly because of the storylines... but this one seemed to suit me, so I was definitively going to try it out :)

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by Suzann Ledbetter - I got this book because the cover was so cute LOL
One Dance with a Duke by Tessa Dare - I think everyone has seen the book trailer by now :) It's simply great and so I've decided to give this new trilogy a try :)

The new books this week :

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson - I got this thanks to Ames :) This is one of her top books in 2010 and she convinced me I had to try it out LOL. I don't often read contemporary YA, but we'll see how it goes with this one :)

In Pursuit of a Scandalous Lady by Gayle Callen - Lori really enjoyed this book. I read the ending at the bookstore and thought it was looking good :)


  1. You can put me down as another one who loved His at Night. It was divine. I even reviewed it on my blog if you're curious and have the time! I'll be interested to know what you think.

    I have the Susan Donovan on its way to me too, but I have to read Aint to Proud to Beg first which is still on my tbr... so many books, so little time!

  2. Yeah, book stories! I'm so looking forward to "Hauling Sunday." :)

    I haven't seen the trailer to Dare's novel. I didn't even know she had a new one out...I'm so out of it. *blush*

  3. I like this new feature! A post to help me spend more money, I'm all for it! Lol

    I'm still debating on the new Dare book. I have all of her books in the Goddess trilogy but have only read the first so far. I enjoyed the first book but not a wowser so I'm thinking I should finish her first series first before picking up the next one. Lol.

    Susan Donovan is hit or miss for me too. Usually, I buy her books anyway but this one involves the older heroine and I'm not a fan of that so right now it's on the bottom of the list to purchase. Lol.

    Hmm, is Rob Thurman an author I will like?

  4. I was super good and only bought 1 book at Borders on Saturday - and only took 5 in the book swap during the get together. I was extremely pleased with myself for not buying more.

    Yeah, then I went and bought 5 ebooks this afternoon! lolol I have no impulse control, I tell ya. :)

  5. Looks like a good haul. I wanted to share this with ya.

  6. Kaetrin - Right! I remember seeing your review :) I've actually read it, but haven't commented. Sorry ^_^; But I will :)

    LOL, me too! Haven't read Aint To Proud to Beg yet... one day though LOL.

    Taja - LOL, they might not be as fun as the booking adventures LOL.

    Follow the link and take a look, Taja! The trailer is great!! :D

    Tabitha - I aim to help LOL. Glad you like this new feature :)

    The same thing happened to me with the Goddess trilogy. Luckily though, I only have 2 out of 3. But the trailer was just so good. However, this time, I'm determined not to buy the others before I read the One Dance with a Duke.

    LOL, you are sooo my reading twin! I was debating about this one as well. I'm a bit put off by the older heroine as well... but I met Ms Donovan at RT, so I decided I will give it a try :)

    Hmmm, Rob Thurman writes urban fantasy and her books are very, very light on romance. There is basically none in Chimera. However, if you think you would enjoy reading about two brothers (strictly platonic), I would give this a try. I would try Chimera before her other series, just to see whether you enjoy her writing or not.

    Tracy - LOL, you were a very good girl indeed during the week-end. Too bad it didn't last, right? LOL. Okay, what are the books you got? I'm so jealous! Saw the pics of the So Cal meet :( Wish I've been there!!

    Isabel - Oh, so cool! Thanks for sharing Isabel!! So happy it's for this fall!! The wait won't be too long :)

  7. Great haul nath! I'm going to try the Sherry Thomas. Read some great reviews and have been assured that there are no flashbacks. :)

  8. Leslie - Oh, I didn't realize you were annoyed by flashbacks, Leslie! Rest assured, there are none! :) Hope you enjoy it :)