Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hauling Sunday LXXIII

How is everyone doing? Hope everything is good and you're not too tired from the "spring forward" LOL. I wen to the sugar shack yesterday with some friends :) It was pretty nice considering the nice weather we had :) Seems like spring is coming fast. Yay!

Best part of sugar shack is of course, the desserts! :)

 LOL. Now, onto books :)  The "Buy 3, get the 4th free" promotion was still on... which means I once again had a really good week book-buying wise LOL. Best of all, they finally found the books I wanted. Why would people put new releases in the over-stock?!?

The Temporary Wife/A Promise of Spring by Mary Balogh - I was a bit hesitant about this book, but I've been reading very good review for The Temporary Wife, so I decided to go ahead and buy it :)

Oracle's Moon by Thea Harrison - I haven't been a big fan of this series... but reviews have been really good for Oracle's Moon. In addition, the blurb has drawn my attention. I think I'll enjoy this one :)

Between the Duke and the Deep Blue Sea by Sophia Nash - This book has received a mixed bag of reviews. Some really enjoyed it while others found it shallow. I hope to be part of the ones who enjoyed it LOL.

The Tattooed Duke by Maya Rodale - Hmmm, another one I was hesitant about... but the price was real appealing with the promotion :) Plus, I did enjoy the writing in the two previous books... I'm just not sure about this particular storyline.

The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne by Madeline Hunter - Ms Hunter is a great writer and I thought this premise was refreshing :) Looking forward to reading it :)

Eon by Allison Goodman - I've heard a lot of good about this book and it really seems like something I would enjoy. However, the one time I got it from the library, I didn't feel like reading it ^_^; I think part of my reservation is due to the Asian influence this book seems to have. Recently though, this book has resurfaced on my Goodreads and blogs thanks to Christine and Mariana. So I thought I'd check it out again :)

I went to the bookstore again today, just to be sure I had everything I wanted LOL. Got some mangas and this book:

Not Wicked Enough by Carolyn Jewel - I actually wanted I Want Candi by Susan Donovan, but they couldn't find it, so I got Not Wicked Enough. Ms Jewel is an author I've read before, but never her historicals which I've been meaning to. And Ames enjoyed this one :)

And there we go :) This was my week. I think that's pretty much going to be it for the rest of the month :) Should keep me up till the new releases in April. What do you think? :) All right, I'm off to go watch the Briers finale!! Go Ontario! (Men's curling LOL)


  1. Good haul, nath! And yeah we did get a few of the same books. LOL

  2. Oh I hope you enjoy Eon! There is some Chinese and Japanese influences, but I don't think they're too overdone (but I'm neither so I can't say)... the heroine was what had me really enjoying the duology. I was rooting for her :)

    I think I'll wait to get Oracle's Moon until I see some reviews from people I trust. The previous books are OK, but I'm losing interest in this series.

  3. You made me so hungry!! LOL even though I just had sub!! Desserts rule!!

    anyway, you got a nice loot.
    I read The Temporary Wife a while back and it was pretty good! ;) Hope you like it too.

  4. Ames - Thanks Ames! So how many buddy reviews can we get out of it? LOL.

    Mariana - Oh, so it's going to be a duology? That's good news :)

    It's not so much the Asian influence that I mind... I'm just afraid I'll find the storyline familiar because cross-dressing is a very popular theme in Japanese and Chinese stories :)

    Oracle's Moon sounds a little different than the first three books... hopefully, it's really good and not just hype.

    Alex - LOL. They definitively do!! I'm really developing a sweet tooth LOL.

    Thanks! I did enjoy The Temporary Wife :)

  5. I really liked Oracle’s Moon. I was starting to think that Dragon Bound was a once hit wonder because books 2 and 3 where bad and I was ready to quit, but like you, I read all the reviews and decided to give her another chance. I’m glad I read it, it’s very good and the main focus was the romance instead of the politics, and the next book will have Dragos and Pia as leads again, so I’m looking forward to it, although I’m still a bit weary.

    What is that next to the pancakes? It looks like pie?! Maple Syrup pie?! I’m starting to drool here, so lie to me and tell me it was disgusting!

  6. What a great haul, Nath! I'm so glad you enjoyed The Temporary Wife. Now we both have to read The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne. I have that one in my TBR pile already. AND, I'm getting EON too, also because of Mariana's recommendation and Christine's enthusiasm for the book. :D

    You're making me hungry too.

  7. Wow! That's a good haul. And the food pics look delicious! I love pancakes and maple syrup.

    I'm getting the Jewel and of course the Balogh.

    "I think that's pretty much going to be it for the rest of the month." Really Nath? LOL I don't think anyone who knows you believes that. ;)

  8. Eon is the first book, Eona the sequel. I don't know of a third in the mix... but I would love it if there was one :)

    I haven't seen any reviews for Oracle's Moon... my wait continues :|

  9. Brie - LOL, your review is one of the reason I'm picking Oracle's Moon :) So I hope that on this one, we'll agree :)

    I read the excerpt for Pia and Dragos book... Oh my, poor Pia!! LOL.

    Next to the pancake was sugar pie... very, very sugary. Way too sugary LOL. Did it work?

    Hilcia - LOL, want to buddy review the Madeline Hunter, Hils? :)

    LOL, looks like we both succumb to peer pressure :) Hopefully, Eon will work for both of us :)

    I'll bring you some maple syrup the next time I visit... Hey, are you going to Ottawa this year?

    Leslie - Well did you take a look at the new releases schedule, Les? Basically, there is nothing coming out till April 4th :( To buy something, I'd have to make it appear out of thin air LOL.

    The pancakes were okay. My friends said it was a good sugar shack, but I'm not fond of that style of food... but the maple syrup was great of course :)

    Mariana - Nod nod. A duology works for me :)

    I've just, just start Oracle's Moon. Will let you know what I think of it :)

  10. omg I always wanted to go to a sugar shack when the syrup is running. I just Lurve maple syrup. But you know that already! ; )

    LOVE your haul!
    I want to get the Maya Rodale and Sophia Nash books.

    And YAY!!! For EON!!!
    I hope you can get into it this time and the cross-dressing works for you. Eona has been living as a boy for so long.. she actually prefers it and is uncomfortable with her femininity which she tries to stifle, so in that respect, I DO think it's different. She's so used to being a boy and lying her whole life.. it's become who she is. I found her story very compelling.. lots of shades of gray with her identity, people's loyalties, right from wrong, etc..

  11. Christine - LOL, you can go to a sugar shack when the syrup is not running? LOL, here, sugar shacks are usually open from mid-February to mid-April only. Or at least, that's when everyone goes :) And yes, I know you love maple syrup :) LOL, my friends were pouring some in their coffees and all over food :P

    I haven't gotten to the Maya Rodale or Sophia Nash books, but soon I hope :)

    Cross-dressing usually works well for me :) I guess I'll have to read to find out by myself if I enjoy Eon :P I hope so though!