Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Review: Blackout by Rob Thurman

Ugh, I had a really bad day at work yesterday :( I was doing a repeat experiment and it didn't work. Again. I really don't know what is going wrong. Whether it's me or the samples or the reagents. As a result, I wasn't in the mood to blog... and decide to post this buddy review over at Breezing Through early :) Yay, for once I had something ready early!! Well, not that early if you consider it took me almost a year to put it together ^_^; So I'd really like to thank Leslie for buddy reviewing Blackout with me!! Thank you Les!! LOL, you can read our discussion of Blackout here :) Enjoy!

Blackout by Rob Thurman
published by ROC in March 2011
I was alone, and I was lost. I didn't know where I was; I didn't know who I was. it doesn't get more lost than that. Knowing what I knew and not knowing anything else at all, why would I want to be in the darkness where monsters hide?

Because killers hide there too...

Half-human Cal Leandros has always walked a bloody line between keeping his mortal soul free and clear (sort of) and unleashing the horror of his otherworldly heritage. The one thing that's always saved him is the memory of his brother, Niko, his friends, and those he loves. Until now.

Cal wakes up on a beach littered with the recently slaughtered remains of a variety of hideous creatures that were obviously looking for trouble. The fact that he is the one who did the slaughtering doesn't bother him. The fact that he feels like a natural-born killer doesn't either. What bothers Cal is that he doesn't remember Cal anymore... and he's not sure he cares.
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Cal Leandros, Book #6


  1. Sorry yesterday was so crummy for you, nath. I hope today is better.. do you have to repeat those experiments again?

    Wow, I didn't realize there were so many books in this series already! I know you, Leslie and Hils enjoy it. Maybe someday I'll try the first book. I think I even have it!

  2. Christine - Yeah, it was bad. This whole week is turning out to be ugh, so busy! A lot of multi-tasking and running around :(

    I did have to repeat the experiments, and it finally worked! Yes!

    Yep, it's hard to imagine the series is already on its 7 books and it's being released once a year only. It's a bit darker, so I'm not sure how much you'll like it... but to find out, you'll need to give it a try :)