Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm back!!

Hi everyone!!

Well I'm back! :) Yay! Sorry for the sudden disappearing act, but once you see the pictures below, you'll forgive me... right? :)

Yep, I was in vacation in Europe! :) I thought once over there, I'd have internet access and would be able to continue blogging and blog-hopping as usual... I was so wrong LOL! Hence, the hiatus post ^_^;

Well I'm heading to bed now, but I'll post more pictures tomorrow and share the details of the trip :) And hopefully, by the week-end or at least, next Monday, I'll get back on track :)

Night night!


  1. I can't wait to see more pictures!!

  2. Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing about your trip :-)


  3. Welcome back! and OMG! The sky on the picture on the right looks surreal! So pretty!
    Hope you had an awesome time.

  4. I am so jealous! Welcome back!

  5. Isabel - I've taken tons of pictures! They're coming :P

    Li - Thanks! I'll try to work on the posts ASAP... unless the Olympics distract me, which so far is a real possibility LOL.

    Alex - Thanks Alex! Isn't it awesome? I love digital cameras! Mine is a regular one, but takes such good pictures and all you have to do is point and click LOL. I had a blast!

    Marg - Thanks Marg :P

  6. Welcome home! You came back and I'm leaving! I'll look forward to your posts and pictures. :) Missed you. ;P

  7. Welcome back sweetie! I can't wait to see your pictures too.

  8. That one pic looks like you two are out in the middle of the street. LOL Good to have you back!

  9. Hilcia - Oh no! Bad timing!! But hope you enjoy yourself Hils!! :P I missed you too!! LOL, I think it's the first year since you've started blogging that we've both taken summer vacation! As much as I enjoyed myself, I can't wait for everything to get back to normal LOL.

    Rowena - Thanks Wena! So how was RWA?!?

    Leslie - LOL, we kind of are actually!! It was a tiny pedestrian path ^_^;

    And good to be back!! I missed you all!

  10. Welcome home!!!

    You posted this the day I left for our Iceland-UK vacation. How funny that we both said the SAME thing about thinking we'd have time and wifi at night to keep up with the blog world. I guess we both learned the truth of that possibility. ; )

    Looking forward to reading about your Europe adventures while I download my pics.

    Cheers! xo

  11. Christine - Thanks Christine! You too! LOL.

    Ohhh, I wasn't sure when you were leaving. I thought our trips would overlap. Guess not.

    Ugh, seriously, I would have been able to keep up in Germany... if only my aunt had internet!! I can't believe she didn't.