Sunday, January 20, 2013

2012 in numbers...

I wasn't sure if I was going to write any end-of-the-year or recapping posts when I came back from Europe. Mostly because it's two weeks late, but also because I wasn't really in the mood. To be honest, I just don't feel like we're in 2013. Given the circumstances, we didn't really celebrate New Year and there wasn't the whole transition time during which you wish everyone you meet a happy new year... So yeah, not in the mood. However, after blog-hopping and reading everyone's posts and numbers, well my mood changed :) It's just so interesting! Also, I admit to being curious about what my numbers are this year :) So I spent yesterday's afternoon computing them and here there are!

Number of books read


This is not a bad number, but honestly, I'm a bit disappointed. My goal was 205 books and I'm quite far from it. Of course, there were some extenuating circumstances such as hectic traveling, the concussion and of course, the dreaded reading slumps, Sigh. As usual though, this number does not include mangas and the re-reads, so I did read more.... but still.

So this year's goal is still 205 books and hopefully, I'll be able to make it :)

Number of books bought


Wooohooo!! Okay, this number, I'm very happy about LOL. This is a -31 books in comparison to 2011!! I feel the past year, my book-buying habits have started to change a lot, especially when you look at the following break-down.

In-store = 70
Online = 33
E-Books = 23

The key this year has been to be patient and wait for promotions to buy the print books. Hardcovers and trade-size books were almost all bought online. Even the paperbacks I could wait for were purchased online :) However, mostly, I attribute my change in habits to starting to read more e-books.

And one of the most interesting numbers as always is to find out how much I've saved: 461.28$ Isn't it a great number? LOL. And that number is actually very similar to last year, but for less books, so that means per book, I've saved more :)

Goal for this year is to continue this trend. Perhaps I'll buy more books, but as long as I keep saving as much money and also, a positive ratio of books read and books bought, well, I'm happy :)

Oh and another number I'm really, really proud about is that out of those 126 books, I read 100 books! That's 79% of the books I bought that I read... See, when I say that I run after new releases and that I don't know what to read when I don't have any books to buy, I'm not kidding LOL.

What did I read?

Contemporary = 41
Historical = 33 (Regency = 29, Western = 2, Americana = 1, Medieval/Highlands = 1)
Urban Fantasy = 20
Category romance = 17 (Contemporary = 16, Historical = 1)
YA = 17 (Contemporary = 11, Fantasy = 3, UF = 3)
Romantic Suspense = 11

Mystery/Thriller/Cosy Mystery = 10
Paranormal romance = 9
Steampunk = 3

Chick-lit/Women's Fiction = 3
Erotica = 2
Fiction = 1

The winner genre this year was contemporary romance! Woohoo! I just love contemporary romance, although I have to say, I was surprised I was able to find as much LOL. Then again, small-town romances are all the rage right now. I was too lazy to put last year's numbers, but my reading has been pretty consistent number-wise. For example, for contemporary romance, urban fantasy, romantic suspense, paranoral , fiction and erotica, the numbers are off by only 1 or 2 books in comparison to last year. The genres that have taken the biggest hits were historical romance and YA and they pretty much account for the -31 books differential. I have to say, last year, I overdose a bit on historical romance as well ^_^; I really started reading historical romance a few years ago because it's the most popular genre in the romance market... However, I feel like last year, I was more discriminating - reading favorite authors and books with blurbs that really appealed to me instead of reading everything regency. Same thing for YA.

The genre that saw the biggest increase in number was category romance and that's mostly because I wanted to read more books with contemporary settings and also because I glommed Ms Mayberry a bit :)

What will happen this year? Well I guess it depends on what will be coming out :)

Who published them?

1. Penguin (Berkley, NAL, ROC, Putnam, etc.) = 47
2. Harlequin (HQN Books, Mira, SuperRomance, Carina Press, etc.) = 28
3. Kensington = 15
4. Macmillan (St. Martin's Press, etc.), Harpercollins Publisher and Simon & Schuster = 13
7. Random House Publishing = 11
8. Hyperion/Scholastic = 7
9. Self-published = 5
10. Grand Central Publishing, Subterranean Press = 4
12. Headline = 2
13. Sourcebooks = 1

Top 2 publishers are still the same as the past years, Penguin - mostly Berkley - and Harlequin. What can I say, they are indeed my favorite publishers, I like the authors they have and the stories. I have to say though, I've read a lot less Mira than in the past... I guess this Harlequin line is going through some changes. Also, the authors they have don't appeal as much :(

The new player for me the past year was Kensington. In 2011, I read 8 of their books. so in 2012, it's almost double. The main reason is because they now have under their wings some of my favorite authors such as Victoria Alexander, Kate Angell and Laura Florand :) I also think they are publishing more straight contemporary romance :)

The publishing house that is most puzzling to me is Grand Central Publishing. For some reasons, I love Grand Central Publishing - I think it's because they used to house Karen Rose - however, when I look at the number of books I've read from them in 2012 and even 2011, well it's really not a lot. I like them as a whole, but it feels they are not releasing a lot of books.

It's also funny that some publishing houses I read exclusively because of certain authors such as Subterranean Press = Kelley Armstrong, Headline = Karen Rose...

When were they published?

2013 = 2
2012 = 125 (76.7%)
2011 = 13
2010 = 12
2009 = 2
2008 = 3
2007 = 3
2005 = 1
before 2000 = 2

Does that number surprise you? To me, not really. I mean, it makes sense. I buy mostly new releases and read about 79% of them, so it makes sense that most of them were released in 2012 :) I start reading romance in about 2000 and I'm very attached to this style of romance. The previous styles from the 80s and 90s don't suit me much, so that explains why I don't read a lot of books published prior to 2000 unless I'm glomming an author. However, I think I need to start clearing my TBR pile, so I'm going to try to do better and read older books in 2013.

How did I enjoy the books I read?

A = 9 (A+ = 0, A = 2, A- = 7)
B = 93 (B+ = 19, B = 45, B- = 29)
C = 54 (C+ = 23, C = 24, C- = 7)
D = 6
E = 1

More As than last year, yay! :) You guys keep saying that I'm a tough grader, but really... although I agree that I don't easily give out As, but still, most of the books I do enjoy.

Last year, I also changed the way I graded books and I do like my  new system... So I'm going to continue that way this year :)

Did I share my thoughts with you?

Full reviews = 70
Week-End's Minis = 36
Mini-reviews from Monthly Reads posts = 25

This gives a grand total of 131 reviews. That means I have 32 books left to review. Most of them are from the last three months of the 2012. I don't really know if I'll get to review them all, but I'll try :) Otherwise, I have to say I'm pretty happy with the number because I know I wasn't the most consistent blogger in 2012. And I think that the Week-End's Minis was my best idea in 2012 for the blog and that's what allowed me to stay on top of things. Now I just need to get back in the routine :)

Random Numbers

New Authors to me = 26

It seems I was a lot less adventurous in 2012. I stuck a lot with authors that I knew and also, as I mentioned earlier, I was more discriminating. Also, most authors that were new to me in 2012 weren't debut authors.

Books part of a series = 121

Okay, this number remains astonishing. Seriously!! Where are the stand-alones? :) I should try to break down this number and see how many series it makes :P


And there it is, 2012 in numbers for me :) What do you think? Overall, I'm happy with the numbers, but as I said, I do wish I've read more. Then again, there's always this year and the next and the next... Books aren't going anywhere right?


  1. This is one serious year in numbers posts. I started keeping track of all of these very same things this year (thanks to Ames) and I'm blown away at the in-depth way that you kept track of how much you spent on books, how many books you bought and everything. Go you! You sure did save a lot of money too. That's cool.

    Good luck this year, I hope you meet your goals!

  2. My reading has changed so much in the last couple of years, specifically in relation to the number of contemporary romances read. It's hard to believe that I used to read them only rarely, and usually then it was only Jenny Crusie and Nora Roberts!

  3. Nath, you're so precise with your
    I've never paid much attention to the publishers...I follow authors, not publishing houses...some of them are so confusing...I mean, so many belong to the same main just seems too confusing for me.

  4. Rowena - I like to keep track of all of these things... except when I fall the bandwagon. However, I do try :) I mean, if you're already keeping track of titles and authors, then adding the rest doesn't take a lot more effort :P And it's fun to compile everything at the end of the year :P

    And yes, saving money is important :) Makes me feel better when I buy them LOL.

    Marg - I'm so glad you're reading more contemporary romance, Marg! Although I can see why. I think it has a lot to do with trends and the past few years, lots of new small-town romance series. I do know a lot of people have hang-ups about contemporary romance because they read to escape and sometimes, contemporary romance is too close to reality for me.

    For me though, it was the opposite. I read exclusively contemporary romance, mainly because that's what I connect to, till I ran out of things to read and therefore, had to start picking up historical :)

    S. - LOL, I'm actually not that precise. I'm sure I'm missing books and stuff, but I do try :)

    I mostly follow authors as well. Publishers come into play more when I pick up new authors, debut authors. I know that Berkley and Harlequin have storylines types that I prefer... so there's more chances for me to pick up new authors if their books are from Berkley and Harlequin then say Sourcebooks. I guess it's what these publishing houses are looking for, those criteria suit mine :) That's why I pay so much attention to them.

  5. People used to (not sure if they still do?) call me a tough grader - but I clarify by saying I just don't hand out a lot of A's. Then I thought, "Geez, they think I'm tough? Nath has got me beat!" But looking at your grading numbers this year? Very similar to mine - just that you read 63 more books than I did ;) The bulk of your reading falls in a B or C range - just like me. So that means we *like* a lot of books, we don't love or hate a lot of books. Hey, I'll take that!

    I'd be curious to see if while your Mira reading went down, your HQN reading went up? The last several years Harlequin has been focusing Mira towards "book club" fiction, women's fiction and the like - while HQN has been picking up more of the romance. So you might be drifting away from one imprint and moving towards another.....

  6. Great year Nath! I still haven't done my #'s post and don't know if I will? I was so busy and then... time flew! Don't know if it's too late now.

    Those A's. In 2011, I think I gave out about 6 of them but I know I dished out more in 2012 too -- particularly in the LGBT category and books published in previous years (TBR reads). I also gave out more C's and D's which is an interesting development. But again, the bulk of my grades fall under the B category (B+/B/B-). I love that you include publishers... I never really pay attention at whose books I'm reading, but maybe I should. :)

  7. I'm glad you ended up doing this post, Nath! It's always interesting comparing to previous years.

    I don't look at publisher stats myself, but am now wondering if I should - I like how it points out which publishers connect with your tastes the most.


  8. Wow, very impressive Nath, I think you'll be a very good statistician :P
    The only thing I can say is that I read more books than you, and that's only because of goodreads :)

  9. Wendy - LOL, I think we are the same when it comes to handing out As, Wendy. We just don't do it lightly :P As a result, I guess it means we dole out more Bs and Cs... Which is good :) I like your assessment too LOL.

    Hmmmm, I think throughout the years, my reading of HQN books did go up... But that's because a lot of books Harlequin used to publish as Mira, they do as HQN books nowadays. So in that sense, I followed the authors. And it's interesting about Mira becoming geared towards "book club" fiction. I have to say, Mira is in a weird place right now as some books are as you say, book club fiction, but Harlequin's RS books are still publised as Mira and some of their big-shot authors such as Robyn Carr and Maria V. Snyder. Wonder what is the strategy here. In any case, I think last year, what maintained my numbers with Harlequin was the category romance.

    Hilcia - It's never too late, Hils! That's what I learned last week :) It's still a lot of fun whenever you do it :)

    Nod nod. I think every reviewer, the bulk of the grades will be in the B and C range. I mean, it takes really bad stuff for us to go to Ds or lower.

    It'd be interested to see other people's numbers with publishers :P

    Li - Indeed, it is! :) Although I have to say, my numbers haven't changed much in comparison to 2011. Guess that's good. Then again, you're the queen of consistency, Li :P

    As I said to Hils, it'd be interesting to see other people's numbers when it comes to publishers. I know there are books that I won't pick up because it's from a certain publisher... Like I won't pick up historical romances when it's from Sourcebooks because meh, I find they are usually off. If a paranormal romance is published, I'm more likely to pick it up if it's with Berkley or New American Library.

    Then again, I know myself so perhaps the numbers are biased from the start LOL.

    Elena - Thanks Elena. Something to think about... but that's the easy stats. The difficult stats, I bow out :)

    Lucky you! I wished I've read more :P This year, this year!

  10. Great job with your numbers!!

    Its always interesting to see the other genres that you like that I didn't even touch in 2012. Lol.

    Also, we both read a lot of contemporary romance but again, not the same books, just a few similar. Go figure.

    I didn't see any glbt on your list so I think I'll find some for you to read this year. :)

  11. Ames - Thanks Ames! :) LOL, vice versa as well on the genres :) Seriously, you tend to glom, but funily, your reading is more varied than mine :)

    I think the reasons why we're not reading the same books is that I tend to read a lot of new releases while you don't. So the next year, while I once again have new releases to run after, you have the ones I've read already... does it make sense? LOL.

    I'm open to recommendations! :)

  12. The numbers post! Yay!

    I'm always SO impressed at how many new releases that you buy and then actually READ! I'd love to be like that. I always regret how few current releases I read in a year by the time December 31 rolls around.

    You surpassed me in YA, nath! Would you believe I read only 7 YA books last year? I don't know.. some sound amazing, but I'm less enthusiastic about the genre these days. I think my love of YA is slowly giving sway to some more "popular" fiction or "literary" fiction. I guess I'm just more curious to know about the books some of my friends in RL are reading. BUT romance will always be #1.

    131 reviews?! That's incredible! Thank you for each and every one, nath. :)
    I just added up how many I wrote: 23! And I call myself a book blogger? Pretty funny.

    Great year, nath! Can't wait to see what 2013 brings all of us in a year of books! :)

  13. Christine - Yay! :) I'm glad I wrote it :)

    Nod nod. I'm proud of that number, because it justifies me buying so many books in a way LOL. If I could get the same number and read more from my TBR pile, it'd be the ideal situation :)

    Well you know, the thing about YA, is that after a while, they all sound the same. It's all about knowing who your friends are, etc. so it becomes dull a bit ^_^; But even though I read more YA than you did, my number is down. Also I tend to pick up YA fantasy... And you know, I think another reason why our number for YA was down is that this year, the market was flooded with dystopian YA and I don't know about you, but I hate that style. Ugh.

    My friends are not readers, so LOL, I don't feel pressure from them :)

    And yep, I'm pretty happy at how much I reviewed. I still missed some though, but oh well. I like your blog because it really reflects who you are :) So don't change anything!

    Hope 2013 is going to be better!