Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Best and Favorite of 2012

Brrrr, I don't know the weather where you live, but here in Canada, we are being hit with a cold wave. and it's really, really cold ^_^; We've been having -25C (-13F) consistently this week, but today is going to be the worst of it. Sigh, -30C (-22F) and overnight, -45C (-49F) when you factor in the winds. I'm starting to be a bit concerned for my car ^_^; The battery is not as good as it could be, but hopefully, it holds up!

Work is going okay. What I'm doing now is new to me, so I'm training. It's going to be harder than I thought because there's a lot of adjustments each time to do and well, it'll only come with practice. What also sucks is that I'm going to be sitting at the machine the whole day, so less time to check my emails and blog :( Going to have to find a way to adjust.

This whole week, I've been busy watching the TV show Hawaii Five-0 with my sister. Between work and that, it means I haven't had much time to read :( Hopefully, that changes once we're all caught up :) In the meantime, I still haven't written a review ^_^; That has to change soon!! But in the meantime, to go along with my "2012 in numbers..." post, here is the list of my best and favorite books read in 2012 :) Much quicker to write LOL.

Contemporary romance

Category romance

Historical romance

RS/Mystery/Cosy Mystery

Paranormal romance



Young Adult


Best Book of 2012


And there you go :) My list of best and favorite books in 2012! I've tried to stick with 2012 releases, which was quite easy considering how many I read LOL. Also, most have been reviewed (yay!) except for the books read near the end of the year which I'm planning to get to... eventually :) A lot of books are part of my favorite series or have been written by favorite authors. What can I say, they delivered LOL. Now, I hope 2013 will be as good!


  1. Good list Nath!

    I need to read all those historicals and the novellas. :)

    And I need to check out those paranormals too - especially Lauren Dane and Thea Harrison.

  2. Great list, Nath!

    Hey! You posted on my list that we didn't have any books in common and/or we didn't read the same books! We did! We both chose The Witness, Her Best Worst Mistake, The Rake... they were all awesome reads. :D And I read 4 other books up there and enjoyed them too. LOL! Seeee, we read a lot of the same books. ;P

    Anyway, the one book on your list that I really want to read is About Last Night by Ruthie Knox.

  3. This is a great list, Nath!

    I'm going to give those Rick Riordan books a go this year, my niece is reading Mark of Athena right now and she's loving it.

  4. Hey we got some of the same books.
    I loved her best worst mistake too and I need to read Take A bow! :D
    Thanks for sharing your list.

  5. So, the conclusion is that I must read this year Jim Butcher, but ...are a lot of books in this series.I guess it makes no sense to read the last book if I haven't read the entire series before.

  6. The category romances are both up near the top of my list for last year too!

    As to the weather, well, I am melting!

  7. Ames - Thanks Ames! Well you're on the right path for historical romance as you've read What a Lady Wants! :) You should read My Wicked Little Lies next :)

    As you love Lauren Dane, I think you would enjoy her paranormal series. It's less erotic as her erotica novels, obviously, but it's good :)

    Hilcia - Thanks Hils!

    Yeah, we read some of the same books, but I don't know, it didn't feel that way ^_^; It feels like you read more sci-fi and LGBT this year, but perhaps I'm wrong :)

    I think you'll enjoy About Last Night. I thought it was good and better than Ride with Me. I know Ride with Me got a lot of positive reviews, but to me, it was only so-so :(

    Rowena - Thanks Wena! The Percy Jackson series is a lot of fun, especially to us adults I think because we know a lot of the myths :) It's much better than the movie as well!! Hope you enjoy it!

    Alex - Indeed, we did! :) I really enjoyed Take a Bow, so I hope you do as well :)

    elena - Yes, you must read the Dresden Files series, elena! Seriously, since you enjoy UF so much, I'm sure you will enjoy the series. It has it all - great characters, great world building, great plots and humor :) And noooo, do NOT read this one first!! You won't understand its greatness! :) If you have to, you can skip the first three books in my opinion and starts at the 4th. I feel that's when the series really picks up, but I wouldn't skip anymore from that point on :)

    Marg - I've finally broke down and started reading the category romances. Although I have to give a lot of credit to Ms Mayberry LOL.

    I don't know which is better... hot or cold, but when it's in the extremes, I guess it doesn't matter much :(

  8. Nath, you're not necessarily wrong about LGBT. I read more in 2012 than other categories if you take it separately. And I did read more sci-fi/spec fic/horror and steampunk than usual, but in general the bulk of my reading was romance! ;P

    I think what happened is that I chose my top ten, honorable mentions etc. by category for 2012, and there are only a few contemporary, historical and pnr/steampunk romances in there, with the rest going to other categories. :D

  9. I love reading these lists.. it helps remind me which books I missed in 2012 that I really MUST read. Two that stand out on your list are the Sarah Mayberry and Ruthie Knox books. One day I will start the Karen Rose books! I will!

  10. I love that you named your list Best and Favorites, because there's a difference and I feel like people don't always understands it. I'll have to read No Tan Lines, and maybe step out of my comfort zone and read the other books on your UF list. You know I love my comfort zone, but maybe it's time!

  11. Hilcia - I think for all of us, the bulk is romance. Still, it's interesting to see what other genres we also read :) Also, it's because your top reads were all mixed up genre-wise, so it didn't seem as much romance :)

    Christine - Nod nod. It's a good recommendation post :P Oh and you really have to read Her Best Worst Mistake. I really enjoyed it. I read it and had to re-read right away. And yes, you have to read Karen Rose!! Go for it, now that you're almost caught up in the In Death series :)

    Brie - Yeah, I added Favorite because as you said, there is a difference. It's not necessarily the best book written, but it's the one I connected with :)

    I hope you enjoy No Tan Lines! :) And you know, since you're in a reading slump, stepping out of your comfort zone might be exactly what you need ;) Seriously, the Dresden Files series is totally worth it. The first three books are a bit slow, but if you can get through them (or you could even skip them and start at the 4th, Summer Knight), the series just becomes awesome. I've started a few people on them and the feedback has always been so positive. So go for it, Brie!