Friday, June 14, 2013

Busy week!

Awwww, no review this week :( I'm going to try to write a few this week-end to make it up, but no guarantee ^_^; I really wanted to write a book review the whole week, but just didn't have the time and energy.

It all started last week-end with my sleep pattern being all messed up. I ended up going to bed very late on Friday night, waking up early and therefore napping during the day... which resulted in going to bed even later on Saturday night and repeat the whole process again. In addition, I worked on last Sunday so I could have Wednesday off to attend my sister's convocation day. So yeah, I was just out of juice by the time Monday rolled in... And then, yesterday was the annual event that promotes awareness for men's health. I've talked about this event a few times on this blog because I had to collect samples for our research. Last year was nice because while I did participate, I didn't have to collect... but this year, my new boss decided to do it and she sprung the news on me at the last minute. I was in charge because I had experience, so I had to plan everything out, make sure we had all the equipment and so on. It found it more stressful this year because I wasn't at work on Wednesday - the day before - for last minute preparation and also, because it was new people who would do the processing of the samples. Anyway, long story short, I again did survive. However, let just say that on Monday and Tuesday, I went to bed really early to recharge and store up energy for the event ^_^;

And last but not least, my sister graduated on Wednesday! Yay! This was her second bachelor, this time in administration. It's not every day you graduate so my sister wanted a nice outfit for the day... and so it was shopping time LOL. My sister had a specific idea of a dress in mind, but she couldn't find it. She then lowered her requirements to "dress with pockets" but that's not obvious to find either. In the end, she settled for a cute skirt with pockets... but she didn't have any top to go with it. Funny how when you don't look for something, it abounds in store, but as soon as you have an idea in your mind, you just can't find it! But in the end, she found her cute outfit :) And as usual, convocation turned out to be a nice family day :)

Congrats Emilie!

And so this is why I didn't review anything. Barely read as well! However, I definitively plan to catch up this week-end! What about you, how was your week?


  1. I have to laugh because what you describe about the disrupted sleep schedule has basically been my life for the last month or two. I'm not kidding. It's driving me insane!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS to your sister!! Please tell her I say so. I adore the last photo of her jumping. SO cute! All the best to her. So is the pressure on for her to find a job now?

    I had a crappy week. I think my whole family did. Nothing terrible .. just bleh. Everyone's cranky and having little things go wrong. We need a reset button. Hopefully we'll find it this weekend. :)

  2. Congratulations EMILIE!!! Yay!!!

    My week has been busy. Nothing new about that, right? I haven't stopped these past couple of months. Still hoping things will ease up. :)

  3. Congrats to your sister!! And yeah, that sounds like a really busy week!

  4. Congrats to your sister. So nice it was a special day for you all...and the photos are great.

    I spent last week moving my blog from blogger to wordpress. Luckily, it went well since I like to tinker and that can cause

    I hope this next week gives you more time for reading, blogging and doing other fun stuff!

  5. Christine - I don't know how you're handling it, Christine! One week was way enough for me! Perhaps it'll be good for your trip though LOL.

    Yep, the pressure is on for her to find a job. We'll see how it goes :)

    Awww, wasn't last week busy though? With graduations and such? Would have thought it was a good week ;)

    Hilcia - Thanks Hils! :) LOL, will it ever ease up?

    Alex - Thanks! I have two long week-ends coming and I can't wait!

    Jan - Thank you Jan :) Are you liking Wordpress? I know The Book Binge is making the move as well. At this point, I don't think I'll do it, but it's food for thoughts LOL.

  6. Graduations are NEXT week. The girls are still in school all this week and next Monday. We're in so late because schools were closed so long back in October-November due to Sandy. Had to tack on several days. But most of the craziness is over I guess.

  7. Congratulations to your sister Nath!

  8. WooHoo! Congrats to Emilie!

  9. Oh, I hope you're sleeping better! I know how that can be. When I need to get up early, I can't get to sleep and when I can sleep in, I can't seem to stay awake! lol

    Congrats to Emilie! Such great pictures!

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  11. I like wordpress although I'm still trying to figure out how to do things and not always finding the answer! I tell myself that's part of the

    I hope you're sleeping better this week!

  12. Just like the above comment...trying to remember which is my name and which is my nickname when I sign in!