Sunday, July 07, 2013

Hauling Sunday CXIV

Okay... so this was not how I planned my come-back to blogging after my blogiversary post ^_^; My excuses are the usual: busy and my blogging muse is still on vacation, sigh. However, it's high time I stop complaining and just blog! Warning though, my reviews might come out a bit incoherent LOL.  

Before getting to my new books though, I thought I'd share pictures of what I've been up to lately :) Seriously, I don't know what it is this year, but it feels like my calendar is really full! A bit part is fun like curling, trips and gatherings... but I've got several grown-up appointments as well and that got me running. 

So a couple of weeks ago, we went horseback riding :) It was my first time!

LOL, it was a fun experience and I'll definitively try it again :) Although I have to say, I'm such a city girl!

Then last week-end was a long one so we took the opportunity to get away :P We went to a chalet about an hour away. 

We BBQ-ed... a lot of food LOL. We also did some canoe, played some games, told stories, built a fire, made cookies, chilled in a hot tub and on the side of a pool :) Another experience that I'd repeat, but if we had to go again, I'd love it for a tad longer :)

And yesterday, we went to pick berries! We got lucky and found a place that had both strawberries and raspberries ready for picking at the same time :) However, next year, we probably should go on separate occasions, because it was the first day for raspberries and they weren't as bountiful and sweet as if we've waited one more week. 

We were a bit concerned about the weather initially, but it turned out to be a beautiful day... although a bit warm. And the strawberries were oh so sweet! :)

And here are my constant in life, my new precious from the last couple of weeks :)


These were all books I was looking forward to which is why I pre-ordered them LOL. What the Duke Desires is the first book in Ms Jeffries' new series, The Duke's Men. I'm hoping this series hits me better than The Hellions of Halstead Hall. The Newcomer is the newest release by Ms Carr and one I've been really looking forward. I really enjoy the feel of Thunder Point and can't wait to read more about it :) I've enjoyed The Reckless Brides series so far and hope it will continue on with Scandal in the Night... although I don't think there isn't any cross-dressing from the heroine in this one LOL. One of my favorite debut author for 2013 has been Kasie West and she had another book out, this time a contemporary YA. Not my favorite genre, but definitively willing to give The Distance Between Us a try :) And finally but not least, Fifth Grave Past the Light, the newest installment in the Charley Davidson series! Yay! Can't wait to see what Charley is up to!

What about you? Got any good books lately?


  1. I've always wanted to try horseback riding. Looks like fun. Were you sore afterwards?? those strawberries look soo yummy!

  2. Many of my relatives own ranches in Oregon where I grew up so I got to ride horses a lot when I was a kid...but not so much anymore :( It is fun! I think I missed the strawberry season here in Maryland and I do love them. Maybe I can still find raspberries and blueberries. And the chalet looks like so much fun.

    It looks like you got some good books, nath. I like Robyn Carr, but haven't read any n this new series and I'm at least a couple books behind in the Darynda Jones series. I want to catch up!

    Have fun reading! And enjoy your summer.

  3. I just went

    And Strawberries!!

    I love reading about your adventures, they sound like lots of fun.

    Enjoy your books :D

  4. I really feel like strawberries now :-)

    Sounds as though you're having a great summer!

    Am interested to hear what you think about that Kasie West - I like the cover.


  5. Nath, those strawberries look delicious!

    You know? I haven't read a Robyn Carr book in a long, long time. Maybe I will pick up this one from the new series. I think Leslie reviewed it and gave it a high grade. I need to check it out. :D

  6. Your weekend getaway looks like such a fun time! I haven't ridden in years but use to love it.

    Strawberries and raspberries - favorites of mine. Nothing is as delicious as fresh fruit you pick yourself. :)

    I need to get the Kasie West. Really loved her last book.

  7. Oh nath, what a lovely getaway you had! I love going camping (cabining, whatever) and doing all that outdoorsy stuff. We used to do a lot more of that when the girls were little and into scouting and such. I miss it!

    I haven't gone horseback riding in a long time. I have to admit I'm a little intimidated by horses. They're really big animals!

    Those strawberries look amazing as do those animal shaped cookies! FUN!