Sunday, September 08, 2013

Hauling Sunday CXIX

Phew, what a difference does a week make! This week was much better... Actually, not much was going on LOL. My thumb is healing up nicely, work was okay... Noticeable things that happened is that I finally passed level 410 of Candy Crush after being stuck on it for about 2 months! Yay! Then again, credit doesn't go all to me, Candy Crush actually made the level much easier... but I doubt anyone will complain LOL.

Oh, I went shopping yesterday and found a dress for the wedding. Finally!

Honestly, I wasn't sure about it when my sister first showed it to me, but once I tried it on, it fit well :) So sold! LOL. This is actually what I've been looking for, a summer-y dress... So I'm just happy to have found one... Although ultimately, I don't know if it'll be chic enough for the wedding ^_^;; The invitation says casual, but the people showing up... So we'll see :)

All right, now onto the books :)

Interestingly enough, this week is all about self-published ebooks which is a rare thing for me. First is Snow-Kissed, a short story from one of my favorite author, Laura Florand. If I'm not wrong, this one is not set in Paris which will be interesting :) But it still involves food!

I read a good review somewhere for Stay with Me by Elyssa Patrick and the next blog I visited was Brie's and there was a giveaway for Stay with Me. Have to love those coincidence! Even better, I won! Woohoo!

Last but not least is Letters to Nowhere by Julie Cross :) I read Li's review, who by the way loved it, and was intrigued. Then, Brie told me she believed I would love this book... So yep, got it! And of course, they were right, I loved Letters to Nowhere!

So that was my week! What about yours?


  1. That's a really pretty dress!

    I'm thrilled you loved LETTERS TO NOWHERE - there was just so many things about it that just... worked.

    I've been eyeing that Laura Florand - read an excerpt on Amazon and it sounds super-angsty, so I may save that for when I'm in the right mood!


  2. Love the dress!

    Bought Letters to Nowhere. Now to find time to read it! lol

  3. I'm always right. That is all.

  4. Li - Thanks :) It looks nice on the model though LOL.

    It definitively worked :) I think it helped that the author really knew what she was talking about. Simply a great book, especially given the used theme of the parents dying...

    Snow-Kissed is indeed super-angsty :) Pretty good too.

    Leslie - Thanks :)

    You're going to enjoy it Leslie!

    Brie - LOL, if you say so :P

  5. I REFUSE to even download Candy Crush. I have enough time sucks in my life. Instagram is dominating right now, I'm afraid.

  6. Christine - LOL, don't. Avoid this addiction at any cost, Christine :P