Sunday, September 01, 2013

Hauling Sunday CXVIII

Hi everyone! :) How is your week-end going? Mine so far has been relaxing which is exactly what I needed after a couple of bad days :( Before I share my woes with you all though, today is September 1... So guess what? Yep, Ames and I have our New Releases post up over at Breezing Through :) Check it out. And if we forgot some good books coming out, let us know!! Because so far, September looks like a lean month ^_^;

Now, onto the books I got this week! :P It was a pretty good week as you can see LOL.


Heart of Venom, The Arrangement and The Hero were pre-orders that I've made at Book Depository a couple of months ago. It was nice that they arrived during release week :) Usually, I'll receive them a week after. In any case, I have already read them all :P I bought If You Can't Stand the Heat at the bookstore when I went to renew my membership to Chapters/Indigo irewards program and got a nice 20% off on it. Finally, One Night with a Cowboy is an e-book I bought over at Kobo with a 35% off discount, yay! I read Ms Johnson for the first time in the anthology He's the One and really enjoyed her story, Fish Out of the Water, and wanted more :P

As I said, good week right? Well at least, book-wise... What did you get?

If not for the books, my week would have been quite bleak... I'm going to vent a little, so feel free to skip LOL. Still reading? Brave people :P Well first, I cut myself at work again on Thursday... This time, it was a weird cut because it's actually my nail... The problem is that it hasn't cut through either...

Good news is that it no longer really hurts... Bad news is that I don't really know what will be happening to my nail... someone told me that when it bleeds under, then it'll fall. Guess I'll have to wait and see.

I've been monitoring prices for round-trip flight for my trip to Annapolis. Was going to buy them last week, but we didn't... and on Friday, the prices went up. Ugh. My parents are also planning a trip soon and I didn't have time to buy their tickets on Friday morning... but throughout the day, the price increased! So that was double bummer. My sister and I found another option for our trip to Annapolis, using our miles... so that works out good. As for my parents, there is still some time left to buy their tickets and I'm hoping it's the "week-end effect" that drove the price up and that it'll come down mid-week. But yeah, Friday was very frustrating.

As if that wasn't enough, I've been having some car issues. My AC system has been down the whole summer... and with the season coming to an end soon, it hasn't really been on list of priority to repair. However, I have no control on the cool air either :( It'll sometimes work and then, lose its coolness or just not work at all... We've had rain a few times this week and it's been very humid... Having no control on cool air means that my windows have been fogging up and that's exactly what happened on Friday... It was bad ^_^; So now, getting it fixed has just become a priority, especially since I'm planning a road-trip in October. I can already hear the ca-chink sound of dollar signs, sigh. So on Friday evening, I came home and it was raining really hard with my windows fogged up... Not good. Later, I was going to join my sister at the restaurant, so I decided to take my parents' car, just to be on the safe side. I was a bit surprised because the car was making a weird sound "blop, blop, blop"... So I drove into a parking and got down to take a look... and sure enough, flat tire. Sigh. Apparently, my mom who had driven the car earlier already heard the sound, so it happened while she was driving. Getting on the car, I didn't feel anything different... the car wasn't leaning dramatically to one side or anything. I called my dad and we tried changing the tire to the spare one, but the bolts were screwed really tight. Plus, the tire iron/lug wrench got scraped, so it wasn't possible to do anything with it. So I called for a tow service at 9pm. They told me I'd have to wait for 1.5 hours. Sure, fine, didn't really have a choice... They showed up at 11.30pm ^_^; And luckily, my car had come with my car because the tow guy didn't have a tire iron that fit my dad's car's bolts! So got mine out and it fit! Hallelujah!

Last Friday wasn't Friday 13th, but it sure felt like it...


  1. A terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad Friday huh? ;)
    I am veteran of smushed fingers - that one looks as though it will be one of the annoying ones where it stays intact for a while, then as it grows down the edge of the nail where it has bled under will come away and catch painfully on things, until you either rip it off, (ow) or cut it off. And then you have a tender spot for a while till the nail grows down.

    In better news, the Mayberry was great - it and the Balogh arrived on my kindle last night and today was my day off, so I've read them both already. *sheepish look* The Balogh was good too, just not as intense as the Mayberry.

  2. FD - Yeah. One that I want to forget as quickly as possible LOL.

    Well the nail is already annoying because it's not even with the rest anymore and has already started catching on things... but I will not be ripping it off, at least not right now, because owwwwww!

    You got the Mayberry already? That's good :) I liked it, but I thought it was a bit bland too ^_^; As for the Balogh, something was missing from it. Better than The Proposal, but as you said, just not intense enough to really grab you.

  3. OMG, your nail!!! GAH! That looked painful, I'm glad it doesn't hurt anymore. It'll fall off if it stayed on long enough. Otherwise, I'll continue to grow and you can clip it off at some point.

    Sorry to hear about the car and ac. It's been sooooooooooo hot lately and we're living on fans, no AC at all. Very much melted under the heat these days, so I tried to rest. Less movement, less heat. Lol.

  4. I agree with FD, that nail will stay put and ugly-looking until it grows. You will see the progress as the dark spot moves. I keep injuring my toes, so I know what I'm talking about ;-)

  5. I'm sorry about your nail! that sucks!!
    But great haul!! I hope you like 'em all.

  6. That cut nail/finger looks like it really hurt. I hope it doesn't snag on too many things. And your car problems...definitely no fun.

    You got some good books. I'm so far behind with the J.D. Robb books, but I really like them. I bought The Arrangement, but haven't read it yet. I hope this week is a good reading week for you as well as good every other way!

  7. Another In Death?! I'm so behind and not even interested in reading them... I do want to know what's happening so I may read them :| Any indication when this series is going to start wrapping up? Or is Eve still getting cases that bring up her past and Rourke getting involved?

  8. BTW, I couldn't comment on the nail... I skipped the pic right away :( Sorry, it makes my stomach nervous.

  9. little alys - It was painful, but luckily, it stopped hurting... and in the end, I kind of ripped it ^_^; It was just getting annoying ^_^;

    LOL. Yeah, it's been very humid last week, but now, it's getting cold :( Fall is here!

    Brie - LOL, I did not expect to have so many experts come forward! LOL

    Alex - Thanks Alex! I hope so too!

    Jan - No fun at all. I thought having gone through the summer without AC, I could have pushed back having it repaired. Guess not.

    So far, the week is going okay. Having a 4 days week always kind of throw my off my routine LOL.

    Mariana - LOL, you know how consistent she is :) I think things are so stable between Eve and Roarke that she should start wrapping it up, but that's my opinion ^_^; Which one is the last that you've read? And yes, Roarke is a fixture in her investigation :(

    It's okay about the nail, totally understand!

  10. Nathie - so sorry about your bad week! I hope this week has been better! And hey, you got Thankless in Death. I didn't think that was out until later this month. Eve and Roarke should make you feel better. :)

    I had the same problem with the tire bolts being too tight. I now try to remember if I'm having any work with the tires to ask that they be hand tightened. Otherwise they tighten them with a machine and they're hard to loosen.