Friday, August 01, 2014

BT: New Releases - August 2014

Hi everyone!!

Sorry for the radio silence for the past month and plus... I guess I needed a break to recharge. The good news is that my reading has picked up and I had a great month of July :)

I'm working on a personal project at the moment that hopefully, I'll wrap up this week-end. As soon as it's taken care of, I'll come back to blogging. I've been itching for it the past few days, especially now that Kristie is back :P Oh the pressure on both of us LOL.

In the meantime, Ames and I have our monthly new releases post over at Breezing Through. Click here to check out what books we're looking forward to!


  1. As one who a looooong break to recharge, I get it :-). Alas, none of these really appeal to me, but it's good to see you back even if another break is on its way

  2. Kristie - LOL. You and me have such different tastes when it comes to reading Kristie! :P