Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Busy week-end!

Hi everyone!

Wassup? As usual, I had plans to blog... but you know what happens to plans :) Out the window, most of the time ^_^: I knew I had a busy week-end, which is why I took Friday and Monday off... but it turned out a lot busier than I expected. Anyway, since I don't have any reviews, I thought I'd share some pictures :)

Saturday was the annual BBQ. You know which one I'm taking about :) Before one can BBQ though, one must buy food, drinks and stuff. And that's how I spent my Friday. I kid you not, I was grocery shopping the whole day on Friday... and I wasn't even in charge of the meat! Had some bad luck, but eventually pulled it off :)

As usual, we had lots of food and lots of leftovers :) But I prefer that than running out of something. The weather was also perfect for a BBQ and we had lots of fun! One tiny little issue was wasps. I noticed last week that we had a lot of wasps under the awning... After inspection, turns out that we had a hidden nest! Not a bit one, but nobody wants to mess with wasps. Especially after what happened to our mayor :( Last month, our mayor died after being attacked by wasps after she had stepped on their nest! So that's why instead of being on the patio, we were in the yard. It was good though since we were in the shade and there was a lot more space! :) I think that's where we'll be from now on... Unless it rains.

In case you're wondering about the wasps, we called an exterminator on Monday. We had a nest in the attic when I was in high school... It started poking holes in the walls and was coming in my parents' room. Back then, my dad took care of it, but got stung several times... So my sister and I called the exterminator because we were not taking any chance. Hopefully, it's all taken care of now... The only issue is that it's a hidden nest, so they couldn't remove it. We'll keep an eye on it for now.

On Sunday, a friend organized a pontoon boat party. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be on a boat because of my vertigo, but it turned out to be a lot of fun! It was a very long day though because we were at Mont Tremblant and that's 1.5 hour drive... and had to be there for 10am. We had the boat from 11am to 3pm and the weather was gorgeous. Really looking forward to the next time :)

One of our friends has recently bought a selfie stick and she had the chance to test it out :)

 I'd say it was a success ;)

So really, on Monday, I was pooped and so happy I had the day off!! And now, hopefully, back to blogging :)

How was your week-end?


  1. Food looks so yummy!!! Great pictures! Looks like a lot of fun too! So freaking about the wasps though! hopefully they don't come back!

  2. Isabel - Food was good! I'm glad that the BBQ is over, but at the same time, I already miss it! LOL. We had a great time this week-end, some very good memories so it's all good :)

    I hope the wasps don't come back. It says that they usually don't, but who knows with our luck :(

  3. The annual BBQ! Looks like lots of fun was had - glad you had a good weekend.

    And I now know what a selfie stick is...

  4. A BBQ and I wasn't invited? LOL Looks like loads of fun was had by all!

  5. Ooh, the food looks good. And that strawberry tart looking thing? YUM!

  6. Oh! The BBQ looks delicious, and your day boating looks like tons of fun. If you're not going to blog those are great reasons right there. You're having fun. :)

    Say Hi to Emilie and the girls for me. They (and you) look great!


  7. Wow! That pie... *drools*
    *loses ability to type*