Sunday, January 25, 2015

2014 in numbers...

Back by popular demand, here is my numbers post :) I've had the numbers compiled for a while, but haven't had the chance to put this post together until now. I'm so happy to finally have a post up and one about books, yay!! Enjoy all these numbers LOL.

Number of books read


This number is always the most important, isn't it? The one we care so much about LOL. My goal in 2014 was 175, so being up 4, I'm quite happy. It's also the most books I've read since 2011 :) The one thing that bothers me a bit though is that part of that 179, 8 were The Kraken King since I read it as a serial ^_^; In addition, there were a few very short novellas... so it does feel like the number is somewhat boosted. Oh well, I'd rather reach my goal and has that feeling, then count The Kraken King as one book and be short and so close of my goal ^_^;

For 2015, I'm aiming for 180 books. Hopefully, all goes well ;)

Number of books bought


I've been working hard on lowering this number in the past few years and been quite successful :) However, this year, I have a jump of +30. I don't mind it that much because I know exactly what happened: Chapters closing. On that shopping spree, I bought 38 books!! So had it not been for it, I would have been -8. Not bad :)

This year, I wasn't such an avid customer of Book Depository. Well one explanation is the Canadian dollar losing some of its value, so the exchange rate wasn't as advantageous for me. Plus, Chapters/Indigo had quite a few sales... And of course, there were a few trips to the States :) So the break-down is as followed:

Bought print online = 29
Bought print in-store = 82
Bought e-books = 14

Basically, I've stayed consistent for e-books and my numbers for online and in-store just switched up. Many wonder why I haven't converted more to e-books and it's basically because buying e-books is not cheap. First, because you don't get discount on books from main publishers... and also, because I pay two taxes on e-books (federal and provincial) while only one on print books (federal). Weird, I know, but that's how it is. And the provincial tax is 9.5%, so not negligible!!

So, want to know how much money I saved this year?! 621.89$!!! Isn't that awesome? That's my highest number ever :) In 2010, I did save 517.57$, but for 193 books... so 621.89$ for 125 books? I'm in heaven LOL. Obviously, we're going back to that Chapters shopping spree where all books were 50% off and where my i-rewards discount of 10% was applicable :) Gotta grab those opportunities :)

By the way, I've read 81 books out of those 125... so that's 64.8% of the books I bought, I've read. A bit low compared to other years, but still pretty good I think. As long as it's above 50% LOL...

For 2015, I'm going to try my best to limit my book purchases because I'm planning to go to RWA. Wish me luck! :)

What did I read?

Contemporary = 40
YA = 25 (Contemporary = 18, Fantasy = 2, Sci-Fi = 5)
Urban Fantasy = 22
Romantic Suspense = 21
Historical = 18 (Regency = 16, Western = 1, 1920's = 1)
New Adult = 16 (Contemporary = 16)
Paranormal romance = 10
Steampunk = 8
Category romance = 8 (Contemporary = 8)
Mystery/Thriller/Cosy Mystery = 4
Fiction = 2
Erotica = 2
Chick-lit/Women's Fiction = 1
Fantasy = 1
m/m = 1

Genre-wise, I don't feel like there's been much change in my reading. Contemporary romance is still leading the pack. I am surprised that YA came in second, but I think it's because I binged on certain authors such as Julie Cross. New Adult being all the rage at the moment, it's no surprise that that number increased. The genre with the biggest decrease was category romance and for that one, I think it's a publisher thing. I usually read Harlequin KISS and I think there was a re-structuration or something because there weren't that many released. Plus, it seems many of my favorite category romance authors decided to try something different...

Quite frankly, I have no idea what to expect from 2015. I don't really know where the romance market is heading, what's going to be the new hit...  Guess I'll have to wait and find out.

Who published them?

1. Penguin (Berkley, NAL, ROC, Putnam, etc.) = 53
2. Harlequin (HQN Books, Mira, SuperRomance, KISS, Mills & Boon, Carina Press, etc.) = 22
3. Self-published = 19
4. Harpercollins Publisher (Avon, Avon Impulse, etc.) = 17
5. E-Publishers (Samhain, Entangled, Montlake, Tule) = 14
6. Kensington, Random House Publishing = 12
7. Simon & Schuster = 11
8. Macmillan (St. Martin's Press, etc.) = 9
9. Hachette (Grand Central Publishing, Little Brown Books, Headline, Orbit, etc.) = 8
10. Hyperion/Scholastic/Bloomsbury = 6
11. Hardie Grant Egmont, Llewellyn Books, Walker Books = 3
12. Subterranean Press, Traverse = 2
13 .DAW = 1
14. Sourcebooks = 1

Well wow. I still read a lot of mainstream publishers, but look at that! The self-published and e-publishers books are increasing! Slowly, but surely!! Of course, that has a lot to do with my favorite authors trying different route and me being a follower LOL. Still, it's nice to see. I'd also say if you're a new author, I'm more likely to pick you up if you're with Penguin, Harlequin or Harpercollins. I know that Hachette still releases a lot of romance, but I don't know... I feel they don't do such a great job at marketing. I mean, I see them around at the bookstore and on blogland... but aside from Jill Shalvis' Lucky Harbor series, nothing stands out in my mind for that publisher. Also, I need to give Sourcebooks another go. In the past few years, I've been shying away from that publisher because I don't seem to click with their books... but I think it's time to give it another go.

When were they published?

2014 = 140 (78.2%)
2013 = 25
2012 = 4
2011 = 6
2010 = 2
2009 = 1
2007 = 1

Yep, I'm a current reader. That hasn't changed... which is kind of sad considering the state of my TBR pile. In other words, if I don't read a book in the two years following its release, chances are slim that I'll ever pick it up... Maybe it'll change one day, but I seriously doubt it ^_^;

How did I enjoy the books?

A = 6 (A+ = 0, A = 0, A- = 6)
B = 100 (B+ = 17, B = 57, B- = 26)
C = 70 (C+ = 30, C = 30, C- = 10)
D = 3

Seems like my grade distribution has been very consistent compared to last year. I still have difficulty to dole out A grade. Perhaps I'm being very picky. At the same time, it means if I give it a A, it automatically makes it to my Best and Faves list :)

In any case, I think I'm fair with my grading. Or at least, it really reflects what I think of it, how I feel about it :)

Did I share my thoughts with you?

I'm skipping this section, because I know I didn't ^_^;

Random numbers

New-to-me Authors = 36

This number is pretty similar to last year and I'm quite happy with it. It's actually more than I expected LOL. I mean, I know myself. I'm very picky when it comes to trying new authors... It needs a nice cover, a good blurb or lots of recommendations... but this number shows that I'm trying ;)

Books part of a series = 148

What can I say? This is how it's been the past few years and it's not changing.


There you go. My number post... All in all, I feel that I'm a very consistent reader... which makes for very boring comments because really, they're the same year to year LOL. Still, I think it's fun to have these numbers and be able to compare from year to year :)


  1. This post is a good reminder to me to get my post done. LOL

    Anyway, good job!! It's good to see such a wide range of genres read. And I'm glad you're trying more e-publishers and new authors. :P

    Also, I didn't realize about the tax for ebooks. I realized I just pay one tax at kobo and none at amazon. Not that I bought a lot at amazon. Also at kobo I use a coupon on almost every purchase.

    Good grade distribution too.

  2. Hello Nath!
    Well, thanks for the post, I always like to see people's posts on these things.
    I see you don't read a lot of older books...interesting that. Why do you think you do that? Because if something grabs your eye you don't tend to let it go, or does it work the opposite, if too much catches your eye you can't go to everything right away?
    Interesting...I think that I'm not as by the book as you in this, I don't mind mixing older and newer things...
    Happy reading!

  3. I'm not quite sure what's going on with Harlequin KISS. I had heard they were discontinuing the line. But I just went over to the Harlequin site, and after some digging I found the KISS page

    No December releases, but two releases each for January and February. I found Kindle editions available for preorder on Amazon, but looks like if you want print you have to go through Harlequin as Amazon brought up the Mills & Boon covers. So my guess is that they're pushing out the last of the titles they've accepted?

    As you know, I read a TON of category romance and I never got a good handle on the KISS line - which I think is what led to it's demise. The "brand" wasn't terribly strong. You got books with sex and books without sex. You got books with angst and you got book that were fun, light fluff. I never could pinpoint it, but then I didn't read wide swaths across the line either so it's entirely possible I have no idea what I'm talking about. Of the KISS books I did read? They were pretty similar in "feel" to Harlequin Romance. But again, I didn't read wide swaths across the line.

  4. Love this post! It's a shame Chapters shut down, but you obviously made the most of that closing sale...

    I don't think I tracked my self/indie-pubbed numbers, but they have definitely been creeping up.

    Wendy - I had heard they were discontinuing KISS too, but can't remember where (possibly one of the authors posted about it?). Totally agree the brand never quite stood out.

  5. Ames - Thanks Ames! LOL. I had the numbers compiled for a while, but just lazy ^_^;;

    Yeah, I try to use coupons every time I buy with Kobo, but it's hard with the big 6 not allowing it. Really, you only pay one tax for ebooks? If yes, I really hate my province sometimes.

    Sonia - I don't know why I read so little old books. I know that I'm very up-to-date on all my favorite authors and series... I read a lot of new authors, so less backlists. I'm also not a girl from the 90s. So yeah, I guess it's all those put together...

    Wendy - LOL, okay, i admit, I'm easy. The thing that appealed me most with Harlequin KISS was the covers.There were a few authors that I really enjoyed who also wrote for it. But it's true, the line lacked direction. I used to read SuperRomance before that, but I feel something went missing. Oh well.

    Li - Yes, it's a shame it closed. But it's understandable given the book market and also, the two bookstores from the same company were 3 blocks apart. So yeah, makes sense.

    I'm very picky for self-published. Usually, it's authors that I like who choose that direction and I follow.

  6. Oh, Naa-aath - time to come out and play agggaaaaiiiin