Friday, January 02, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!!

Happy New Year!!
Good health, good times and good books to everyone :)

Hope that everyone had great holidays! I meant to blog since the last post... but between curling, the annual gift exchange and the holidays, things have just been so hectic! Seriously, I think I need a vacation to recover LOL. I've been off since December 19th and thought that after the turducken dinner with some friends on the 23th (picture above), I'd be free to rest and relax. However, it feels like I've been spending my time running around ^_^; Ah well, still a few days left. Going to make as much of it as I can :)

I don't really want to make any resolutions this year, because I never keep them ^_^; However, I definitively want to make an effort to blog, blog-hop and comment. Hopefully, that'll happen. Actually, I've started the new year well as Ames and I have our new releases post up at Breezing Through :) We're trying out a new format, so check it out and let us know what you think :) Also, I've finally finished updating my spreadsheet today and so, should be able to write up my number post and recap in the coming days! One thing I've also decided regarding blogging is that I'm going forward. That means no trying to catch up on all the monthly recaps that I haven't done in 2014 or reviews. If some of them call to me and I end up writing reviews for them, good ;) Otherwise, I'm not forcing myself to go back.

Oh, and I definitively need to detox from all those Facebook games. They're wayyyyyy too much time consuming! LOL.

That's it for me, for now. I promise though, soon, I'll be talking books!! Stay tuned!


  1. How was the turducken?

    Yeah, I skipped resolutions this year. I'm horrible. lol

  2. Happy 2015 Nath!

    That turducken looks delicious!

    Great idea to look forward and starting fresh with the New Year instead of looking backward. I will look forward to your posts on new reads!

  3. Isabel - It was good :) But I have to say, I'm not a fan of stuffing. So guess I'm glad she doesn't make it every year ;)

    I don't know if new year resolutions should be such a big deal...

    Hilcia - Happy 2015 Hils!!

    LOL. it was. And it was also a lot of work :)

    Yeah. I just can't catch up with everything I missed. I could try, but then, I'd be late on the current stuff. Oh well.

  4. Happy New Year, Nath!

    Looks like it was a fun party - LOL at the photo of the photographers, it's becoming a familiar sight :-)

    Off to check out your Breezing Through post now...

  5. Happy New Year, nath! Did Van make the turducken? Looks like you all had a great time. I had to laugh at everyone photographing the dinner before sitting down to eat. It's like that at our house, sometimes too!

    I am going to try to do better at blogging this year too. Well.. shouldn't be too hard to beat four posts in 2014, right? Yikes. I think your plan to start fresh from here is a good idea.

  6. Happy New Year! I gave up making resolutions years ago, or at the least, attempting to keep them! lol

    Your gatherings always look so fun and such wonderful food. I might just show up one of these day. :)

  7. I stopped my monthly recaps mid year and just....gave up on catching up. I'm at the point where I might not bother to do them anymore - they're so time consuming! I'd rather concentrate on reading down my giant ARC pile and writing reviews - so that's the plan at any rate.

    I also am hoping to blog hop and comment more in 2015. I've always been pretty good with the "hopping" - not always so good about the "commenting."

  8. Li - Happy New Year Li!

    LOL, the friend that caught that picture was like: the turducken has its own fanclub! LOL. What can I say, we're Asians LOL. And we like to remember what we eat :)

    Christine - Yup, Van cooked the turducken :) LOL, we always take pics of our food :) Has become an habit and part of our gatherings :)

    LOL indeed, it shouldn't be too hard :) I think we can both do better :)

    Leslie - Happy New Year Les!!

    LOL, we like to eat :) But I'm lucky, we're a good group :) And you'd be more than welcome to join one day!! Maybe I can have a few bloggers together :) That'd be awesome!

    Wendy - I know right? Monthly recaps are definitively time-consuming, especially the way we do it. Even featuring new releases!! That's why Ames and I are looking for a new format.

    Yeah. the commenting is not as easy as it used to be.

  9. Happy New Year, Nath! I love the new Breezing Through format. My 2015 resolution/goal is to be a more productive blogger, not just in terms of writing more reviews, but also commenting and participating in discussions outside Twitter, so maybe we need to push each other to actually accomplish our goals. I'll start by taking a social media break to focus more on the actual blogs.

  10. Brie - Happy New Year Brie!

    I'm glad you like the new BT format. It was time for us to come up with something ;)

    Yay!! I'd love to have more discussions via comments instead of social media.