Monday, January 04, 2016

How do you keep track?

Yay, already another post! Even better, it's book-related! LOL. Maybe I've already found a groove or mojo?

Okay, so I lied in my last post when I said there'd be no number post for 2015 from me. I saw Li's post this morning and it made me itch to write one :P So that's what I'm doing! However, I wasn't kidding when I said I haven't kept my spreadsheet up-to-date... I opened it yesterday to input some books purchases (was cleaning my desk and there was a bunch of receipts from Indigo...) and the "Books Read" tab was EMPTY!!! Talk about dropping the ball! ^_^; It's really sad. And without the spreadsheet, it's pretty much impossible to write the number post... So guess what I'm doing today at work? Yep, spreadsheet... Lucky for me, I've been keeping track of it on Goodreads. However, in Li's post, she was mentioning she was logging her books read onto Goodreads now... and it got me curious. So discussion post!!

The topic of this post says it all: How do you keep track? And for consummated readers like us, there's so much to keep track of: new releases, books read, books purchased, etc. So how do you do it? I'm pretty sure that it's been discussed before, somewhere... but with new apps and stuff, perhaps your habits have changed?

Here's what I do...

Books read: The past couple of years, I've used Goodreads predominantly. After reading a book, it's the first stop I make to add the grade, the date and my comments in the personal notes section, so I have something to go on when/if I write a review. Later on, I transfer most of the information into my spreadsheet (title, authors, genre, publisher, etc.) - which I haven't done at all in 2015 ^_^;

New releases: When it comes to new releases, then I'm pretty old-school; it all goes into a notebook. Each page is a month, the first half of the page is for the autobuys and the second half, for the maybes. Sometimes, it'll spill over and I'll use the back of the page :P I rarely update my Goodreads shelf for new releases... Only when I explore their "popular lists" to look for upcoming books, I'll tag a few as "to buy" and "on the radar"... but really, the notebook is what I go back to. Also recently, Ames and I have started a calendar to see what new releases we're both looking for and what we have in common... but it's not complete either or should I say, there's a lack of updates ^_^; Jotting down the new releases in my notebook is just faster :P

Books purchased: That goes in the spreadsheet, usually when I'm emptying my wallet or cleaning my desk or room :P Then, I'll do an effort and look at my emails for the books I've ordered online.

Books I own: I actually don't have a complete list for that. I do have a spreadsheet for the ebooks... But for the print? Well the notion of building one from almost scratch is just mind-boggling LOL. And well for books I've purchased since 2009, there are the spreadsheets. Of course, those spreadsheets don't have the RWA books or the ones I've received for free... and they don't take in account the ones I've given away either. When I finally got a smartphone, I did download the barcode scanner app to scan the books... but I got lazy ^_^;

Any other list I should have? What about you, how do you keep track of books?


  1. I use GoodReads now for books read. It's not as detailed as my old spreadsheet method - but it makes up for that with convenience. I mean, I have the GR app right on my phone. So easy to keep track.

    New releases - again I used to do a spreadsheet for these but I got away from it. I need to start keeping track again because inevitably when killer sales come up (or I have gift card money burning a hole in my pocket) - I'm then floundering around dithering on "what to buy." I'm thinking I might start using Amazon's Wish List feature more for this. Even if I don't buy the books via Amazon, at least I could keep track.

    As for books owned. Sigh. Most of the print TBR is on Library Thing - but I don't think I logged in the books I got at either RWA 2014 or 2015. So it's not complete. And as for ebooks? Ha ha ha ha! I use Calibre, so there's that. But the stuff I download from Amazon (a lot of freebies mostly) just sit in the cloud there and I rely on Amazon to remind me "Hey dummie, you already have this" if I go to download it again.

  2. Arrghhh - typed a long comment and it disappeared. Sigh.

    Anyway - take two.

    Did you know you could export your GR shelves as a spreadsheet? Choose Import/Export down the left, I think, and it'll download as a CSV which you can open in any spreadsheet app. This saves me a lot of time (or would if I was better at logging stuff).

    I don't track books purchased at all (I'd have to impose a buying ban if I did, I suspect!!).

    New releases - I use GR as well (yes, I'd cry if it went down).

    (Glad to have inspired you!)

  3. Nath!
    I hope to "see" you more here this year! :)
    Happy new year!

    I have notebooks for everything, books purchased, to buy, for challenges, to buddy reads, everything separated in my own way. I also use GR because it's handy. My blog helps but it's just a tool. My handwritten notebooks are everything!
    Have fun!

  4. I use Goodreads for keeping track of just about everything book related. I use my "Want to Read" shelf for books I own, but haven't read. Then I have different shelves for books on my wishlist, new releases, library books, ARCs, etc. I should probably start keeping a back-up list somewhere since I have so many years worth of books, reviews, and stuff stored only on the site.

  5. Wendy - LOL, I'm still old school and use Goodreads on my desktop. I don't mind texting with the phone, but inputting thoughts and stuff, give me a keyboard please! Also, I don't like the app as much as the website itself. But I hear you on convenience. That's what it is for me as well :)

    Calibre is a good way to keep track of your ebooks (from what I heard LOL) :P I guess I'm set in my ways and I don't like having another duplicate of the books somewhere in the computer. But I should look into it. Although I do have a system that seems to work for me :)

    I find that keeping track of new releases is the hardest nowadays. Because it actually involves some research and time ^_^;

    Li - Ugh, I hate when that happens Li. Nowadays, I always copy my message before clicking on post... just in case.

    I did not know that about Goodreads. I'll have to try it out, although I'm quite particular on my spreadsheet...

    LOL, I used to keep track on what I bought... but would only look at how much I save :P

    I think you're safe from GR going down :)

    Sonia - Hey Sonia!! Happy New Year! And yes, hoping to be more present on the blog. So far, so good :)

    That's awesome about notebooks. I can only do one, because I like to have it on me all the time. So if I actually started keeping notebooks for everything, I'd need a backpack again instead of a purse :)

    Samantha - Hey Sam! Okay, so how did I miss that you were blogging again?!? And for quite some time too!! Jeez, talk about disconnection :( Soooo glad though to see you back!!

    Goodreads seems to be the way to go nowadays. I guess it's convenience. A few clicks and there you go :) and now that they have improved their search engine a little, it's less frustrating :)

    I guess you could try Li's trick about exporting a CSV to get a back-up! :) My issues with back-up though is that you have to do them at regular intervals...

  6. I track everything on Goodreads and my nifty spreadsheet. I've been keeping a bookish spreadsheet each year (tracking everything bookish from what I'm reading to books I have for review to reviews I need to write for Book Binge, etc...everything is on there) but I also use GR to track everything as a back up.

  7. OMG I'm so dumb. I wrote a comment and then hit "sign out" instead of publish. So dumb. LOL

    Ok, I keep a spreadsheet for everything - one file with multiple tabs. Books Read, TBR Pile, e-TBR pile, books bought and new releases. I also have a notebook for new releases. The new releases notebook was something I had from pre-smart phone days and I've just always kept it up. I mean I could access my spreadsheet on my phone whenever I'm at the bookstore. But I like writing books down in my notebook. LOL

  8. Rowena - I guess Goodreads has become the go-to tool because of it's convenience :)

    My spreadsheet is meant to be the same as you - books read, books bought, books reviewed, etc. Except it's pretty useless when you don't keep it up-to-date ^_^; So you're very good! Also, it doesn't look like it, but those spreadsheets take time!

    Ames - LOL, that is how out of the routine you are about commenting Ames! :P Just kidding.

    I like writing down stuff in my notebooks as well. And while smart phones are great for googling stuff, spreadsheets and stuff aren't as fun on the small screen.