Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Back in action!

Hey there :) Miss me?

Sorry for the disappearing act ^_^; However, I had a very good excuse this time... I was in Europe for my cousin's wedding! :) As usual, I was hoping to blog while away, but you know how it is: lack of time and internet access. The good news though is that I have plenty of blogging material for the next few posts!

For now, here are some pictures of the wedding :)


By the way, it's good to be home :)


  1. Lovely photos - looks like such a nice sunny day! Also love your dress :-)

  2. Welcome home sweets! I love the pictures. My favorite one has to be the photo booth one. And again, your dress is worth a blog mention. Gorgeous!

  3. welcome home and pics look lovely!

  4. Beautiful family! You guys looked wonderful. Many wishes of happiness, longevity and love to the newlyweds.

  5. Thank you all ladies!! :)