Saturday, June 04, 2016

Friday Girls' Night - Hotpot!

I've been meaning to blog for the past two days - don't want to lose the 30 Days Blogging Challenge blogging mojo, but it's just been so hectic! I knew going into the 30 Days Blogging Challenge that if I completed it, there'd be another big challenge awaiting me: maintaining my blogging through the month of June. June this year is ultra busy for me!! Mainly because my cousin is getting married on June 18, so there's a lot of things to get ready for. Family get-togethers, dinners, the wedding! I'm going to try my best to continue blogging regularly this month, but if you don't hear from me, you know why!

Tonight, I had an impromptu girls' night at home. My friend E had gum graft at the beginning of May and therefore has missed all the gatherings. Earlier this week, she had the stitches removed, so I jumped on the occasion to have dinner with her. However, she still needs to be careful and is preferable for the food to be soft. So I was wondering what to go eat... and thought hotpot would be a great option. So that's what we had!! And I finally got the portions right!

The upper right picture is friend E enjoying hotpot :) The bottom two is us before and after eating... Food coma!! LOL.

My sister's been doing a DIY project: coasters. This will be her little, personal gift for all the weddings she's attending this year :) First up is my cousin. Basically, she printed pictures and stuck them to tiles she bought. Here she is, applying resin to them so it'll protect the pictures like a varnish.


So far, the coasters look great! We're waiting for them to dry to see the final result. After, only one more step: stick felt under them... and voila!

That's it for me tonight! Hoping to do the New Releases post for June this week-end :)


  1. The hot pot sounds really good. Looks like it was fun too.

    Love the look of the coaster project. That's a good idea. I need some coasters for my apartment, I might have to try making my own.

  2. The coasters look awesome! Great idea too!

  3. Samantha - Hot pot is always good :) Especially when you're the one doing the grocery and get to choose your favorites LOL.

    Ha, we were discussing coasters with my friends... because most of us don't use one. So was it really useful? Glad you do! They turned out really good! The only thing is some of the resin got under and needed to be sanded... but otherwise, the surface is great.

    Kailana - It was, thanks! :)

    Isabel - I think it's a nice gift :)

  4. Ooh, I want to try out Hot Pot. That looks like it would be great in colder weather.

    The coasters look fabulous!

  5. This looks like so much fun! Great way to spend time with friends. Love the coasters! I might try making them. We use coasters all the time. I'm sure the kids would love using coaster with pictures of themselves. lol