Thursday, September 21, 2006

Estatic news!!!

'lo :)

another quick drop-off, because my sister is waiting for my computer... I don't know why, since she has one in her room... ah well...

anyway, I had the best, best, best news of the day for a while... so, my sister just told me that in November... an Indigo bookstore will open near my house... like 15 min. by car... yep, an Indigo shop on the South Shore of Montreal... YES! I was just telling my sister I needed to start a petition for one... that's like the best news cos I've waited for it for soooo long! *natuschan flying around*

All right, what else... I've finished the Black Jewels trilogy and also the "conclusion" story in Dream Made Flesh... I'll be reading the two other stories in it before writing a review... so expect one tomorrow or this week-end.

okay, have to go...

cheers :D


  1. Oooh - great news!!! They opened a Chapters a few years ago near me. It didn't turn out so well though because the mall which is even closer had both a Coles and a Smith Books. I don't know who it was who ordered the romance books for Coles - but they were wonderful and I never had problems finding books there. Then they closed the Coles when Chapters opened and now it seems often the Smith Books has a better selection than even Chapters!! Although the good thing about Chapters is you can go online and see if the books you're looking for are in stock - and if they aren't, as long as you have the books sent to the store, you only pay $2 shipping as opposed to much more if you have then sent to your home (unless it's a huge order and they wave the shipping - but I never order that many at a time). So that really is great news for you!!

  2. Man, the Chapters closed down that was near me. You'd think they would have stayed open based on my purchases alone, right? LOL Now I have to drive all the way across town. blech You're lucky Nath. :P

    So, I can't wait for the review. And I still haven't cracked Dreams Made Flesh. But I probably will once I read your review.

  3. OK, what's a Chapters? Like a big store?

  4. Just to answer Mailyn's question first, yeah, Chapters/Indigo (they're the same company, but with two different branch names) are big book stores. Kind of like Borders in the US I think. The good thing about them is that if you have the Irewards card, you save 10% on every book bought in store or 5% online... it's a very good deal.

    As for my current situation right now... Well, they only have Chapters/Indigo on the island of Montreal... since I live on the South shore, that means I have to cross the bridge... it's not long when there's no traffic, but if i don't have to go downtown, it will be even better for me. I'm a bit worried about its success though... Cos it's more francophone on the South Shore... however, since it will be the only bookstore with a decent selection of English books, it should survive :D

  5. Great news! Easier book buying is a good thing. :)

  6. yeah, totally agree with you Jennie :D

  7. Ohhh, there's something special about Indigo although they are not nearly as romance friendly as our Chapters.

    I still remember when my hubby told me about this 'weird wonderful huge bookstore called Chapters going in Burlington'. It's a 20 minute drive but we always made time for it. Now, I have one 5 minutes away but I still prefer the other one!

    Happy news for you though!