Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Review: Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward

hello everyone :)

so, how was the labor day week-end? I was quite busy and so I'm a bit behind blogging the books i've read, updating my side-bar, visiting other blogs and leaving comments :) I'll try to catch up tho, promise. The good news is that i've been reading a few books and i have some reviews :) so here we go:

Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward: 4/5

Lots of ppl were anticipating the book, lots of ppl have been cruising the book stores to get their hands on it and lots of ppl have read it over the week-end. I wasn't anticipating the book that much... altho I did love Dark Lover, first of book of the series, Lover Eternal wasn't that good and so I wasn't counting down the days for Lover Awakened release. Of course, it was on my "To buy" list, but I could have waited... only, I needed to buy 6 books in order to reach 50$ and use the gift card I got during August and so I bought it :P

So, Lover Awakened basically picks up where Lover Eternal left off: Bella has been kidnapped and Zsadist is going berseck. In the end, all you need to know is that Bella is rescued and that eventually, she'll mate with Zsadist... Yes, I know, this synopsis is not really good, but it's better than the blurb of the book... and can't say much without spoiling the book too much. Anyway, if you want to discuss the book, I think that Sybil has a thread (or many threads) going on at her blog, so you can go there.

My opinion? I enjoyed this book and liked it better than Lover Eternal, altho I don't think it can beat Dark Lover. Those who loves tortured hero, Zsadist is one... even his name is a give away :P Why did I enjoy this book so much? I didn't care much for the romance in the book, but what I liked was Zsadist evolution and also, the story is moving and there's much more interactions between the characters than in Lover Eternal. You get to know Phury who so far has received very little attention, altho what he turns out to be surprised me a bit. I really like John Matthew, altho his world has been rocked again by a major event. So yeah, the plot is moving, the story is going somewhere and I'm glad. I'm not sure about Butch story yet, but it's getting quite interesting...


  1. I am planning to borrow this from someone since I lost interest in the series with book 2 and the way Z man got whimpy at the end, crying and throwing up. lol.

    But I do want to know about Phury.

    I also don't like what they did to Thor

  2. AHHH! I can post now! WOOO HOO!

    I'm jealous on two things: a) your book shopping and b) you've already read LOVER AWAKENED!

    I'm so gonna get this book asap!

  3. :) glad that you can post Zeek :) It's a good read :)

    Mailyn - it's too bad you lost interest, altho I can understand. if it wasn't because i need to buy book, I wouldn't have bought it. How do you know about Thor?

  4. I'm looking forward to Butch's story, can't imagine where it's going between V and Marissa??

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  6. nath I used to visit Ward's forum since before the 2nd book came out and there have been major hints in there about what's going on in the series. so yeah, everyone that posts there pretty much knew.

  7. Mailyn - oh, that kills the fun if you already know what's going to happen... so who's left to have a story? Thor, V, Phury and Butch? oh, and John Matthew... among them, I guess I want to read V and John Matthew... anyone that you're looking forward to?

    Zeek - I hope you're going to get your hands on it soon!

    tara Marie - hmmm... I don't really like Marissa, too girly/weak in my opinion. as for Butch, bof. :P I'm only wondering one thing tho... V doesn't have any visions anymore, so why did he know to give blood to Butch? Does that mean he got his visions back?

    as for reading Lover Awakened... I thought the beginning was really boring and the only reason why I finished it was that I read the end and it was pretty good, so I got curious. However, I usually skip all the parts with Mr.X and Omega and the lessers.

  8. That is one Kleypas novel that I haven't read...so I'll definitely put it on my list. I came to Kleypas late, really only got interested with the Wallflowers. I wouldn't say that Devil in Winter was one of my favorites (although I must say, it could have been because I read it while in Paris last March, and not much can compare to Paris, right??)

    I'm hoping to get Lover Awakened this week. I read Dark Lover and have Lover Eternal, but haven't read it yet, and may not. I'm very interested in Z's story, so I'll probably read that one. I don't read too many vampire books. Believe it or not. ;-)

  9. Hello Colleen - I just realized who you were :P I have to say "The Rest Falls Away" looks really good and you're lucky, you get a really nice cover :)also, I came to Kleypas late too... just started reading her books this summer and to be frank, I'm going to wait a bit before reading anymore of hers... i need a break from historicals, but DoY were indeed very entertaining.

    as for Lover Awakened, I don't think you can enjoy it without reading Lover Eternal, cos you would be missing big chunk of the story. Altho Lover Eternal wasn't as good as Dark Lover, it is a must to understand what's happening.

    and I believe you on the "not reading much vampires" so I'm interested to see how you write.

  10. Nath - Ward explains on the boards that the series is going to be at least 10 books long. if you look in the forum each character has a subforum. well, there are like 5 or 6 characters we've never heard of, new Brothers we will see as the series progresses...and even one female Brother. lol.

    I want to read Phury's a lot. Vishious a little. lol.

  11. Thanks Nath! I hate to admit too often that I don't read vamp books. I feel odd about it.

    I told my editor that, and she said, "But how do you know so much about vampires?" LOL. It's called research.

  12. Mailyn - 10 books!?!? Okay, I'm not sure I want to continue reading ^^; As for me, I'm all about John Matthew.

    Colleen - it's fine if you don't read vampires stuff :) at least, it means that your ideas are your own :) and research is indeed the basis of most books! Some authors seem to forget about it... altho with vampires, you can pretty much make up your whole world :)

  13. Nath - awww I wish you liked it better, this one blew the other two away but then I love me the tortured hero. Still, what did Phury end up to be? I tell you, I've been missing a whole bunch of crap - naked men in a bed - where was I?

    Mailyn - OMG! I can't go to Ward's site because I can't deal with spoilers although I had heard Thor was going to have a story so I figured something was going to happen. I figure I'll wait until all the books are out and then go and be a rabid fangirl on the boards ;) A female brother? Interesting and yet, wish I didn't know!!


  14. Cindy - I think I still like Dark Lover better... the problem with Ward is that there are so many/way too many characters. and i thought that there is a lot that Ward left unexplained concerning Zsadist. anyway... Yeah, I thought too that something had to happen to Thor if he was going to get a book... maybe Welsie is going to be reincarnated?