Thursday, September 21, 2006

Very quick update

Hello everyone,

just a very quick little update about me. I've been quite busy with my new job and that makes me tired once I get home and as a result, I have less time to read :( However, I'm still reading :D At the moment, I'm reading the Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop (recommended by Kailana, DC and Mailyn :D) You can already read their reviews at our new blog, Twisted Kingdom (I know understand the title!) By the way, the link is in the side-bar, just scroll... cos I'm too lazy to make direct link from the post. I've also bought a couple of books this week, so I'll post my purchases up :D (unfortunately, I couldn't find Slave to Sensation... damn).

Oh and just to clear out matter: I am not the same Nath that is posting at Dishing Diva in the comments section. Girls from Sanctuary's Finest, I hope you know that... I declare myself neutral over the subject matter, with only this comment: rabid fan girls are scary.

Hmmm, did I want to say anything else... oh yeah, Cindy, I love the new look of your blog :D been wanting to comment, but didn't have a chance.

latah everyone


  1. I read the Black Jewels but didn't review it yet because I want to read Dreams Made Flesh first. Which I have, but I'm reading non-fiction right now.

    What's your new job?

  2. When I saw nath I was like Wha? Espcially because that one talked like they were 15 yrs old. Just didn't sound like you!

    Hope everything's going good for ya!

  3. I have been wanting to read the Black Jewels, but they don't have it at my ubs or the library and i am out of money, for a while. Please let us know what you thought, I don't know whether to put it on my to buy list or wait for it at the ubs.

  4. that Nath is a guy. There were a couple of those at the Ward boards when I was there a long while back.

    Don't you just love the Black Jewels? But I warn you Daemon is mine! LMFAO. Oh and Lucivar is so damn yummy as well. Gotta love the wings!

    Hope work isn't stressing you much.

    Oh and I promise I am working on the anime blog. I am screencapping my life away!

  5. Dammit, everyone but me has read the Black Jewels tril, I think. I'mmma hafta break down and buy it, aren't I? *sigh*

    Glad you did a drive by and I love the new blog, BTW (With Mailyn and K). ;)


  6. Hello girls :D it's nice to read comments... all the blogs have been awfully quiet in my opinion ;)

    Ames - I'm so glad I had Dreams Made Flesh as well as the trilogy (bought it while I was reading the first book), because really, the last book didn't really have a proper conclusion :D I've read Dream Made Flesh when I was 1/3 through the book. My new job is in the HTS (high throughput screening) department of a cie. I'm doing IC50 assay, trying out cpds to see if they're good inhibitors.

    Zeek - it's going good. Some ppl are just so juvenile ^^; Oh and a piece of advice, don't get tangle with immature teenagers, you'll never make them see reason. I've been there... sigh...

    Kris - I'll be posting a review tomorrow night or this week-end. it's a good read :D by the way, what's UBS? I've seen this a lot in the reading community, but I really have no idea what it means... and I always confuses it with UPS ^^;

    Mailyn - it was good :D:D:D You can have Daemon... too tortured for me... although, be careful, he seems seems very faithful to Jaenelle :P Did you ever watch Houshin Engi? (the anime or manga), cos there's a winged character too and I always have that image as Lucivar... not as yummy ^^; Don't worry, I haven't been working on the blog hard enough... soon tho, soon, I'll be popping manga reviews... hopefully.

    Holly - I think so yeah, you'll have to break down, but it's worth it :D Glad you enjoy the blog :D

  7. Houshin Engi! Yes! I didn't think about it before but you are so right! Ain't it funny how we can "see" anime characters in all the novels? I do that a lot. LOL.

  8. Mailyn - but don't you think that that character doesn't look like Lucivar? Yeah, he got the temper... but not manly enough... that's why I don't know if it's good that I have that image in mind or not.

  9. OHHH, thanks Kris... makes sense now :D

    Mailyn - by the way, are we going to do the swapping books?