Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hi everyone!!

I really want to blog and review, but I'm a bit busy today. Today is the deadline for grant applications, so I have to rush a few things. I had the role of mail woman yesterday, going to pick up various collaboration letters. Hopefully, I'll be able to stay in the lab today LOL :)

I've been reading some very good books :) Just got my online order and had a few nice finds at the UBS over the week-end. I found Winterbourne by Susan Carroll and Family Man by Jayne Ann Krentz :) What good books have you been reading lately?

Anyway, I spent the whole week-end thinking and came up with some ideas to save money and limit my books buying ^_^;

1. Stop buying snacks and soft drinks - you're laughing, but I bet I can save about 10$/week ^_^; (and it's better to cut in food than books LOL)

2. Do no buy books in a series till I'm all caught up or have read the series.
You know how this is... Eveyone glom about the first book so you buy it... Then the second book comes out and everyone gloms about it, but you still haven't read the first one... but who cares, you still buy the second one and so on.

3. Stick to my TBB list and auto-buy authors list, i.e. try to be less impulsive, stay away from authors I already know don't work for me :P

What do you think? Sure, they are simple rules, but like I said in the comment section... the goal is to limit the number of books I buy, not completely stop. The unknown factor is going to be new authors and which books get a buzz in blogland ^_^; I'm trying to set a number, like perhaps 2 new authors a month? Or is 4 a better number - 1 book/week? Thing is, this is hard to predict...

Anyway, I have to get back to work :(


  1. Good luck to sticking to your rules. And it's amazing how much you can save by not visiting the vending the machine/snack bar. lol

  2. I have tried to set that goal about cutting back on impulsive buys for this year. So far I think I've done okay. It's hard when there are so many new books always coming out and so many older books still out there to be read :).

    Good luck!

  3. Have you thought about trading/swapping more? Maybe you, Kristie, Ames and other Canadian bloggers can set up your own book trading network?

  4. You are SO right about the money you can save by not buying soda/snacks/etc. LOL I just inserted a complaint at Let's Gab today about my two economic concessions--no more salon hair-coloring appointments and the second--no more stopping to buy coffee. Not from BK or McDonald's or any of the gas stations. And yup--that'll be about $10 a week. Instead, I'm making myself take a bottled water and stick it in my cup holder everyday. So it's a twofer--save $10 and make a healthier drink choice, LOL.

    And (gabby today, sorry!), Wendy is on to something. Lori, Anne, Linda and I swap books and it always leaves me with more than I can keep up with.

  5. Sounds like you have some good concrete goals!

    One thing I've been trying to do lately, has been to catch up on my series' before starting another. I've got a "queue" right now. No more borrowing or buying certain series books until others are finished. Right now, it looks something like:
    1. Psy-Changeling (I'm up to book 4)
    2. BDB (I'll read Book 2 when I'm finished with the most current P-C book))
    3. Guardians series (not starting until I finish most current BDB book.)

    I figure this will cut down on my TBR pile and purchasing.

  6. I've started not buying the next book in a series unless I've read the previous one. I had to start somewhere and that is one thing that's working for me.

  7. Great job - once you set a limit even if only in your mind you remember it when you are standing in that aisle!

    I have the 'won't buy more than two books from an author I've never read!' I can still be awful for it but it's that buzz thing you have to watch for.

    How many new authors do you normally buy in a month? I would say 2 a month but if you were buying like 16 before then 4 is a great compromise.

    Good Luck! on the grant and the book budget.


  8. Isabel - Thanks, I'm going to need all the luck I can get... and LOL, I know about the vending machines. Those are evil, because they are just sooooooo tempting!

    Amy - It's true that it's hard... and you can never know which new book is going to be good :)

    Wendy - Hmmm, swapping in Canada is not as convenient as in the States... shipping is expensive and different from one province to another :( Sigh.

    If I could find a swapping buddy here in Montreal, that'd be great.

    Jennifer B - LOL, yeah I know :) Isn't that cool - saving money and getting healthier. Let's hope we can stick to it :)

    Renee - I think it helps to have rules and this time, I was careful to make rules I could follow ;)

    I'm actually pretty good on series... if I've started one and enjoyed it, then it's not too hard to be up-to-date... My biggest problem is when I start buying books of a series, but haven't actually start reading it ^_^;

    Hopefully though, it will help cutting down on the TBR pile :P

    Rosie - I agree :)

    Cindy - I've never really kept track of the books I buy... so I don't really know how many new authors or buzz books I usually buy a month.... I guess we'll have to see :P

  9. Wow, I had no idea about shipping charges within Canada! That sucks that it varies from province to province.

  10. Wendy - Yeah, it's not flat like in the States. I remember once, Kristie said it was cheaper to ship books to you than to me... ^_^; Sad no?