Sunday, July 19, 2009

A little bit of this and that...

The week-end is coming to an end, but I hope everyone is having a great time :) RWA attendees should be on their way home as well :) Can't wait for their closure posts and pictures!! :)

My week-end was okay. Didn't do much :( I have been feeling a bit under the weather the entire past week :( I'm fine during the day, but once I get home... either have a stomachache, headache or something... Feeling a little dizzy as well :( Bleh. Today, I'm feeling okay... well I feel a bit full :( but anyway, I don't know... my vision seems wrong, as if my right eye is misaligned... but I guess that's only an impression, a feeling :(

There are some good news at the lab. First, we're having a summer student come in for the rest of the summer. This is going to be fun, an extra person... plus, I get to train someone... so practice for the future. What I like is that he just finished high school, so his knowledge is very limited... So it's okay if we limit him to database work mostly (without feeling too much guilt, LOL :) Then, my supervisor is going to take a few weeks in August to go to China. Yay!!! :) That means lots of freedom for me LOL. Then, lastly... we got the preliminary results from the grant applications... Apparently, we ranked 7th on 81 applications with a score of 4.33... So very good and most probably will get the funding - hopefully, that means an increase in salary for me :P

Last, but not least... Friday was my dad's 60th birthday :) LOL, I think he's taking it well. I bought him a portable radio that plays mp3 CDs as a gift (that's what he wanted). To celebrate, we went out to eat dinner at the new Chinese restaurant that just opened. It's really very pretty inside and just opened last Sunday... LOL, my dad chose the pigeon dinner for 4 : shark fin soup, BBQ pigeons, lobster, king mushrooms and fish. The only problem is that this menu is supposed to be ordered/reserved 4 hours in advance... They said it was okay though, we'd just have to wait for an hour... LOL, by the time they started serving the food, we were very, very hungry ^_^; While waiting, my parents start reading the newspapers... and my sister even had a book in a bag... What about me?!?!? Of course, I forgot mine at home!! Argh!! That always happens!! It's sooo annoying. In the end, the food was pretty good :) and we got some nice family pictures (we're not very big of pics)... Today, my parents are celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary. They're not doing anything special... but still, 29 years :)

So here are some pics...

Psst, I'm having a great reading month!! Keeping my fingers crossed that it'll keep up :P


  1. Terrific pictures! It's great to see the whole family and Happy 60th to your dad!

    I hope you are feeling better - sounds like a touch of the flu - ugh!

    Sound like work should be interesting for the summer and fingers crossed you see a raise out of the grants!


  2. Great pics!! thanks for sharing. Happy birthday to your dad and happy anniversary to both of them. that is definitely something to celebrate :)

    Congrats on the grant placement, salary increases are always a good thing.

  3. Happy Birthday to your dad, and WOW! 29 years is awesome!

    Congratulations to them :).

  4. I hope you're getting better soon, congrats on the score for the grant application (let's hope you get the funding), congrats to your Dad + your parents, and thanks for the pictures. Did I forget something? ;)

    Ah yes, have a great week. :)

    Psst: I'm having an abysmal reading month. But I'm book shopping a lot! *g*

  5. What a beautiful family! Congrats on the scoring. Fell better soon.

  6. Sorry - feel better soon. I forgot to say " lots to celebrate". Congrats to your parents. I got married ON my birthday. Somehow those 2 gifts & cards per year never materialized. Whatever!!

  7. nath! Hope you feel better soon...

    Congratulations on the score at work, good news on that front. ;P

    Happy Birthday to your Dad! and Happy Anniversary to both your parents... beautiful family and gorgeous pictures. :)

    PS: We just celebrated my Mom's 81st this weekend! Family time...

  8. Loved the pics. And you w/o a book?! You must be feeling bad. :(

    Hope you feel better soon. (((hugs)))

  9. Happy Birthday to your dad! Feel better soon!

  10. Good reading month? Looking forward to your monthly wrap up!

    Good luck on the funding (and the salary!), sounds as though the job's going well.

    And I hope you feel better soon - definitely go see an optometrist or something if you think your vision's off!

  11. Cindy - Thanks Cindy :)

    I don't think it was the flu, but I feel much better this week :)

    and yes, I hope we get the grant! :)

    Kris - Thanks Kris :) Well the grant and the increase in salary is not definitive yet, but I'm hoping :)

    Amy - Thanks Amy! and yes, it's awesome, 29 years.... will definitively need to do something next year :)

    Taja - LOL, no, you got it all :)

    LOL, shopping is good :) I always find that I'm shopping a lot for books when I'm not reading. Go figure... :P

    Mary - Thanks Mary!

    Hilcia - Definitively feel better, so I hope it's going to hold LOL :P

    Congrats to your mom!! 81 is awesome!! LOL, in comparison, my dad is still quite young, no? :P

    Leslie - Ugh, I just want to drive home and get a book and come back LOL :P

    Isabel - Thanks Izzy :) Feeling better already. I think it was related to PMS... I hope it's never going to happen again.

    Li - Hmmm, I have a prescription to change glasses, I think I'm going to have to do it soon!!

    LOL, I hope I remember all the books I've read ^_^;

  12. Happy Belated b-day to your dad!

    Great pictures!

  13. I love the photos! GReat reasons to celebrate! :)

    You have a very lovely family, nath. I'm impressed with how very happy everyone looks considering how hungry you all are! LOL

  14. Christine - Thanks Christine!! :) Well actually, most of the pictures were taken after we ate, LOL :P