Thursday, July 30, 2009

Review: Danger in a Red Dress by Christina Dodd (and a rant)

I told you I was on a roll LOL :) Guess what? Yes, I have another review up at Breezing Through! Joining me this time is Jill from Romance Rookie. This is a book we've both read a few months ago ^_^; but thought it'd be fun to review, since we did the book before it... So click here for it.

Danger in a Red Dress by Christina Dodd
published by New American Library (Signet) in March 2000

Home care nurse Hannah Grey is dedicated to her patient, an aging widow still tainted by the financial scandal her late husband perpetrated. She makes Hannah promise that upon her death, she'll right the family's wrongs, and gives Hannah her offshore account's access codes.

But Carrick Manly will do anything to discover where his family's fortunes lie- including kill his own mother. Fearing for her life, and desperate not to betray the widow, Hannah flees. And when Carrick's half-brother, Gabriel, tracks her down in Houston, Hannah must trust her own instincts-and her heart-to survive.

I probably won't have time to blog again today, so I'll use this post... First, the biggest news: everyone who gets Susan Andersen's newsletter is aware of it now, but let me share it... So apparently, there won't be a third book in the Sisterhood Diaries trilogy - no Ava story!! What a bummer. Seriously :( If you want the book, you can explain why in an e-mail to this address:

Then, a little bit of a rant... I went to the bookstore yesterday. Ugh. See, I'm looking for Bad Moon Rising by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Apparently, all the bookstores have gotten their copies already. I was debating between getting it online or in-store... Even though it's 40% off online, the book doesn't officially come out till next week. So I would have to wait till next week to order it to avoid the pre-order shipping fee (6-7$). I do plan to make an online order, but my deadline is tomorrow to make it (I have some Aeroplan points promotion I want to use)... and I cannot do two orders, because I have no idea what to buy else (no pre-orders) so I can reach 39$ and have the books shipped free. In-store, I would only get 10% discount, but I have a coupon: Get 5$ off of any purchase of 35$ and more. So I called bookstore A - they have copies. The only problem is the first time, I was transferred to the wrong department and the second time, the girl told me it only came out on August4. I know that, but sometimes you put the books out early! I guess it was too much trouble to check. Then, I called bookstore B and she said they had it in stock and they'd put a copy aside for me. The only problem? She didn't look for the actual book, she just told me... I was debating between going to bookstore A or B. Personally, bookstore A are better at putting their books out so I might be more lucky there. However, there was another book I want: Homicide by Hardcover by Kate Calisle and that one was only available at bookstore B. Remember, I need to make a purchase of 35$... So the idea was if I found parking space, I'd go to bookstore A and if not, I'd go to bookstore B. Well I ended up in bookstore B and guess what? Yes, I came out empty-handed... Put aside for me was a little piece of paper telling me the book was only coming out on August 4!! OMG, it really pisses me off! The worst is that I knew that would happen. I knew it and I still went! and you'd think that since it has its own parking lot, it'd be easier to find parking... But no!!! They built that Indigo too small. Proof? When I went to the romance section, I couldn't find a single trade paperback or hardcover... so I asked for them and you know what they told me?!? That they had in in-store, but because they were not selling as well, they kept it in the back. That means everytime I'll be looking for a trade-size or hardcover, I'll have to ask one of the clerk. Seriously?!? But hey, now they have place for all the mass paperback. Hmmm. Yeah, brilliant. Did you consider building the bookstore bigger? UGH. Like Ames told me in an e-mail:

Fack - the stupid bookstore. I HATE IT

Only applies sometimes, but seriously. Ugh. And please, please, please - whoever it was, this is a rant. Do not forward to the bookstore chain. It was really nice of you last time, but I'm just ranting.

And before, the bookstores used to open at 9am, so I could go just before I started work. Now, 10am! So I can't... and I'm going out for dinner tonight... so I'll have to try sneaking out during lunch break :( Ugh. Wish me good luck, especially since it seems like some copies of Karen Rose's new book have arrived!!!


  1. That's funny that you added in there at the end of your rant for whomever no to forward to the bookstore chain. Truly, the way times are today, you do have to watch what you say or fear getting sued! There was just an incident I caught briefly yesterday about a lady getting sued for something she twittered about!! That's just crazy!

    Best of luck to you, Nath!

  2. Amy - Well last time I ranted about the bookstore, someone forward my post to the bookstore chain ^_^; While it was really, really nice of that person, I don't want to keep checking my back on what I'm saying... especially on my blog. Also, I know that part of the problem is me (looking for a book that's not supposed to be out yet)... but sometimes, it's just soo frustrating.

    thanks Amy!! I'll keep you updated :P

  3. OMG - someone forwarded your last rant? Srsly? Yikes!!!

    I've come to the conclusion that I'll just have to wait for release day for books. Darn it.

    Oh, and you're going to laugh when you read my reread challenge review. Just sayin'.

  4. Lori - Yeah, someone forward it... and the intention was nice and I got a gift card out of it, which is great :) But still, I want to be able to rant without watching my back. Without feeling bad ^_^;

    You're more patient than I am. I'm still trying. Bad Moon Rising is on strict release date, so no chance for that one... but the Karen Rose is not... So I'll keep checking and bugging them.

    Can't wait to read it!! :P

  5. LOL, nath! Loved your rant... I gave up on trying to get books early.

    Now it's even worst for me, I have an eReader and the ebooks sometimes release a day or two LATER than the print books. If I decide to read them that way, I know I'll be even later getting them *sigh*... great for backlists, though.

  6. Yikes - no forwarding here!!

    I rant way too often ;)

    My problem would have been - 'let me get this straight, I called and was told the book was in stock and then I drove her to buy the book and now you won't sell it to me? Get the manager!'

    But then I'm a bitch that way ;)


  7. LMAO - I love that you quoted me! My problem being that my bookstore gets the books but it takes them 4 days to put them on the shelf. Now that's severely frustrating for someone who wants instant gratification.

    And also I know they're there for me, but I hate bothering the sales reps. I'd rather just walk in, get my books and walk out, no dallying around. Because the last time the clerk went into the back? She never came out again! I still haven't seen her...

    I was also going to mention (look at me rambling here!) that the last time I called them to put the book aside for me, the guy went and actually made sure he put a physical copy of the book aside for me. Now that was the best ever.

  8. I know it's not very nice because I know how frustrating this must be for you, but LOL about your rant. No LOL about someone forwarding your last rant, though. Yikes!.

    But I hope you still keep up the rants despite that. I love reading them and often I think that could be me. :)

    Wish you luck!

  9. Hilcia - LOL, what can I say? I'm tenacious... or you could say, I'm just obsessed :P

    Was able to get the new Karen Rose :) Yay!!

    That's another reason why I haven't give in to eReader... cos yeah, no way you'll get any release early!! but you're right, great for backlists.

    Cindy - Thank you!! :P

    You know me, you've met me... I have problem asserting myself. I was really pissed, but I couldn't really bring myself to yell at them. I would have looked more upset though if I thought pity could help me :P

    Ames - LOL, I love that sentence, Ames! :P

    Exactly, I totally agree with you! Why does it take them so long to put the books out? I know, they get a lot of books, but in that case, organize yourself better!! I went to Coles yesterday and today. Yesterday, they haven't received it yet (in the morning) and when I went back today (again, in the morning) there it was. That's service!

    I find that lots of clerk are unwilling to go in the back and check for you :( Ugh. and they're not as effective as yourself. I used to complain about the boxes lying there... Now I wish they were still there. Sigh.

    and yes, it should be a habit of them that when someone call and ask for the book to be put aside, that they do it right away : find the book and stuff. Just saying it is not a guarantee and hello, we have to get there! That's what I wanted the girl to do, but I couldn't bring myself to say: Go see if the book is actually on the shelves!

    Taja - LOL, it's okay. You can laugh at me. I know I'm being a little bit too obsessive ^_^; and seriously, if others think it's fun, then great LOL :P

  10. I love your bookstore rants! I know I shouldn't find them the least bit entertaining or anything, but mostly, it comforts me knowing I'm not the only one who gets into a tizzy over this sort of thing.

    I can't wait to read your thoughts on Bad Moon Rising. I feel like I've been waiting and wanting Fang and Amiee's story for like. .. FOREVER!!!

  11. Great rant Nath
    I have point blank said to people at the bookstore "If you can't sell it then don't show it as "in stock. Talk to your head office".
    Did Susan Andersen give any reason for not writing the rest of the trilogy? I couldn't find anything on the web-site.

  12. Christine - LOL, well there's a reason why I share :D I don't mind if you find it funny :D LOL... It's actually good in my opinion if I can entertain people with them :P

    Definitively looking forward to this book. I think it's going to be my last in this series. I completely lost interest in the others and I'm a bit annoyed that all Fury got was a novella. Ugh.

    Mary - Gotta agree with you. Why don't they update the online indicator when they put the books OUT? Otherwise, it's just titillating the customers.

    As for the Susan Andersen, apparently, the publishers felt the series had run its course. Whatever.