Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hauling Sunday XI

Hi everyone :) How are you doing all? Things are quiet in my little corner of the world and it's going to get lonely as I have many friends going away on trips :( Too bad I have to save money for RWA, otherwise, I'd be going with them to China for two weeks...

That said, my saving is not working very well. Been spending way too much on food lately... Definitively going to have to cut back on that :( Good news is that there are so little new releases that at least, I'm saving on books... Actually, I don't know if it's a good thing or not ^_^; It depresses me that there are so little releases. I did my list for the rest of the year, October to December, and OMG. I don't know how I'm going to go through it. November is the only month that is bountiful and I have nothing, NOTHING for December!!!

Okay, let's not think of it now. This week, I was quite a good girl and only bought two books. Yes, only two. Hey, it's better than last week with zero :P

Warrior by Zoe Archer - I finally broke down and bought it. First, because Wendy enjoyed it :) and second, if I enjoy it, that means I have something to buy for the next 3 months! Not bad, right? LOL.

Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie - It finally made it in Canada. No idea what was the delay, but it doesn't matter. People have enjoyed it and I hope I will too :)

And that's it for my Hauling Sunday this week :) You have to admit that I'm being a good girl... and I have been reading from my TBR pile. I guess there are pros for few new releases....


  1. I have a surefire way to keep you from buying books. All you need to do is 'um, 'ah, break your legs. It works though, it really does! Mind you it didn't keep me from buying an ebook or two......

    But good for you only sticking to two!

  2. I so feel your pain - I actually get anxious when there are no new releases I'm looking forward to - I think Singh has one in November, right - oh I hope so!!

    Usually the first 5 months of a new year are brutal and can cause slumps. I know I have another Stuart next month and then I need to do some looking around. New authors may be needed!

    And good luck on saving money - it's hard!


  3. There's only 1 for December on my list - Jo Goodman's Marry Me which is a western. Sorry Nath. :(

    But you know what that mean? You can get that tbr pile down some. :)

    Love your logic for buying Warrior. :D

  4. Oh, I've been eyeing Warrior. Looking forward to reading your take on it.

    The new Juliet Marillier is out in Dec, I think. I cannot wait, but IIRC, she didn't quite work for you. And Eloisa James has a new book out as well - cowritten with Julia Quinn and Connie Brockway, so that may be interesting!


  5. My TBB list for the last two months of 4Q is pretty meager too and pitiful for me. I think I only have the Roberts, Robb, Banks, Dane, and Singh. Only 5 books for both months?! OMG.

    I saw Cruise's book at BJ's wholesale store this weekend and picked it up for you...then immediately returned it before I got to check out line. I was thinking to check your Hauling Sunday post first...and good thing I did! Lol.

  6. Think of all the extra money you'll have for christmas. :)

  7. Love this: "Hey, it's better than last week with zero" !

    And your second reason for buying Warrior. :)

    And hey, food is important but I understand that you feel a bit bummed about the trip to China.

    Enjoy your new books. :)

  8. Kristie - Hi Kristie!! While yes, it's a surefire way, it does seem to be a bit too drastic a measure... LOL. And as you say, you can always fall back on ordering ebooks :P

    Cindy - Yes, she has a release in November!! :) I mean, they are some good releases coming, but they are just so few ^_^;

    You think the first 5 months are brutal? Perhaps because we're coming back from the holidays... me though, I think that the 5 last months are harder...

    Leslie - At least, I'm not the only one with few releases in December. I don't get it though... why? Because people don't buy books as gifts?

    True about the TBR pile though :P I've been doing quite good so far :)

    And well, it is logical where the Warrior is concerned :P

    Li - I'll let everyone know about the Warrior as soon as I read it :P Right now though, I've decided to read the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher.

    Hmmm, yeah, not a fan of Juliet Marillier :P But I'm glad you have something to look forward to :P

    Co-written or anthology? collaborations are always tricky as Jennifer Crusie has shown us.

    Tabitha - What does 4Q stands for?

    Ouch, that's even less than me. November is actually not a bad month though. What about the Brant? Did you read Kylie Brant in the past? I need to check out her books.

    LOL, good thing you did, Tabs! and thank for thinking of me! :P

    Isabel - True, true. But think how depressed I will that I have nothing to spend it on! LOL.

    Taja - Well it is :P and yes, I can rationalize everything LOL.

    Food IS important... especially yummy food :)

  9. Sorry, I'm used to referring to quarter periods at work. 4Q=4th quarter=last three months of the year.

    I've read a few Brant books, Waking Nightmare and Waking the Dead. I enjoyed Wtd more so than WN. I might get Deadly Intent but we'll see. The ones I listed are definite yes that stuck out in my mind. Lol.
    I do have a few more books that are possibilities....hehe

  10. I don't have any books on my list for December either! But I'm not complaining... I have so many on my list from the last couple of months that I still haven't bought! Maybe I'll be able to catch up to my list. ;)

    Enjoy your books!

  11. Tabitha - Ohhh, LOL.

    I was just wondering, because I know you enjoy romantic suspense a lot. I having Waking Nightmare, but still haven't read it. Perhaps I should do that before...

    Christine - LOL, true, true. Perhaps that's how we should look at it: at our month to catch up on all the books we bought :)