Monday, September 05, 2011

Programmed mind?

Okay, so today, I have a discussion topic :) It's been a while, I know. Please, feel free to participate!! LOL.

Yesterday was the last day of the "Buy 3, get the 4th free" promotion and I went back to the bookstore to hunt for a particular book - Demon Marked by Meljean Brook. I knew the bookstore had received their stock, but the clerk couldn't find it on Friday since it was still in boxes in shipping. So I went back on Sunday on the off chance that they had time to unpack and I'd be able to find it... Yeah, obsessed... but we all knew that, right? LOL.

Anyway, it got me thinking a little... because quite frankly, I haven't read anything since the month of September started. I tried, picked up a few books, started reading a few pages... and it just wasn't there. Wasn't feeling it. And I think the reason is because I've really been looking forward to Demon Marked and Archangel's Blade. I knew the bookstores would get their copies in this week and so there was a chance I would get my hands on it for this week-end... So it feels like my mind was anticipating reading Demon Marked and reading anything else wouldn't do it... and this is not the first time it's happening. I mean, pretty much when there's a book I'm really looking forward to, it seems my mind locks down to that one book. Like it's programmed to read that book and nothing else...

So does it happen to you? Does your mind get programmed to read that one book and nothing else will do? Or am I the only one? :P


  1. It does happen to me too!
    Sometimes, when I'm really looking forward a book that's about to be released, I sort of don't want to read anything else because I want to be free to read THAT book the second my paws land on it.

    And I do feel like "Why am I starting this right now? I'll dump it as soon as X book is released"

    And it sort of takes the enjoyment of a book that otherwise might have been very good. :P

  2. I find myself getting caught up in the "when is the next book coming out?" craze--instead of going to my loaded bookshelf and reading the books I already have. Of course, I always have the pile marked "read for reviews" that I have to plow through and those often take precedence over my own books--items that I know I will really enjoy when I get to them. Those I feel bad for avoiding because of the press of needed reviews. So I guess I am as off kilter as others and should really be better about letting myself enjoy a book without the external pressure once in a while.

  3. You're not the only one. :)

    Say it's Tuesday & I'm getting a book on Thursday that I've been waiting eons to read, I'll plan my reading around getting that book on Thursday. So if I start a new book on Tuesday, I have to be able to finish it by Thursday. So no starting Gabaldon's Outlander. :)

    And yes, that book that you've been waiting forever for can be distracting. It can keep me from getting into a new book because all I want is the book I don't have yet.

    It's like chocolate - if there's none in the house, I'm desperate for it. If it's there, well, I still eat it but I'm not desperate for it. LOL

    And sometimes once I get the book I've been waiting on, I don't start it. It's like I've built it up in my mind & now I'm afraid of being let down.

  4. You're obviously normal LOL. Yes I feel that way too. It's like a tracking beam on one book.

  5. Alex - Ouf, glad to know I'm not the only one :)

    Me though, if I start a book, I usually finish it and then read the book I'm looking forward... Like right now, I started the Maya Rodale book and will finish it b4 starting the NS... but in some case, I'm just not able to start any book. That sometimes annoys me... cos it means I don't read anything for a few days ^_^;

    Judith - You're good Judith :) I can't do it, the "need to read for reviews." Or I can do it for one or two books... but more? I just start avoiding ^_^;

    Leslie - Yay! :) Oh I know the let down feeling as well! it's like suddenly, there's a mental block and I can't just read it anymore :( It happened to me with two of MB books. That feeling is worst!! Especially when you know the books are good. sigh.

    Mary G - LOL, it's really good to know I'm not alone :)

  6. I'm so glad you talked about this. I really did think my odd obsessing was just me. Course my obsession can take over a month in advance. It was Singh's Kiss of Snow that had me messed up for about a month. I tried opening other books but my mind would wander to Sienna and Hawke in the middle of reading. Gah!

    Now, the good news is that there are very few books I get that warped about. I think it's the connected series where you see glimpses of the characters you want to read about that make it the hardest. I loved the book before Hawke and Sienna's but I remember hoping there was going to be a scene with H/S near the end of the book and was a bit rushed in reading the end. So instead of enjoying the book for what it was, I was hoping for something the author had no interest in doing. Grrr.

    J.R. Ward's Butch book was the last one I get that bad about and in the end, it's rare for an author to serve up a perfect dish after so much anticipation.

    CindyS (not currently obsessing about books. TV is another problem ;))

  7. Oh that happens to me ALL the time! I want to read that one book and I know it's coming out at the end of the week? The rest of the books just don't cut it for me...

    I tend to diddle daddle until the book releases and I read it, and then I can go on with my pile. :) I try NOT to finish other books in the meantime, because it's NOT fair to those books. You know what I mean?

  8. Cindy - ugh, I would die if it took me that early, LOL, Cindy :)

    But you're right, it's usually books from series that have that effect. LOL, I guess that means the sequel-baiting has work well :)

    What have you been watching lately?

    Hilcia - LOL, at least, you make an effort to be fair to the other books ;) I'll still try to read, but meh.

  9. We're on a month of free Netflix and I started watching BBC's Survivors (post-flu world) and got all wrapped up in Tom and Anya only to find out the damn show has been cancelled.

    I found that out before watching the whole show which was good and bad. Thankfully the obsession is tapering off - I just wish the Powers that Be would let the writers have at least one episode to try and fix up loose ends when they cancel a show. Then again, maybe the writers wouldn't do a good job.


  10. Cindy - Oh, it's good you knew the show was cancelled before you jumped in. I hate it when it happens midway through while I'm watching!!

    So, is Netflix good? :P What are you going to do once the month is up?

  11. It's only 8 bucks a month so I think we'll keep it going. The only thing you have to watch for is your increase in internet usage as it will cost more. There's not lots of new stuff on the Netflix but there are shows I haven't seen so it' worth it.


  12. Cindy - Nod nod, that's a pretty good price. Too bad it goes on internet usage though, ugh. I hate how there aren't many providers that offer unlimited. Seriously.