Friday, September 16, 2011

Something to make us all smile :)

Hello! How are you? I'm so happy it's Friday today!! I can't wait till the week-end!! Yesterday was the deadline for the grant application and let say, not everything went smoothly ^_^; I have to say, part of it is my fault - ugh, I hate website that block access after you've entered the wrong password three times!! Then again, if the secretary had started earlier, we wouldn't have been last-minute... Ah well, it's done and over. It involved a lot of stress and a lot of running around... and hopefully, the next grant application deadline is very, very far away in the future. In the meantime, I'm meeting with patients this afternoon. Sigh. I don't want to :(

Anyway, this means once again, I haven't had time to blog ^_^; Oups. So instead of a review, I give you this, something that I hope will make you smile :)

So I left my book lying around in the lab and my co-worker S had a bit of fun with it :) S had never had any problems with my love of reading or the fact that I read romance... but I have to admit, there are times when he looks at the book covers and wonder what I'm reading ^_^; In any case, he decided that this particular book needed a little bit of censorship LOL.

Don't worry, he didn't actually draw on the book. It's pieces of Post It that he colored in black :) Yes, it's a bit immature, but he's a guy, he can't help it LOL.

Happy Friday! and hope you have a nice week-end :)


  1. *snort* I think it's very funny! We should do a weekly censorship cover ;)

    Good luck with the patients today and then woohoo - it's the weekend!


  2. LOL Very funny. And this wasn't even one of the "bad" ones! :)

  3. LOL, I love that S took the time to actually COLOR the post its black, that shows he was really gave the gag some thought. *g*

    Thanks for making me smile... you should leave some of the older historicals around Nath, see what he would do with those... really BIG pieces of post-its, maybe? O_o!!

  4. Very creative. Dare ya to bring in a Megan Hart book - maybe the ménage Tempted? Poor guy wouldn't know where to start putting the post its. :)

  5. LOL!
    it did make me smile!
    I'm a sticker's person.
    When I don't like something on a cover or is too raunchy, I put a big, ole sticker on it!

    Like... I don't like the expression on the face of "Simon" in JQ's the Duke and I - In the first editon - so I put a big sticker on it. :D

    But I only do it for books I'm keeping for good.

  6. Ahahahahaha. This made my day. Thanks for sharing. :D

  7. Cindy - I thought so too LOL. And you know, that wouldn't be a bad idea, a weekly censorship LOL. Or we could have a contest. Give everyone the same cover and see what we can come up with!! LOL.

    Dealing with the patients wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be!! woohoo. I think it helps that the patients came for this whole purpose, instead of me trying to convince them :)

    Tracy - LOL, I know! but then, I don't bring the real bad ones at work... LOL.

    Hilcia - LOL, I know!! and it also means he has time to spare ^_^;

    No problem Hils ;) I've been keeping this picture up my sleeve for a good time to use it :) and after the week I had, I thought it was a good time LOL.

    Leslie - LOL, you should have seen the face he made when I showed him the cover of Tempted!! LOL. However, let's be honest... I wouldn't bring that cover at work. There's a limit I think LOL.

    Alex - Really?!? LOL. Okay, I need to go take a look at that cover.

    Okay, can't find it, Alex. Do you have a picture? Oh and what about posting a picture of the cover with the sticker :P I'm curious!!

    Isabel - LOL I know!

    Little Alys - My pleasure actually!

  8. I can't find my Duke and I!
    but I found the picture. In the original edition, the whole back of it was the image to the right, which I think is now the stepback

    I just think the guy looks a little... douche-y

  9. That's so funny!
    What would be even funnier would be if you caught S flipping through it and reading some passages. I'll bet he has!!

  10. Alex -LOL, after seeing this, I'm really curious to see the smiley face sticker LOL! I didn't think he looked that bad.

    By the way, I don't think the model in Guarding a Notorious Lady looks much more handsome ^_^;

    Sigh, I wonder... Are these positions really necessary? I mean, I know what i'm reading is romance... I don't need these covers ^_^;

    Christine - LOL, most probably. But unfortunately, I've never caught him!