Tuesday, May 01, 2012

New Releases - May 2012

Okay, so I don't usually let you know about our New Releases posts over at Breezing Through and I probably should. I claim laziness ^_^; However, I think this has been our longest New Releases post ever and I wanted you to know about my hard work LOL. No seriously, May is gearing up to be an awesome month for new books! And so many books I'm looking forward to! Check it out here!!

 What about you? What are the books you're going to get? Did we miss any?


  1. Great picks! I got the Second Chance Summer in my list too

  2. Alex - I can't wait for it, Alex!! Hope that I'll get my hands on it soon! :)

  3. Oh my! I totally forgot that Tangle of Need comes out in May!? It's going to be hardcover, though, isn't it? I splurged for Hawke & Sienna's book, but I don't know if I will with this one.. will probably try to find it at a library and then buy the mass market when it comes out. I want my keeper books to match darnit!

  4. Christine - Yep, May it is! I can't wait for it :) And yes, it'll be another hardcover. It's more expensive, but you know, I think she deserves it :) At least, if I'm not wrong, you only need to wait 6 months for it to come out in mass market.

  5. I want you to know that I read EVERY month your releases posts at Breezing Through and reviews that you do with your friends :)
    Hmmm...may, just 2 books for me :Tangle of Need by Nalini Singh and Born of Silence (The League #5)by Sherrilyn Kenyon

  6. Is it just me who doesn't like the Tangle of Need cover. I like the guy but the roses/thorns/fabric part looks odd. And the author name across his forehead - too much going on.

  7. Elena - Thanks Elena! I'm glad you enjoy the new releases posts :)

    Seriously, 2 books only? How do you do it? LOL. Share your secret with me!!

    Unfortunately, I've stopped reading Ms Kenyon a while back. I got tired of the sequel baiting and felt the Dark Hunters series was getting too repetitive.

    Leslie - Nope, you're definitively not the only one. I don't like it either :( I seriously don't get the cover. It doesn't fit the series or the other books. You know the worst though? This cover is still better than the original one they planned!

  8. Nath - Only two books because I have a lot of books in my TBR pile that I want to finish this year :)
    A agree with you regarding Sherrilyn Kenyon's books, I am currently reading Born of Silence and it is.... hrrrr.... the heroine pisses me off, but I want to finish. Although, The Guardian, the last book in the Dark Hunters series was quite good :)
    Also I forgot The Proposal by Mary Balogh, but I think I will wait until your review :)

  9. Elena - Ohhhhh :) TBR pile! Do you have a pic of it?

    I'm not sure when I'm getting The Proposal, but hopefully, soon :)

    Sorry about Born of Silence :(