Monday, April 30, 2012

Discussion: Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong's covers

Okay, so this isn't going to be a real discussion, but I have a dilemma and I need your opinions. I was browsing the Chapters/Indigo website, figuring out my next orders. I've taken the habits of pre-ordering the hardcovers and trade paperbacks that I want, just because the prices are so much better online and also comparing it to Book Depository to get the best deals... and I came across Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong. Now, I've seen the US and UK covers, but I think the Canadian cover is really recent and this was my first time seeing it. Below are the covers: US, UK and Canadian respectively...

What do you think of the Canadian cover? Honestly, I don't really get it and it turns me off a little ^_^; Guess I won't be getting that copy ^_^;

Now's the real question though... Which one should I get then? The US or the UK one? My problem is that the last three books of the Women of the Otherworld series: Waking the Witch, Spellbound and Thirteen are a trilogy. I wished my covers would fit together... I actually had the same dilemma when Waking the Witch came out. The Canadian cover wasn't great, so I went with the US one - although that one changed. Then, when Spellbound was released, I went with the Canadian cover... Sigh, I wished I was psychic and knew what the subsequent covers would look like.




Also, is it me of none of the editions has a continuous thread for the three covers... I mean, the first two covers match, but the one for Thirteen seems to be coming out of nowhere!

So now, I have the following:

What do you think?


  1. US cover :), I like the forest and the symbol (werewolf and witch)

  2. Elena - What do you mean by werewolf and witch symbol? Do you mean the jewel = witch and the forest is werewolf? Or do you mean that the jewel = witch & werewolf. (I still haven't read Waking the Witch and Spellbound, so if it's a too big spoiler, just tell me it's a spoiler :P)

    I was actually looking the US cover and you see shadows of people. But I don't think there's 13 of them...

    1. Just like you I have not read the first two books because I wanted to be published the last book to read them all at once .
      I wanted to say that the forest is about werewolves and the symbol refers to witches ... they need certain objects and rituals to enhance their powers .. my opinion :)
      The Uk cover... I do not know what is that red substance..looks like a red liquid
      Th CDN cover... just strange

      hmmm this is my 5 try to post a comment, I hope would work now

    2. Got your comment Elena!

      Nod nod, in that sense - forest and symbol - I guess it does represent werewolf and witch. The thing is, isn't Savannah the lead... so why does the werewolf come into play?

      UK cover - I'm thinking the red liquid is blood. Really watery blood LOL.

      CDN cover - I feel the cover was supposed to be for a different genre/series ^_^;

  3. Ooo tough decision. I really like both the US and UK version for thirteen. But I think I would go with the US version because I don't like the big read dot on the UK version that details the exclusive content inside. (Even though that could just be a sticker)

  4. I agree! The 3rd covers for all three countries are off... they doesn't match the first 2 covers at all. It's a tough decision ONLY because you're trying to match? Right?

    Personally my favorite cover for 13 is the UK cover. In a weird kind of way, I think it goes great with your Canadian version of Spellbound. ;P

  5. I like the first two covers from the UK. The Canadian ones freak me out a little, especially that first cover. The US covers look like so much of what is out there. I don't really like any of the covers for the 3rd book but since you don't have a UK cover, I say go with it for the 3rd book. :)

  6. It is actually super annoying that none of them match. I hadn't noticed before as I haven't gotten around to pre-ordering 13 yet. I have the UK covers for the first two and I really love them but I don't really like the UK cover for 13 but then again I don't really like the other versions either. So I guess that means I will be pre-ordering the UK version - lesser of three evils.

  7. I vote for the UK one! I like it best. And think of it this way - you would have one US, one Canada, and one UK :-)

    I'm probably getting my copy from the library though - just checked and the Kindle version is more expensive than the hardcover. Seeing the hardcover has the bonus short story... *rolls eyes*


  8. Wow! This is complicated!!!
    I wish the publishers would stick to a theme.
    :( I dunno, I guess I like the US cover of Thirteen better but I don't know.


    Good luck!

  9. Samantha - True, true, although the red dot at least fits the cover... Kind of. LOL, I guess we're unanimous about the Canadian cover. Seriously, I don't know what they were thinking ^_^; I mean, it seriously doesn't fit the series...

    Hilcia - Well I'm trying to match, but also trying to figure out which is the nicest. I mean, the US cover is not bad, but it looks a bit cheesy ^_^;

    And I think you're right about the UK cover...

    Leslie - Yeah, the UK covers for the first two books were the best. Especially when you look at how they fit together.

    I'm starting to wonder what's the purpose of the Canadian covers. I mean, I know Kelley Armstrong is shelved in "horror", but seriously. That's not the feel you want to give off really.

    And that's what my sister said, getting the UK cover LOL.

    Sally - Well that's what I want to do, pre-ordering 13... Just can't decide yet. I think you're right also, less of the three evils.

    Li - Good argument Li :) I have to say, that's what I've been leaning towards to.

    Hey you never know, that bonus story can be really good :) Ms Armstrong is good at writing short novella :P

    Alex - I know!! For once, I almost wished she'd have only one cover ^_^; Seriously, why don't they? I know they are published one year apart, but things cannot have changed that much in that length of time ^_^;


  10. Ugh. I hate these dilemmas. Seriously. So annoying.

    I'd go with the US cover to complete your set. I just think it goes better.

  11. My covers for her books are all over the place. I generally get review copies from Random House Canada and for a while there it was the American editions, I guess, and then now I am getting the Canadian editions. And then with the first books being mass-market... Now, for the last two books I have the Canadian editions, but that new cover doesn't go with them at all!

  12. What? You don’t like the Canadian? That’s my favorite! It looks like someone is trapped in a shower curtain. That happened to me once and it was one scary situation, I mean, you’re naked, vulnerable, wet, and there’s this plastic thing wrapped around you and you don’t know if you’re in or out of the shower and can’t see properly. You don’t know if you’re going to fall and die in the most embarrassing death ever! I think it’s an awesome cover, not idea what the book is about, though. Maybe aliens? It looks like a scene out of The X-Files.

  13. Christine - I know right? I mean, you know there's going to be three books and the covers have almost nothing to do with the story... so why not figure it out from the beginning? Why change midway? Don't they realize people like consistency?

    Kailana - Nod nod. I hear you! Me too. Although I have to say, most of them are at least US and Canadian. But I have like the old US and Canadian covers that now are probably out of print. So confusing!

    Brie - LOL, Brie, I'm sorry, but I can't figure out if you're being truthful or sarcastic ^_^; But yeah, I feel the cover would fit more The X-Files. I wonder if they're trying to hint something! I hope not!!!

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