Sunday, September 09, 2012

Hauling Sunday LXXXIX

Hi everyone! How's your week-end going? Mine is nice and relaxing... and I have to admit, I needed it! It's fun when you look at your schedule and see you have stuff to do, people to meet and etc. But I don't know. This summer has been really busy for me and I feel it's been forever since I just stayed home and relaxed. I might be wrong though LOL. Could have been only a couple of week-ends ago... but my brain is too tired and refuses to think :P

Last week-end, I went to New Jersey and New York City with my sister and two of my friends, V and W :) We stayed at Hils' daughter's house again - thank you so much! I know Hils and her daughter are well located, but really, this was the first time I really realized how well! We went shopping at Woodbury outlet, explored New York City, went to Carlos' Bakery and spent some time with Hils :) I was lucky that Christine and Mariana did no have any plans on Saturday evening and were able to join us at Coach House Diner - my sister's favorite place and also mine to eat when we're in New Jersey. And seriously, I am not kidding when I say it's our favorite place... we ended up there 3 times!! LOL. Here are some pictures...

 Christine in the background of the first picture, but the true purpose for our trip to Coach House: milkshake! My friends W and V.

Hilcia, Mariana and Christine talking... about books, of course! 

 We had a huge debate about how to go in NYC, in the end, we chose driving. It was really close!! Lincoln tunnel.

 The four of us in Times Square.

 On our way to Carlos' Bakery. Yep, W and V are fans of the show :)

 Looks like we have a new passenger in the car! Waiting at the border - 1.5hour ^_^;

It was W's b-day dinner the next day, so we brought back a cake from Carlos' Bakery. And yes, it made it :)

 To new friendships!!

Hmmm, I'm a bit bummed I didn't get more pictures. I know though that Christine has a great group shot of the "readers" at Coach House and V has a lot more pics :) I'll still it from her and post more later. All in all, I had a blast, it was a fun roadtrip. Although my feet was killing me at the end of it. LOL. I think V is still not completely back on her feet LOL. What I enjoyed the most though is seeing my real life blending with my blogger life :) V and W have actually met Ames during her short visit in Montreal and they really got along well. And now, they've met my friends from New Jersey :) It's just awesome LOL.

Me going to the States mean that I'd finally buy books! Yay! I was lucky because there was a 15% off coupon for Barnes & Noble during the Labor Day long week-end, so I made use of it :) Here is what I got:

Ruined by Moonlight by Emma Wildes - I was so thrilled to find this in store because the release date was September 4. Anyway, I'm a fan of Ms Wildes, I love her books, so there was never a doubt I'd get this one :)

Blades of Winter by G.T. Almasi - This book looks so interesting! The cover and the blurb :) I have to say though, I dislike the format: it's a bit longer than most paperback. I don't see why publishing houses still released books in that format since they are more expensive. I would have understood if the book was thicker, but it wasn't the case here.

Widow's Web by Jennifer Estep - I'm a huge fan of the series :) Love Gin and Owen... and that's why I haven't rushed to the bookstore to get it yet, because apparently Gin and Owen are having some issues at the end of this book. I might wait till the next book, Deadly Sting, is released in March 2013 to read Widow's Web. That way, I won't be torturing myself for months LOL.

Another great place to buy books wen I'm in the States is Walmart:

Mysterious by Nora Roberts - I was in the mood for contemporary romance and Ms Roberts is always a great choice. Only, I just realized yesterday that I already have Mysterious in trade-size. Ah well, luckily, I bought it for cheap :)

Goodnight Tweetheart by Teresa Medeiros - Love the cover and the story sounds interesting :) Although now that I look at the cover and title, perhaps it would have fit better if it was a night scene? Anyway, this book just looks fun :)

When You Wish Upon a Duke by Isabella Bradford - Got this one because I know Ames has enjoyed it a lot :)

There is always good books coming out at the beginning of the month and September was no exception. I just couldn't wait to get my hand on this one...

Archangel's Storm by Nalini Singh - The Guild Hunter series is not my favorite of Ms Singh; I think we all know which is my favorite LOL. However, she's a solid author and delivers with almost all of her books :) I've read good reviews about Archangel's Storm and wanted to see how much I would enjoy it :)

So this is it for me :) What about you? What good books did you get?


  1. I love your photos! That milkshake, mmmm... I'm glad to hear you had a good trip. And I'm totally with you on just needing some quiet time sometimes.

    You posted about BLADES OF WINTER on Breezing Through, right? It does look good.


  2. Great pictures Nath! And how cool that you got to go to Carlos' and your friend got a very special birthday cake.

    Excellent haul too. :)

  3. Great pictures, Nath! I wish I'd taken some too. It was so great meeting V and W, and I'm so glad that the cake made it all the way home. :D I still can't believe you didn't buy more books, but that's a great haul!

  4. Hey! Loved seeing you guys! It was fun meeting your friends and trying to convince them to the way of the books :)

    Happy Belated to W.

    Hope you enjoy Archangel's Storm :)

  5. Li - Thanks Li! And LOL, that milkshake, my sister's been craving it for more than a year :) Only, it's so huge, that's pretty much the only thing she can have during the meal :)

    Yep, I posted about Blades of Winter at Breezing Through. Will let you know how it turns out when I get to it :) Hopefully, soon ^_^;

    Leslie - Thanks Les! LOL, yeah, going to Carlos' was one of the goals :) Now, we can say mission accomplished! And yep, I was looking forward to buying books! LOL.

    Hilcia - LOL, I'll send them to you and Mariana and Christine! At least, the books I bought were the ones I really wanted :)

    Mariana - Loved seeing you again Mariana! We really had a blast!! :) Hope to see you again soon!

    Archangel's Storm was good :)

  6. Hi nath! It was SO wonderful seeing you and your sister again AND meeting your very lovely friends. They are so nice and fun and we gotta convert them into readers. We'd have such great book discussions with them!!!! Happy belated birthday to W! Xo

    Oh yes. That's me behind that great big milkshake that I spilled all over the table and floor and almost on Mariana's nice white pants. What a klutz!

    Oh GUESS WHAT? I am reading Spider's Bite this month. I came across a group read along! So excited!!!!!! Are you proud of me? :D

  7. It looks like you all had SO MUCH FUN! I'm completely jealous of course. Isn't it wonderful to sit down and talk books with other avid readers? *sigh* I think I need a blogger get together fix. lol

  8. Christine - LOL, I love it that I have friends in New Jersey to visit :) And my friends really had a blast meeting you :) Not sure we can convert them into readers though. I've tried for so many years and my progresses are really slow LOL.

    I am proud of you, Christine!! How are you enjoying it?

    Tracy - It's always fun to get together with other bloggers, Tracy :) Hopefully, I'll be heading to California soon!

  9. Well I haven't started it yet.. but hopefully before the end of the month if I'm going to participate in the read along I found. Haha

  10. Christine - Let me know when you're done!! :) Can't wait to see what you think of it. And hey, perhaps it can count as your TBR Challenge entry for next month!

  11. I started it! I'm only a few chapters in, but hoping to hurry it up a little because the read along discussion is Friday and I've got at least one other book I want to finish by the end of the month. Oh the pressure! haha

  12. Christine - Yay!! :) looking forward to your post! how do you like it so far? and what other book do you have to finish?

  13. I really like it so far! Granted I'm only on page 65 but it's quite suspenseful already! I like how cavalier she is about killing people. LOL!

    I want to finish Cold Fire by Kate Elliot for this month's book club pick and it would be nice if I finished Salvation in Death, too, but I think it's over ambitious to think I can finish all three of these books by Sunday.

  14. Christine - I'm so glad you're enjoying it Christine! And yes, the feel is interesting. Good thing we know it's fiction!