Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hauling Sunday XCI

Hi everyone! How was your week-end? Hope you had a nice one! Mine was very quiet, which is exactly what I needed :) The only thing I did besides reading Riveted by Meljean Brook and watching New Bride with White Hair was to go to a curling club open house. And guess what I'm going to be doing this week? Yes, I'm going to try to play curling! The curling club has a free 3-parts clinic this week and I, my sister and a bunch of friend have signed up :) I'm really excited to finally try it out. My friends and I have talked last winter of trying it out, but didn't know how and where. Well this solves our problem :)

Otherwise, nothing much has been going on with me and the week has been very quiet. I'm looking forward to this week, since there are going to be quite a few new releases that I'm looking forward to :) In the meantime, I did buy a book - yep, one single and lone book. Curious?

Speechless by Hannah Harrington - I read Alex' review of the book and it sounded really interesting, so I decided to give it a try :)

This was an impulse buy, but I got a really good price, so can't complain. I have to say, I feel I've been doing great this year book-buying-wise :) What do you think?