Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hauling Sunday XC

I never thought it was possible to be too excited, but that's how I'm feeling right now. I really need to calm myself down ^_^; I mean, I've been so excited that I haven't been able to sleep. It's worst than Christmas LOL.

So to clear my mind, let's talk books :) Yesterday was the Smart Chicks Kick It! tour and Kelley Armstrong, Melissa Marr, Rachel Caine, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Melissa de la Cruz, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl were present. I went to get some of my books signed by Kelley Armstrong. She's the only author among them that I read, which when you think about is quite unfortunate... but I'm not a huge YA reader, so what can I say?

Anyway, the book signing was a bit of a mix bag. I was really happy to be able to attend and to meet the authors and I think it's a really fun event. There was a short introduction and a Q&A session and then, the signing. These authors are fun, witty and happy to be there which was really cool. Unfortunately, I thought the area they held the book signing was too small. It would have been fun if there were actually chairs so we could be comfortable. Instead, we stood in line the whole time. While we could hear, we hardly had a view of the stage where the authors were. Ah well. I also think there was a higher turn-out than the bookstore expected, so I didn't have the chance to get a lot or some great pictures... but here is what I have :)

Yeah, not the greatest pictures, but the best I could do. Oh and the good thing about this signing is I could bring my own books, didn't have to buy the books from the bookstore. Yay! Cos being a big fan of Kelley Armstrong, I already have them all LOL. Anyway, it was still a cool activity overall :)

And here is what I got this week in the mail:

Delusion in Death by J.D. Robb - Always on the look out for the new In Death book :)

Riveted by Meljean Brook - I hesitated a little, but it's really been getting good reviews :) Can't wait to read it.

And that's it for this week. Not a lot, but books from two great authors :) And you, what did you get?


  1. You're more excited about a TV show than about meeting a favorite author? I think you have a problem, and I think I really must avoid that show. Do you think I can get it on Amazon? No! Don't tell me *backs away slowly*

  2. You know, I only really follow Kelley Armstrong too, out of that bunch!
    And what show were you excited about?

    I was over the moon waiting for Downton :D

  3. I really need to get back around to J.D. Robb.

  4. Brie - Yes ^_^; LOL, in my defense though, I have met Ms Armstrong. Also, I haven't read the last trilogy with Savannah, so you know. And we're talking two of my favorite Chinese actors playing a couple and tragic love story! I mean, seriously :)

    Alex - LOL, we're not the only ones Alex! I don't know if it's the same for everyone or it's because were in Canada, but Ms Armstrong was extremely popular yesterday. The line was so long! LOL.

    Downton? What is it?

    Kailana - Where are you up to?

  5. Looks like a great time! That bookstore is huge!

  6. That's a really nice photo of you with Kelley Armstrong. Shame about the fact that the signing was so crowded.

    And I *love* Downton Abbey. You should definitely try to get hold of it if you haven't seen it yet. First episode of the 3rd season was Sunday evening - and wow.

    Here's the website (but beware spoilers!):


  7. SO fun! Although that really sucks that there were no chairs for the audience/guests. What the heck?

    ANOTHER In Death book! Damn. I'm never gonna catch up. lol!

  8. Leslie - Yeah, the bookstore is pretty big. The upstairs has a Starbucks though, so it takes some place. I like the atmosphere at that branch, just too bad it's really far from where I live.

    Li - Thanks! I like it too :) The signing being crowded is a given in my opinion. And I know waiting and patience are part of the game. But in this case, I think it could have been better... Ah well.

    I'll be checking out Downton Abbey... I'm curious now LOL.

    Christine - I know, right? Especially if the authors are going to talk for a while.

    LOL, you will :) All you need to do is read more than 2 In Death books per year and eventually... :P