Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hauling Sunday XCIII

Another quiet week for me :) My boss came back so work finally picked up! In a way, I'm happy because I was really getting uncomfortable not doing anything. Anyway, it's good to be busy... and I will be since we have stuff to complete by the end of the year. I don't know if I mentioned on the blog, I know I told some of you already though... Long story short, my lab didn't get its funding renewed and the department was unwilling to support us till the next grant application. As a result, it will be closing down at the end of the year :( I've been looking at the positive side of this news... Yes, there is one. Initially, I was planning to stay at this job for 2 years, but it's been already 4 years... I don't think it's a bad thing for me to look for something different or at least, reassess what I want my future to be, so I'm taking this as an opportunity. Anyway, my contract ends at the end of the year. So far, I'm looking at the easy way out and looking at the other labs in my department. I should really start looking for a new job and it's something I was planning to do starting October (got the news end of August), but it's not easy given the market and the fact I really can't leave my current job immediately. So instead, I'll see where life leads me... but it's some scary stuff and I feel worried from time to time... Especially since I haven't told my parents yet - nope, my parents do not read my blog. I don't want them to know yet because they'll be stressing and there's nothing much they can do about it. Ah well.

Anyway, that in part explains why I've been buying less books. I'm really trying to only get the ones that I absolutely want and not be too impulsive. Also, I'm waiting for a good promotion to get the books that are less urgent but still on my list. However, I have been impulsive this week and gotten this:

Together for Christmas by Lisa Plumley - I've been in the mood for contemporary romance and the review I read for this book was really good. Since Together for Christmas is from Kensington, it means the promotion codes do apply when buying an ebook... and I got it for a really good price :) 

And that's it for this week. This week was actually rather boring. I'm looking for the coming one since I start curling this week! I'm really looking forward to it :) 

What about you? What new book did you get?


  1. Fingers crossed it all works out for you! You've plenty of time to sort something out and I think it's great you're viewing this as a chance to reassess what you want to do. I had something similar happen earlier this year, and it actually worked out for the best, because I ended up in a new role that is stretching me and very different to what I was doing before.

    I got two new books this week (total impulse buys while on holiday!) and loved both - Garth Nix's A CONFUSION OF PRINCES (a SF YA because the back cover description appealed to me) and CATCHING JORDAN (which I think you've reviewed?).

  2. Li - Yep, I did review Catching Jordan and I hope you enjoy it, Li!!

    I'm glad to hear that it worked out for the best for you! So is that why you were so busy?!

  3. Oh no! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find something quickly!

  4. Hi Nath!
    Well, world economy sucks isn't it? Besides big companies - therefore smaller ones too - often give the excuse of the state of the finances to end funding and jobs...My job isn't secure either, I know it will end one day and I can't seem to find anything better before that happens. It's so frustrating to know you could do something and things around you won't let you.... good luck!

    Like you I have an ant mentality. I have lots of books and I keep buying while I can because if one day I cant anymore I'll have many to keep me happy.

    I recently bought a book Hilcia recommended and pre-ordered two more from series I follow...series kill me, they do!

  5. It's great you're looking on the positive side. Keep it up!

    I've cut back on buying, trying to gear up for Christmas and focus on buying gifts instead. Which are sometimes books so I can still get a book buying fix. :)

  6. Lori - Thanks for your support Lori! I'll keep you all posted!

    Sonia - I know! I totally agree :( Everyone is in the same boat though, so you know...

    LOL what book did you buy?

    Leslie - Thanks Les :) Oh that's good. Luckily, we don't do much for Christmas in my family.

  7. Hi Nath! It was Jane Goodger's book.
    Oh only if I were to win the

  8. Yikes! I didn't know about the contract business ending. Sorry to hear that, but considering you intended to only stay on this job for two years, maybe it's meant to be. In the meantime, good luck finding something new. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Ahhh a Christmas romance! I always want to read nothing but those holiday romances in December but usually only manage one or two. Hope it's a good one.

  9. Sonia - Oh let me know how you enjoy the Jane Goodger! I like her writing style :)

    Christine - Yeah, well it's life :) I told my mom yesterday about it and she took it really well. The plan now is to wait till January to start looking for a job :) and then, we'll see where it leads me :)

    Well if you get some good suggestions, perhaps you can read more than one ;P