Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hauling Sunday XCIV

I know, I know. It's not Sunday yet, but as I'm not planning to buy any books... plus I'm sore and don't think I have the energy to write a review, even if it's a mini-review, I thought I'd post the Hauling Sunday post today and have the WEM tomorrow :) Gotta be flexible in life! And for sure, there is a post about how curling is going coming soon!

For now, here's my new precious!

What Happens at Christmas by Victoria Alexander - Yes, I know, it's a bit early for Christmas-theme books... but I've been itching to read a historical and Ms Alexander is one of my favorite historical author! By the way, I actually really like the format of What Happens at Christmas... It's hardcover, but smaller than normal - more square-ish. It makes it different, special... and so it fits the mood of Christmas LOL.

What are the new books you got? and do you think it's too early to read books about Christmas?


  1. Oh! that's cool, the format I mean! I love those books with the smaller hard cover!

    And I hope you like the book! I have never read Victoria Alexander before :D but I'm intrigued by this book, I love christmas!

  2. Do you know if this one is part of a series? I hope it can be read as a stand alone.. I just LOVE buying Christmas romances and this one sounds like it would make a nice addition to my collection. :)

    I don't think it's too early to read Christmas books.. someone's gotta review them for me BEFORE December so I can plan what I'm going to read that month. lol!

  3. Alex - It's very cute and it fits the Christmas spirit I think :)

    I should have a review up eventually LOL.

    Christine - You can read this one as a stand-alone, Christine. It's loosely to another book, but really loosely. And it also introduces the hero of Ms Alexander's next release :)

    LOL. Well I usually wait until Halloween to start my Christmas read :)

  4. Yes, too early for Christmas books. I still have beach reads on the tbr pile. lol

  5. Way too early for Christmas books (for my taste), but I'll be reading some of them soon. I definitely want to read this one, though...

  6. Leslie - Perhaps too early for Christmas books, but never too early for a book by one of your favorite author LOL.

    Hilcia - Well as I told Leslie... the reason I really pick this one up is because it's written by Ms Alexander. And you know how much I like her, Hils!! By the way, I'm also looking forward to her release in February... It sounds good! Hopefully, you'll get the ARC and we can buddy review it together again, Hils :)