Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hauling Sunday CXI

Hi everyone!

Hope you're having a great week-end :) In Canada, it's a long week-end and I'm enjoying it, just relaxing. I'm waiting for the reading and blogging bugs to bite again to get back into some rhythm. One of my issues at the moment is my left eye. I hate to be complaining about a health issue again, because it seems that's all I do nowadays :( Anyway, I went to the optometrist and it seems my prescription has changed. Not much, only 0.50 so I'm not sure that's really the explanation, but I do plan to change my glasses lenses soon, so we'll see. Otherwise, what is keeping me busy is Candy Crush and I feel I really need to stop playing ^_^; It just takes so much of my time ^_^; and I feel a lot of luck is involved.

Changing subject, here are my new precious! :)


I pre-ordered The Originals and it arrived while I was away on the trip :) I've already read The Autumn Bride and The Importance of Being Wicked, but was waiting for a promotion to get them in print. The surprise of the week was an anthology, When Honey Got Married, which features one of my new auto-buy author, Kelly Hunter :) Thanks Li!

What about you? What new books did you get this week?


  1. I'm staying far away from Candy Crush. The last thing I need is another game addiction! lol

    I did get Alyssa Day's The Cursed. It's the first book in a new series. Pretty good so far. Not as dark as I was expecting.

  2. Oh, cool stuff!!
    I remember Autumn Bride, I wanted to read that! LOL, thanks for the reminder.

    Enjoy your booksies

  3. Just bought the inferno xD
    and don't worry ms.4.50 her :P

  4. I thought WHEN HONEY GOT MARRIED was worth the price - though the Hunter was obviously way too short ;-)

    Long weekends are great - ours is this coming weekend!


  5. Again, sorry for the late reply ^_^;

    Leslie - Really good decision, Leslie! I'm trying to stop or at least, play less, but it's hard ^_^;

    The Cursed was actually on my radar. I'm glad you're enjoying so far. Need to pick it up :)

    Alex - No problem! I hope you enjoy it, Alex!

    Samyuktha Jayaprakash - Welcome to my blog :) Hope you enjoy Inferno.

    Li - Nod nod, it was not bad :) I do agree though, the Hunter was way too short! I need to check her backlist and see what I have not read.

    Enjoy your long week-end! Any plans?