Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm home!

Hi everyone :)

Quick post to let you know that I'm back! Yay! The trip was fun, but jeez, one week went by soooo fast!

This was my first all-inclusive resort trip and I have mixed feelings about it. I loved it because I was with my sister and friends, so that was a lot of fun. The beach and the pool were both great :) And surprisingly, it wasn't as crowded as I feared. The wedding was beautiful - we were lucky and got great weather for it :) However, the hotel itself and the food - not impressed. The food especially was either bland or too salty, sweet, etc. Would I go back on my own? Probably not, but it was a good experience to have :)

Here are some pictures :)

I might post more pictures later this week. I need to go through them and really weed out. Plus, a lot of us have taken pictures, so need to get them all... and we took a lot of videos this trip, so I want to do a mini-recap, something fun. Although probably going to take a while, especially since I'm in a really lazy mood LOL. Guess it's residual from the trip :P All I want to do is get warmed under my blankets (it's really cold in Montreal these few days!!) and read :) By the way, I finished only two books ^_^; Loki`s Wolves and No Strings Attached which were the two I really wanted to read.

Have to say, it's good to be home and I really missed you all! So let me know what you've been up to the past week!


  1. We missed you too! Looks like you had a fabulous time!

  2. Looks beautiful!! So jealous of that beach picture. Nice.

  3. The beach and water look really nice! And fun to be with friends and family.

  4. Yay! We missed you! Looks like a good time, and the place (nature) looks gorgeous.

  5. That looks like so much fun! The bride looked gorgeous. I'm happy you had a great time, bland/salty/sweet food and all ;-)

  6. Great pictures Nath! Good to have you back. :)

  7. Welcome back! Can't wait for more pictures! :)

  8. Hey everyone! Sorry for the late reply! I'm still trying to get back into a rhythm of some sort LOL. I've been falling asleep embarrassingly early lately ^_^; Guess I didn't catch up on my sleep LOL.

    Wendy - Yeah, we did have a lot of fun :)

    Isabel - It was really pretty, the beach, the pool and the water :)

    Jan - It was really nice indeed. I'm happy we had such a nice beach, because otherwise, what's the point?

    Hilcia - I missed everyone too! How are you doing?!

    Brie - It was a lot of fun. Probably because I wasn't the bride and could enjoy it :) The bride was glowing LOL, so happy :)

    And well, can't help but like good food you know ^_^;

    Leslie - I'll try to post some more soon :)

    Little Alys - I'm meeting my friends tomorrow so we can pool all our pictures together :) So more to come!

  9. Wow that looks like SO MUCH FUN! Awesome photos.. you all look fantastic and so happy. Love that!

  10. Christine - It was different from other trips :) Really enjoyed being with my friends and the weather was just so nice :) It was a good experience overall Christine :) You should try it!