Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hauling Sunday CXII

Hi everyone!

How's your week been? Mine has been okay. I still haven't gotten back into a rhythm or found my mojo yet, sigh. And the weather is just not helping. It's been cold and rainy the whole week, but particularly this week-end. Brrrr, simply didn't feel like doing anything. I just wanted to stay in bed and get warm with a book which is pretty much what I've done LOL. The good news is that I did catch up on my reading a little bit. May won't be totally catastrophic :P

It has been a really quiet week release-wise as well. I actually didn't think I'd have a post, but this came in the mail on Friday. Have to love pre-orders and early releases :P

It came just in time because I was between books and didn't have to think too hard what to read this week-end :P Fans of the Jane Jameson series by Ms Harper, you'll want to get A Witch's Handbook of Kisses and Curses :P


I was sorting through some of the pictures of the trip this week-end and I thought I'd share these with you :) Guess what they have in common? :P


  1. I want to read it! Any mention of the Jane? I still haven't read the newest one in the jane series.

  2. Isabel - Oh yeah, lots of mention of Jane in it! I'd definitively recommend to have read the Jane books before reading this one, otherwise, it wouldn't be as funny. And Isabel, pick up that last book of the Jane series!!

  3. Almost Like Being in Love!!! One of my most favorite books... how did your friend enjoy it?

  4. Ohhh, what did V think of Almost Like Being in Love? LOL! You all look like a Beach Book Club!

  5. Mariana & Hilcia - Well it's hard to tell. I don't think I can say she looooved it like we did, but she definitively enjoyed it which was the goal. Now, I want W to read it, but she's been extremely busy.

    And LOL, yeah, such a book club, holding our books upside-down!

  6. Upside down? Oh jeez... I missed that! What a group!