Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hauling Sunday CXII

Hi everyone!

How's your week been? Mine has been okay. I still haven't gotten back into a rhythm or found my mojo yet, sigh. And the weather is just not helping. It's been cold and rainy the whole week, but particularly this week-end. Brrrr, simply didn't feel like doing anything. I just wanted to stay in bed and get warm with a book which is pretty much what I've done LOL. The good news is that I did catch up on my reading a little bit. May won't be totally catastrophic :P

It has been a really quiet week release-wise as well. I actually didn't think I'd have a post, but this came in the mail on Friday. Have to love pre-orders and early releases :P

It came just in time because I was between books and didn't have to think too hard what to read this week-end :P Fans of the Jane Jameson series by Ms Harper, you'll want to get A Witch's Handbook of Kisses and Curses :P


I was sorting through some of the pictures of the trip this week-end and I thought I'd share these with you :) Guess what they have in common? :P