Monday, August 05, 2013

Hauling Sunday CXV

I know, I know, we are not Sunday. However, I have a long week-end and am only going back to work tomorrow, so today is like Sunday, right? :) Okay, the real truth is I did not manage to get my Week-End's Mini post ready for Saturday as I wanted, so everything was shifted ^_^; However, as I said, today is like Sunday so it works LOL.

Finally, there's been new releases!! Yes!! Seriously, publishing houses need to review their releasing schedules. Not having any new romance books in the middle of the month is practically killing me ^_^; Okay, I'm exaggerating obviously... but it seems to be inducing mini reading slumps :( I know I have a TBR pile and a pretty huge one at that, but it's always so hard to pick up a book from it. So much depends on the mood... While new releases seem to put me in the mood. Does that make sense? LOL.

So here are my new books :)

 In print:

In e-format:

Some Like it Hot and Magic Rises were both pre-orders and I'm so happy they came in promptly. I haven't been in the mood much for historical romance this year, but Love and Other Scandals' blurb caught my attention. It sounds cute and that's why I picked it up today in-store with a nice 25% off coupon. Throughout the week, Kobo offered coupons if you played their trivia game and that's how I ended up buying Her Favorite Temptation and Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Home by nice discounts :) I'm actually quite excited for Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Home. I used her recipe for the vanilla ice cream and really liked its texture :) Next, I'm going to tackle the pistachio recipe! :)

What about you? Any good books to suggest?

*PS - Her Favorite Temptation by Sarah Newberry is now free on Amazon! Get it while you can :)


  1. i just got done doing a re-read of all the kate Daniels books and cannot wait to read Magic Rises. I also grabbed Her Favorite Temptation, i have never read Sarah Mayberry before. Looking forward to it. :) Happy reading!

  2. Kris - I think you're going to like Magic Rises, Kris :) and the re-read of the series is always worth it :)

    You've never read Sarah Mayberry before?! My favorite is Her Best Worst Mistake. Give that one a try if you have the chance! :P

  3. That MAGIC RISES cover always takes me by surprise every time I see it. I like it, but it's very different to the previous Kate model.

    Tammara Webber's new release was just downloaded to my Kindle - love those pre-orders :-) That's my reading sorted for the next few days! I can't remember if you've read her before actually - I think you may like her BTL series...


  4. Awesome!! I got some of the same books too!! Can't wait to hear what you think of them.

  5. Hi nath!
    I almost bought Magic Rises at the bookstore the other night when I bought Guardian Demon, but decided to wait because I'm behind in that series too. I think I've read the first book in that Caroline Linden series sometime ago and really liked it. Do you like the series?

    Also, I'm SO PSYCHED that you bought Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. I literally just pulled it off my shelf when we got back from vacation, hoping their was a recipe for Red Bean Ice Cream! Alas, there isn't, so I'm thinking of making one up following Jeni's basic recipe in the back. We'll see... In the meantime I'm thinking of that Sweet Corn and Blackberry Ice Cream. YUM!

  6. Hey Nath! I'm late leaving a comment here, but nice haul! I have three out of your five and read two of them already. Yay for new releases!

  7. Li - I know! Kind of wonder which one is more accurate though... For some reasons, I have the feeling this one is. Or actually probably the UK one LOL.

    So how was the Tammara Webber book? Did it live up to the expectations?

    Alex - LOL, which ones did you read so far Alex? I've read them all except the ice cream book and the Sarah Mayberry... So many good new releases getting in the way! LOL.

    Christine - LOL, I would have bought Magic Rises :) This series is really good :) Where are up to again?

    The Caroline Linden is actually a new series. I did read one or two books in the other series and it was okay, but I really enjoyed this one :)

    LOL, I'm not a fan of red bean... What I need to do is find a good recipe for green tea ice cream! :) I was debating whether to buy the print copy or the e-format... but then, with the iPad, I figured there wouldn't be much of a difference... and there was a huge price difference LOL.

    Hilcia - No problem :P Never too late to comment! LOL, I know which ones you got got! and indeed, yay for new releases!

  8. Hmm did my reply not go through?

    I just checked and see that I'm more behind in the Kate Daniels series than I thought! I've only read the first three full length novels and none of the novellas! I think I'll start from the beginning and re-read those first three.. especially since I think I read the first book back in 2008. It would be fun to refresh my memory and then read straight through. I'm sure I'll love them! I'm re-reading Meljean Brook's Guardians series now and really loving being back in this world after such a long time away from it!

    I loved the green tea ice cream in Japan, too! So yummy! Especially swirled with vanilla to offset the slight bitterness of the green tea. Since I came home from our trip, I found an excellent food blog featuring Japanese food.. and she has a recipe for green tea ice cream that sounds REALLY good and easy, too. Here's a link to the blog and recipe: Just One Cookbook - Green Tea Ice Cream. Let me know if you make it before I do. ;)