Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hauling Sunday CXVII

Hi everyone!

Sigh, week-end is almost over... Nooooo! Why does it go by so fast? I planned to spend the whole week-end writing reviews, building up a cache of posts... Unfortunately, it did not happen :( Mostly because I've been so tired... I spent Thursday and Friday cleaning out my new lab. As you know, I switched lab at the beginning of the year since my previous boss went back to China. While I started a new position, I had not "physically" moved to my new lab yet and it's to be done this week. But my new lab is like disgusting. There's so much junk everywhere, every drawer is full of stuff... So I wanted to de-junk the lab before I moved and jeez, it's a lot of work. Thrown out sooo much. I was so pumped up on Thursday evening that I did not go to sleep till 1am. I was tired but not sleepy... and then yesterday, went out with friends and again went to bed very late. It's kind of sad how I cannot stay up late anymore otherwise my body and mind are paying for it ^_^;

I'm also going to Annapolis in September for a wedding :) My sister and I are flying to Washington DC and then driving to Annapolis so that means renting a car... and I'm trying to figure out what insurances I need for it. Should I apply for a new credit card that includes some of the coverage? Ugh... anyone has advice? I need to call my personal car insurance to see what coverage I have, but it's soooo much mumbo jumbo! LOL. At least, I have time to figure that out...

This week was a slow week book-wise. There was another 25% off at Indigo and I went to the bookstore to see if there were any books that I wanted... and I ended up buying this one :)

Yet another Harlequin Kiss that caught my attention :) I have to say, I really do love their covers. Anyway, this one sounded interesting... hopefully, it'll be a winner!

What about you? Got any new books this week?


  1. I only had gotten one new book as of yesterday (Sunday), but have already downloaded a new book today--the next book in the urban fantasy series I started (Sentinels of New Orleans) by Suzanne Johnson!

    Oh, I like Annapolis. Are you going to have time to visit DC, too? Both are great. When we rent a car our car insurance covers it, but not sure what yours does or what coming from Canada into the U.S. might do to best to contact your insurance company. Anyway, I hope you'll have fun with the wedding in September.

  2. I agree - Kiss seem to have good covers so far. Cute title as well!


  3. Jan - What was the book yesterday? And oh, how are you finding the series, Jan? I wanted to give the first book by Suzanne Johnson a try, but the reviews weren't great... but they seem to get better now!

    Hmmm, it's going to be tight for Washington DC... but we'll see. Perhaps we'll do a quick drive :) What do you recommend for a day trip in DC? And I did call my insurance company and yay, I am covered!! Yay!

    Li - Glad I'm not the only one! LOL. Now, the stories need to mach the covers and titles standards! :P

  4. I liked the first Suzanne Johnson enough to pick up the second one! I liked the New Orleans setting, but I thought the plot was pretty predictable. But I do want to see what happens next. The Suzanne Johnson was the book I picked up on Monday. The week before my one book was Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas. However, now after seeing your Nora Roberts review I just bought The

    Yay, for your insurance company! If you only have a little time in DC you could try just driving by the monuments--Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial. This is great if you do it at night because they're all lit up. However, the traffic in DC is really awful--I don't drive down there! September will be a little better than summer, but streets are often blocked off, lots of one-way streets and pedestrians, etc. You could drive to the end of the metro line (which I think is on Hwy 50 from Annapolis). Then you could just take the metro to downtown DC and walk around the mall (where all the Smithsonians are and the Lincoln Memorial is at one end with the Capitol building on the other end...WA Monument is in the middle).

    However, if you don't have a lot of time you might want to spend it in Annapolis which has a very nice historic district. It's the state capitol of Maryland and also where Annapolis Naval Academy is. Lots of fun shops, cafes and restaurants. I hope this helps a little. If you have more questions, just ask or email me!

  5. Jan - Then I'll have to check the Suzanne Johnson out :) it was initially on my radar given that I enjoy Tor books even though I don't read many :P

    Guess I'll see how it goes for Washington DC. Thanks for the tips!