Sunday, October 06, 2013

Hauling Sunday CXX

Hi everyone :)

So I'm a bit bored and thought I'd write up this post since it's long overdue.

Things are going okay on my end I guess. I'm taking things easy. I'm still paranoid about every twinge and twitch... and turns out I started my periods as well, so that doesn't help matter. Sigh. However, I don't have a fever or more pain, so that's good. Side effects of the antibiotics are still hitting me from time to time, but less, so that's another good thing... Also, it's my sister's birthday today and we're not doing anything... and I feel guilty for it :( Since we spent the week at the hospital, we didn't have the chance to prepare anything. Hopefully, I'll be able to make it up for her when I feel better!

There's a "Buy one book and get 50% off on the second" promotion going on at Chapters/Indigo this week-end, but I don't really have anything to buy. All the books I really wanted, I've already pre-ordered and the others... well they're either not available at the bookstore or I can keep waiting. Plus, it's raining so that's making me lazy...

But here are some new books that found their way to my house...


I got Fangirl and Thankless in Death in the mail a while ago, actually before the trip to Washington D.C., but was kind of busy... and then, the ruptured appendix happened and did not have time to blog about it. I've read both books and enjoyed them a lot :) As for Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes, I just downloaded today on Tabitha's recommendation (yes, she's still alive :P). Lucky too as it was a freebie on Kobo!

So that's it for me right now :) What about you? What new books did you get recently?


  1. I've had Fangirl for awhile, but haven't read it yet. Glad you liked it. I hope you can have a good reading week at least.

  2. Glad you are feeling better. I'm sure she understands about her birthday.

  3. Oh, Happy belated birthday to Emilie! I'm glad you're feeling better a bit better, Nath.

    I have quite a few Christmas books in my pile. I see you're reading a Mallery. :)

  4. Belated birthday wishes to Emilie. :) Now you have a late birthday celebration to look forward to.

    Thanks for the heads up on Twenty-eight and a Half Wishes. It's free for Kindle too. :)

  5. Nice! I'm gla dyou liked Fangirl! I loved it!!

    and Did you like the rosie project?

  6. Jan - I think you're going to enjoy Fangirl, Jan :P

    Reading week, well so far, I'm just taking it easy :) As it comes :P

    Isabel - I know, I know she does. But she's been such a good sister around this time, it makes me feel worst :(

    Hilcia - I'm glad too, Hils LOL.

    I keep saying that I don't care for the Lucky Harbor and Fool's Gold series, but truth is, they're easy books to read :P And quick too.

    Leslie - No problem Les :P Tabitha says it's similar to Heather Webber's Lucy Valentine series :P

    Alex - Really enjoyed The Rosie Project as well :) Did you read it?