Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ames' visit 2013

First thing first,

Look what the skeleton fished up LOL.

Any plans for tonight? Or for Halloween in general? If everything goes well, I'm going to be curling! Yay!

Still no review; however, here are some pictures from Ames' visit. I wanted to have them up earlier, but alas... It seems that Ames and I are jinxed LOL. Whenever she plans to come visit, there's always something that happens. Last time was a fall resulting in an injured elbow, this time, my ruptured appendix... I'm glad though Ames elected to still come and even more glad that I was in shape to welcome her :) Still, we had to change our plans a little. Initially, the plan was to spend the long week-end in NYC. Visit Hilcia, Christine and Mariana, catch some shows and do a lot of shopping... And at first, I still wanted to make the trip. We were all looking forward to it sooo much and I was feeling okay... but in the end, good sense prevailed LOL. It just didn't make sense to leave a country where I had access to free healthcare to visit one where I wouldn't ^_^; Add in the shutdown... and in the end, we decided to go to Quebec City instead. It was good because I got to visit my uncle, aunt and cousin :)

Here are some pictures of Old Quebec. It's quite a nice city :)

Ames, my sister, my cousin and me goofing around :) LOL, my cousin was all gung-ho getting on the cannon, but getting down was another story...

We also used this opportunity to celebrate my sister's birthday :) I was feeling bad that I wasn't able to do anything for her on the actual date, so this was my chance to make it up for her.  It was kind of a surprise for her and she ended up baking her own birthday cake, but it turned out good.

We spent the long week-end in Quebec City and I had taken a few extra days off. On our return, we had poutines :) You cannot come to Quebec province and not have poutine LOL. Ames had the original, I added merguez sausages to mine and my sister had the Elvis if I remember correctly, which includes ground beef, green peppers and mushrooms :) After our meal, we decided to stop by Mount Royal to take a look at it in fall with all the colorful leaves :)

Our main goal of the day though was the Chihuly exhibit at the museum. It's funny because Ames and I had actually seen some of his work together on our trip to Holly's wedding... We had visited the Bellagio hotel and in the lobby, if you look up at the ceiling, that's Chihuly :) Anyway, I have heard a lot about this exhibit and thought Ames' visit was the perfect occasion to go see it :) It was really pretty! By the way, those boats are real-size... LOL, I had seen pictures from friends and thought they were table centers, but nope, a lot bigger!

One other activity we did was to go the Montreal's Botanical Garden. Every fall, they have a Chinese lanterns festival. I've never been, but sounded like a good activity to do with Ames again :) Unfortunately, we missed the International Mosaicultures exhibition - sculptures done with plants, flowers and trees - but were able to catch some remains LOL. Next time, I'll definitively have to check it out.

After the botanical garden, we picked up my friend V and had supper at P.F. Changs. I didn't know we had one in Montreal, but it works out great because a stop at P.F. Changs was on our schedule for our NYC trip :P Ames had their lettuce rolls a few years back while she was visiting Monroe and has been praising them for years :) Glad I was able to try it out!

And LOL, that's it for the pictures :) We took so many in the first half of her visit that in the second half, we just didn't bother. We did do other stuff such as going to the UBS and Ames got to watch me curl... and we did watch a lot Doctor Who episodes :) All in all, another great visit! I loved having Ames over and was so glad she stayed a whole week. Can't wait for the next time and hopefully, we'll make it to NYC!


  1. Lots of fun!!!
    I love all the pictures!!! :D

  2. HOw fun! Great pictures you have.

  3. I always love seeing your pictures! Quebec looks pretty, and I really want to try poutine now.


  4. Alex - It was lots of fun and I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures!!

    Isabel - :)

    Li - I enjoyed taking all those pictures... although some were Ames' LOL. Quebec is quite pretty indeed :)

    LOL, you must try poutine if you have the chance Li :) It's all in the cheese :P

  5. Great post Nath! I had so much fun. :)

  6. Oh, the pictures are awesome and it looks like you all had tons of fun! I'm still disappointed that you and Ames couldn't make it to NYC, but agree you made the right decision. We'll see each other soon!

    (PS: I was SO sick I wouldn't have been able to spend time with you all anyway. Next time, Ames! XOXO)